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This illustration was done as school work some days ago. The teachers didn’t want anything realistic, they wanted us to make a big illustration in a very caricaturized way, like distorted objects, exaggerated parts, etc. Well, as you may see in my gallery, illustrations I do for fun are normally a little bit more realistic. And so I took this opportunity to try something completely different: I decided to try the style of an artist I admire.

Abigail Larson is a great professional illustrator who does macabre works in a very nice style. I mean, I’m not fan of macabre stuff, like torn apart dolls possessed by ghosts, strange disgusting creatures that makes you feel sick after looking too much at it. But her stuff has a “clean” feeling. It’s beautiful, it’s gothic and doesn’t bring a dark dense cloud above you. That’s kinda rare. You don’t need to do something to make people feel bad, dirty, in order to fit “macabre and horror genre”.

Of course when I planned to do this I explained to her and asked HER PERMISSION (btw, she is a lovely person!).

(Because I don’t think people should just start copying other artists stuff and posting all around the internet for fun.)

So that’s it.

Abigail, you’re capable of inspiring masses. Have that in mind.

You’ve been through a really hard year and I know how it feels. After I read your last post I thought maybe I should post this today. You may not believe in this, but normally very very bad times are followed of very very good ones. So be strong, this phase will soon be over and I believe the next one will be a great one. This are my sincere vows to your next year. Be strong!



And the final background from the main pack : the magical rooms ! 

Top above is the “Magical Training Room”, and just bellow is the “Magical Library”. 

These are places where the girls study and practice magic. It’s also there that all their magical stuff and items are stored : books, potions, crystals, and other things. Talia is very serious about how things should be ordered in here.

The princesses can access these room from their rehearsal studio, in the basement of the house, with a spell. We were aware we didn’t show this access path a lot on season 1, so in season 2 it’s been fixed and you’ll see more the princesses going in and out this room. ;)

The third room, is the Battle Arena, that Amaru can summon every time the girls need to fight in a place where they can go all out, without fear of hurting anyone by accident. (Crystal Magic can be destructive you know). 

Designs by Christophe Oliver, Benoit Maillochon and Vincent Rueda. Color by Sylvain Fabre, Céline Lorthiois and Damien Hausson.