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Native Superheroes and Avoiding Stereotypical Roles

@wordsmithkg asked:

Sorry to bother you guys, this is a bit of a weird one, but if I’m writing something and part of it features a group of Native American (specifically Navajo) superheroes, are there powers I should avoid for cliché/stereotyping reasons, or that would feel disrespectful? For example, I can’t help but feel geokinesis would be too much of a literal manifestation of the “closer to earth” stereotype. I unfortunately don’t know any Navajo, but I did find an online community I plan to ask as well

Animal. Powers. If I see one more Native shapeshifter and/or animal speaker, I feel like I’m going to scream. Trackers, too. Plant manipulators. Spiritual mediums. Archers with superhuman aim.

Basically, look up Magical Native American and if it shows up on that list, avoid unless you manage to justify it in-universe with something other than “Natives have x”. 

Geokenisis sounds fun! The thing I like about it is it sounds modern. A lot of the icky part about Natives with powers is people assuming that the powers are “ancient” and therefore detached from modern society. They rely more than they would like to admit on Noble Savage, so if you break that with either modern sounding powers and/or non-nature based things, you’re good.

The main thing about Native powers I’ve found is they rely on sixth sense/otherworldly connection, instead of having anything that’s a pseudoscientific explanation. So if you had “felt the earth’s natural heat rising and falling”, that would be one thing, but if you had “telepathic abilities focusing on dense objects such as stone or metal”, that’s another. The former is flirting with Magical Native, the latter sounds like a superhero power.

Give it the same BS explanation that non-Native superheroes get. If you’re just going for “oh, they’re more ~*in tune*~” then I would have problems, but if you’re going with something that is at least trying to sound scientific, you’re much safer. Even something just like “genetic mutation allows for x” is cool.
The problems with tropes like Magical Native American or even Magical Nergo is the principle tends to stop at “because they are this ethnicity, they have these powers.” Meanwhile, if the reasoning is built into the character— ie- Black Panther has powers because he is king of Wakanda, and therefore has access to a plant that enhances ability to the point of a supersoldier— then you’re avoiding the heart of the trope which is that some skin colours just inherently have magic.

So, make it pseudoscientific, and try to avoid “spiritual” based stuff. Then, you’re good.

~ Mod Lesya

forlorn-kumquat  asked:

Can I request AUs for teenagers with powers/magic who band together to become superheroes? Thank you.

sure!! :D ((just to let everyone know, most of these can probably easily be turned into ot+ prompts as well))

  • I know we’re all a team to save this place but I swEAR TO GOD STOP QUOTING/COMPARING US TO THE AVENGERS
  • no. we’re not calling ourselves the x-men. just no, okay? it’s probably copyrighted.
    • same for justice league, don’t even try buddy. no, league of justice doesn’t count!!!!
  • okay so we all got our powers from that big accident, and obviously so did the villains. does anybody remember who else was there so we can figure out who and/or how many we’re dealing with?
    • bonus if one or more of the villains gets included into the otp/ot+
  • woah woah woah I thought we were the GOOD GUYS I didn’t sign up for this
  • so each of us has an element? that’s pretty coo- DONT YOU DARE START QUOTING AVATAR. IM WATCHING YOU
    • “even if we find a boy trapped in an iceball?” EVEN IF WE FIND A BOY TRAPPED IN AN ICEBALL
    • “that’s modern zuko” I SWEAR TO GOD
  • you know what? I quit. I’m done. I have finals coming up, I don’t have time for this. Do whatever you want, I don’t care anymore
  • “why does it feel like you’re purposefully trying to lose” I DONT WANNA TAKE MY EXAMS OKAY JUST K I L L ME ALREADY you don’t even have to kill me just like, put me in a temporary coma or SOMETHING
  • I don’t even know how to drive yet!!!!! Why am I flying!?!?!?!?!?????

I hope these work for you, have fun! :D

~Mod Karissa

DC Super Hero Girls show coming to Cartoon Network

Batgirl, Supergirl and Wonder Woman are coming to Cartoon Network in 2018. 

Based on a series of direct-to-video and YouTube videos, DC Super Hero Girls will continue the franchise begun in 2015, which also includes many toys, books and clothing. 

Lauren Faust (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic) is producing and will create “fresh character designs” for Diana (Wonder Woman), Barbara (Batgirl), Kara (Supergirl) and the rest of the DC crew, according to

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Bumblebee, Green Lantern Jessica Cruz, Harley Quinn, Katana and Zatanna are also reported to appear in the Cartoon Network show, which will cover the teens lives as superheroes and students in Metropolis. 

Joining Faust on the production crew is Sam Register (Teen Titans Go!) as executive producer. The series will be headed by Warner Bros. Animation. 

- Courtney ( @harmonicacave )

*Ladybug and Chat Noir hit by an akumatized attack that turns everyone into 'magical girls'*
  • Ladybug, frowning at her outfit: ugh. How am I supposed to run and fight in these high heels and this tiny skirt??
  • Chat Noir, cartwheeling past her in his tiny skirt and heels: What, like it's hard?

hc idea that Nino will be the first one to know that his friends (and Chloe) are superheroes.

And with that he will be the one saving them in school and begin telling excuses to save their asses cause hell knows non of them is good at lying. 

“Adrien? He must have been call for a photoshoot. You know my bro. And you know his dad too, Ms. Bustier.”

“Marinette had to help her parents with an order! She must have forgotten to excuse herself, Ms Mendeliev,”

“Alya is trying to record another video for her blog, you know how stubborn she is about her self being, but here, she gave me her homework.”

“Chloé? Eh, who knows, probably hiding somewhere.”

(he starts telling better excuses for Chloé when he notices how she saves his girlfriend more times that he should have expected coming from her, both in and out of costume)

Your Voice AU

Character A is a superhero/magical girl that has successfully been able to keep their identity a secret. One night, Character A sees that their crush is in trouble, and Character A valiantly swoops in to save the day. 

Character B is blind, and as soon as they hear Character A’s voice, they immediately know the real identity of who has just saved them. 

taemin as a superhero
  • hero name: magic hands 
  • wears white gloves (to hide his tiny hands) to add to the mystique of his powers
  • the costume key designed for him is magician-like and he’s 100% ok with that (jong: you do realize you essentially cosplaying tuxedo mask / taemin: *looks at his top hat* shit i’m tuxedo mask) 
  • ripping space-time is soundless so he makes his own sound-effects 
  • sounds like lightsaber noises
  • the world is honestly pretty damn lucky that he doesn’t have interest in becoming a supervillian (taemin: 6v6) bc that would be super bad-news bear
  • foreign governments’ nightmare bc they really can’t do much to prevent him entering other countries 
  • after joining shinee5, he had to sign like….. a lot of treaties 
  • a LOT
  • srsly what are man-made borders to someone who can go everywhere!!!!
  • pops into japan all the time and brings back takoyaki for the members (onew: let’s go, let’s go rn for more) 
  • portals them all to japan for ramen after missions to heal their souls 
  • but portalling makes onew nauseated and ot4 knows to steer clear once they arrive bc not again, never again
  • sometimes he’ll make a small portal and just pop out his head in various coffee shops/restaurants to order and an employee will hand the floating head his hot chocolate like “i don’t get paid enough for this shit” 
  • been scolded multiple times by ot4 that he can’t just DO that bc proper etiquette but it’s just so much more eFFORT to make a full-sized portal 
  • once caught a kid by the collar who was trying to run head first into one of his open portals like “my dude, you do not want to do that” 
  • then proceeded to tell them in much detail about how fucked they would have been in the cold dark vacuum of space-time without a guide but he could bring them along if they wanted???? :D 
  • needless to say, the kid cried and taemin portaled out of there 
  • basically when tae wants to transport someone, he has to be with them or else…………. well he’s not quite sure but they could end up anywhere and anytime and could screw up the world as they know it 
  • but he can make as many portal as he wants for his own use 
  • his smol portals are useful for annoying all his friends like: taemin’s head appear at the dining table, through minho’s pillow, on kai’s bedroom wall as a screaming alarm clock
  • you know how he made his first portal during history class?? he didn’t just portal away, he made a rip at his feet
  • so he basically made the ground SWALLOW him up along with his desk and chair, leaving the student who sat behind him absolutely gaping at his now empty space 
  • crash-landed in his family’s living room like “hi dad”
  • his teacher called his parents immediately like “YOUR SON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” 
  • was also scouted immediately by sm academy for his useful skillset and he was like cool i’m going to be a superhero 
  • during battles, he basically synchronizes with the members with their earpieces and can launch them as close to enemies as needed 
  • if he can get near enough, can drag through a villain through a portal to a secured area 
  • so he’s basically a really REALLY powerful superhero but do you know how he cleans his room??? 
  • he opens a portal to the moon and dumps stuff there on the frikkin’ moon
  • yes various celestial giants are lee taemin’s storage spaces (jong: pls……….. stop doing that to the moon)