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  • the one where you only see color once you meet your soulmate(s) (so you don’t know them until you see them), and it goes away when they die
  • the one where you don’t know your soulmate(s) until you touch them
  • the one where you don'y know your soulmate(s) until you hear them speak, or hear them speak a certain word; your name, for example
  • the one where you get the name of the person in their handwriting on your body somewhere at a certain age
  • the one where the first thing they say to you appears instead
  • the one where you get each others’ fingerprints
  • the one where you get matching marks/symbols/tattoos
  • the one where your marks or words that change depending on what’s going on with your soulmate(s)
  • the one with the clock that counts down the time until you meet your soulmate(s) (multiple clock for multiple soulmates? one click until you meet them both? unexpected third soulmate showing up after the clocks drop?)
  • the one where when you sleep you dream of whatever they’re experiencing from their point of view until you find them, or AFTER you find them
  • the one where you can straight up talk to them in dreams until/after you find them
  • the one where you form a telepathic/empathetic link until/after you find them
  • the one where you share extreme physical sensation until/after you find them; if one of you hurts the other one hurts, if one of you is getting lucky the other one gets a little hot and bothered
  • the one where the closer you are to them the more aware of them you become, and you find them playing a hot/cold game; for instance, colors get brighter and brighter the closer you are and fade into gray when they’re too far away
  • the one where once you turn a certain age/one night a year you swap bodies with them for one night and you have a limited amount of time to leave/collect clues to their identity
  • the one where being next to your soulmate(s) can heal you from things people don’t normally heal from
  • the one where only your soulmate(s) can kill you (maybe you can still be killed by age/disease, maybe not, maybe you become vulnerable only after you lose your soulmate(s))
  • the one where reincarnation is also a thing and meeting your soulmate(s) either unlocks or erases memories or your past lives until the next one
  • the one where in universes with magic meeting your soulmate(s) activates your powers/unlocks more powerful magic


  • blind characters who can’t see if the world’s in color or black and white
  • characters like x-men’s rogue who literally can’t touch people; characters who have been through trauma who don’t want to touch people
  • hard of hearing characters like clint barton who can’t hear their soulmate speak without hearing aids/at all or on the flipside characters who can’t speak; maybe it still works in sign language, or maybe it doesn’t
  • people who can’t read/can’t read the language the words on their body are in
  • characters like bucky barnes who’ve lost hands and/or had their fingerprints removed
  • soulmate clocks that time out in the middle of the crowd; there’s an entire craigslist category for finding who else was there that day with a clock that timed out too
  • famous characters speaking to or performing for a crowd and suddenly their world is in color/their clock times out/etc and every member of the audience pretends to be this celebrity’s soulmate and a cinderella type situation ensues with the finding
  • soulmates playing the hot/cold game and they kEEP MISSING EACH OTHER
  • insomniacs who rarely sleep, much less at the same time/different time than their soulmates
  • soulmate ot3s/ot4s/otmores where you dream in varying people’s povs every time you sleep and get super confused
  • people who get sick or injured and frantically search for their soulmates so they can survive
  • people who need to be in medically induced comas and their soulmates have to stay away so they don’t accidentally wake them up
  • the one where soulbonding is actually a choice and someone chooses to bond with someone they may not know or like to save their lives and have to figure out if they can unbond or if they have to live with the situation (and of course learn to love one another either romantically or not)
  • new souls who don’t get memories of past lives because they don’t have one and panic
  • muggles/people without powers who of course CAN’T get them upgraded or unlocked


  • the one where you one or both of you have to do all three (see your soulmate(s), touch your soulmate(s), hear your soulmate(s)), or all three have to happen at least once between the 2+ of you
  • or it’s completely random how you find your soulmate(s): one of you gets a name and the other gets a fingerprint, one of you has to hear your soulmate and one of you has to see them, etc; particularly useful if you happen to be blind or deaf
  • same for characters with other disabilities/who have “complications”: they get or find a different way of finding their soulmates, not better or worse, just different


  • the ones where you have more than one romantic soulmate at the same time or you get a new soulmate after the first dies
  • the ones where people have multiple soulmates of different types and it’s color coded; a red name/mark/etc for love, a blue one for friendship, etc; for the ones where you start seeing color you get a new one for each soulmate
  • the ones where some people have romantic soulmates and some don’t, and those that don’t are still perfectly happy anyway, maybe in a relationship anyway, maybe not
  • the ones where some people have multiple romantic soulmates who may or may not also be soulmates with each other
  • aromantic or asexual people who have soulmates who are not and they manage to work it out
  • romantic and sexual people who don’t have soulmates but find happiness anyway, either with someone like them or someone not like them


  • the ones where soulmates are for everyone and get legal aid to help stay together, like if their in-laws try to keep them apart/someone risks getting deported/someone gets drafted/whatever
  • the ones where soulmates are super super rare and TECHNICALLY get exempted from shitty things like “people of different races/the same sex/etc can’t get married/have relations/etc” but maybe still face a lot of prejudice and they fight to get those types of awful laws lifted for everyone
  • agencies that exist to help you find your soulmate(s) or figure out which soulmate thing you have but some of them are just shams, bonus points for this being in a verse where the thing is exceedingly rare to begin with
  • people pretending to be soulmates to take advantage of the laws, for good or ill; the couple who loves just as fiercely as a soulmates who will do anything to stay together, or the shitty people who try to claim they’re mated to people who’ve rejected them so they “have” to stay together
  • tabloid mags photoshopping matching soulmate marks or following big legal cases where someone tries to prove or disprove that they are soulmates with someone else
  • soulmates in universes where they’re a rarity or rare soulmate types like ot3s/ot4s/otmores in dodging government officials because they don’t want to become lab rats
  • people who don’t believe in soulmates until it happens to them, or people who believe hardcore and want to find theirs but they don’t necessarily have one, or don’t have a romantic one
  • little rituals that make finding your soulmate more likely, like shaking hands with people as often as possible even with the cashier ringing up your groceries, repeating each other’s names after you’re introduced, etc

just give me alllll the soulmate aus ok, give me people finding each other in spite of complications, give me all the delightful plot twists, give me detailed worlds where this changes the norms, give me it working out in the end whether romantically or not, bonded or not

feel free to reblog with sources! (or MORE AUS.) a little over half of these are things i’ve seen elsewhere over time and i cannot remember where they are all from

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Magic Powers AU

Where Everybody has a power when they’re born but their second magic ability is unlocked after meeting their soulmate. Everyone’s base power is one the five Voltron lion elements. Some get the base ability while other get a form of it. Ex: One could have the power of controlling fire itself, while another could just control the heat of their body). Keith’s base power is control over fire and his secondary is able to become smoke. Lance’s base power is control over water and his secondary is where’s he’s invincible as long as he’s touching any water.


The one where in universes with magic, meeting your soulmate(s) activates your powers/unlocks more powerful magic au

As the teacher called all of the kids to the carpet for their first magic lesson, five-year-old Race Higgins sat in the back of the room. All of the other kids had started doing magic by accident when they were four but Race hadn’t even managed to shift his pencil to do the work for him.

He watched the other kids lifting feathers and moving building blocks to make houses, scowling as he focussed on his feather. If it meant waiting for years, Race would make something float. In fact, as soon as he got his magic, he swore that it would be the first thing that he did.

Resting his chin in his fist, Race grumbled quietly to himself about how stupid soulmates were as he watched his friends toying with their magic. He probably wouldn’t be so put out by it if he wasn’t one of the few people who just didn’t have any magic until they met their soulmate. A few of his friends had met their soulmates but the ones who hadn’t still had some power; those who had’s was just magnified.

Race, however, had nothing. Occasionally, that happened. It wasn’t too rare but it sure made a guy feel useless when the rest of his friends had theirs. All he wanted to do was go flying with Crutchie or join in when his friends decided to throw a ball of water around on the field.

“Uhh, guys? My friend’s just moved here from Brooklyn so I said he could sit with us. Is that okay?” Davey spoke up over the rush of sounds and continued when he saw people nodding, “Okay; his name’s Spot. Also, maybe just try to play down the ‘soulmate’ thing? He’s just a bit touchy about it, he doesn’t think he’s ever going to find them.” He glanced around the group, eyes falling on Race and quickly moving passed him. Everyone knew that Race didn’t like talking about it but they never accommodated for him.

Even though Race was a little perturbed that they were willing to drop their favourite topic for someone else, he was relieved. Finally, he would get a break from constant talk of soulmates and partners and magic.

There were footsteps behind Race and he swung around with the others to see a short boy standing there with dark hair. Race would have cowered away from that many eyes at once but this guy just clenched his fists and deliberately drew himself up, as if ready for a fight.

Race couldn’t help but feel immediately drawn to him. He didn’t really know why, nor did he particularly like it but something in the back of his mind started buzzing. Choosing to ignore it, thinking that he was probably just getting a headache, Race focussed on Davey jumping upwards and pulling him down into the seat beside Race and stiffened awkwardly.

As he picked uncomfortably at his lunch, Race couldn’t shake the buzzing or the weird feeling about having Davey’s friend sat next to him. He couldn’t even remember what he’d said his name was.

Eventually, after waiting in awkward silence for five minutes, the new boy turned to see Race. He met his eyes but Race quickly blushed and turned away. He didn’t know what was happening but his face felt hot so he probably was starting to get sick. It would explain the incessant buzzing in the back of his head, which only seemed to get louder.

“Hey, I’m Spot.” Ridiculously calm as he nodded at Race, Spot seemed to smirk as he looked him up and down, noticing that Race was shying away from his gaze. He ran a hand through his hair, flicking his eyebrows up arrogantly as he kept his gaze on Race and chuckled as the boy tore his eyes away.

Swallowing thickly, Race gave a soft nod as he struggled to look up at Spot, “Race.” Barely breathing his own name, Race blinked quickly as he suddenly started to feel dizzy, his eyelids heavy and tired. There was silence as everyone suddenly stopped what they were doing to watch Race, confusion and amusement dripping from their features.

“Dude. What the fuck?”

Race quickly looked down, letting out a terrified shriek as he noticed that he was hovering about a foot above his chair. He flung his arms out to catch the table, almost overbalancing and somehow managing to catch himself, despite having absolutely no idea what was going on, “Whoever it is, just stop it!” It wouldn’t have been a surprise to learn that it was one of his friends. They went through phases of thinking that messing with Race was the most hilarious thing in the world.

However, no one owned up to it and Jack even tried to look around at the dining hall to see if anyone was playing with him. When he found no one, he turned back to Race with a wide grin, “You didn’t tell us you’d met your soulmate!” He returned to his search, this time, looking for whoever Race’s soulmate could be.

Race’s angry growl was enough to get Jack to look at him and realise just how scared and confused he was by the situation. If this had happened before, Race wouldn’t have been quite so terrified, “I haven’t!” With these words, he crashed clumsily down to the seat, officially losing the little control that he had of whatever magic he’d been using. He almost slipped and fell but Spot reached out blindly to catch him.

As Spot touched Race, he let out a loud yelp and jumped backwards as a bright spark flew from his fingers. It didn’t burn but was certainly enough of a shock to send Race back up into the air. In fact, it was sending him so far into the air that he was having trouble not rising into the ceiling. Race gripped at the edge of the table as if his life depended on it which, potentially, it could. If he flew far enough up and lost control, he’d probably manage to be the first person to fall to their death by accident with their own magic.

His breathing was all over the place, scattering shallow and deep breaths like poppy seeds as he just began to get more and more panicky each second. Race really didn’t like heights and there was a strong possibility of death in the situation.

“Race, oh my god!” As Jojo ran over to their table, he’d obviously caught sight of his best friend floating and was probably a little more than a bit concerned.

The buzzing in his head only getting louder, Race let go of the table to cover his ears, as if that would do anything to the noise in his head, “Stop it! Everyone just- stop it!” A few drinks on the surrounding tables exploded and a chorus of spooked screams ran through the hall as Race quickly returned his hands to the table.

Jojo had cringed away as soon as Race had shouted but seemed to know that his friend wasn’t angry at him as he stayed nearby, “Shit, Race, it’s okay. You just don’t know what to do with it, yet. You’re bloody powerful, you know?”

Speaking up calmly, Spot glanced up at Race and made him squirm slightly; after all, he was still strangely drawn to him and a blush still coated his cheeks whenever Spot looked at him, “Uhh, so, I think this is my fault.” Race’s breath caught in his throat as he finally understood why the sudden change had happened and he held it there when Spot reached out slowly to touch Race.

There were no sparks this time as Spot gently wrapped his arm around his bicep, smiling as Race did the same, and guided him to slowly float back down to his seat. He didn’t let go of the edge of the table once he was firmly in his seat but he did look anxiously into Spot’s eyes, “Sorry.”

What if he didn’t want him? Race wouldn’t have been surprised. After all, they had just met and he’d already made a complete fool of himself. Most people were able to control their magic by seven.

“Don’t be sorry. It’s not your fault.” As Spot stared back, Race felt like his eyes were picking apart every section of his brain. However, when focussing on that, he did notice that the buzzing had finally stopped. He let his fingers release the table slowly, happy to find that he stayed in his seat and slumping forwards with a groan.

It was three weeks later when Race saw Spot again. They’d decided to just forget all of the crazy stuff that had happened the other day and let whatever-was-bound-to-happen happen.

Davey had invited them all around for a movie night and Race wasn’t really ready. Spot had stopped sitting with them at lunch after the first time so he was just worrying about what he would say. They may have been about to watch movies but no one ever actually paid any attention to them.

When Davey opened the door, Race grinned, offering him the bottle of wine in his hand and chuckling as Davey took it to read the bottle. He showed Race to where everyone was already sitting around the tv before disappearing into the kitchen.

Eyes falling on Spot, Race whimpered as the quiet buzzing started again in the back of his mind. He noticed that he was sitting with a few people that he didn’t know and, instead, dropped down beside Jojo on what look to be their side of the room. Davey’s house was pretty large and, despite the ridiculously large amount of people, they all fit comfortably around the sofas.

Spot and his friends weren’t usually at Davey’s movie nights but, since Spot had moved to their school, it seemed to make sense to invite them to help Davey’s two friend groups mingle. There were only six of them against the large number of Manhattan kids, after all.

When Davey came back, they started the film as he dropped down next to Jack and Crutchie. As expected, most of them talked through it but Race stayed quiet as he tried to forget the buzzing noise.

About halfway through the movie, things started to go wrong.

The buzzing in Race’s head had just started getting gradually louder through the film and it had just begun to get unbearable. He sunk his teeth into his bottom lip, trying not to let anyone know that he was uncomfortable. However, he couldn’t control what started happening.

Jojo was just reaching for his drink when he noticed that it was shaking. Trying to act casual, Race drew his panicked eyes away from him when he looked at him, trying to ignore his furrowed eyebrows and avoid his attention. It was pretty hard, though, when Jojo knew that he was the only one in that room that was having trouble controlling whatever was going on with his magic.

Just as Jojo was about to close his hand around the shuddering glass, as Race’s panic mounted, he let out a small shriek as the glass exploded. Instead of falling, however, the shards froze in midair, careful not to go anywhere near anyone.

The entire room quickly turned to look at Race as he tried to remain stoic. His bottom lip almost started bleeding as he just tightened his grip on it, inwardly cursing himself as hot tears fell from his eyes. Everyone knew that it was him and he knew that they were trying their best not to laugh.

Except Spot’s friends. Three of them were being kind, the three who Race had gradually learnt were Hawk, Red and Bee. The two boys that had been fighting since Race had got there, Mouse and Laces, were just outright laughing at him.

Spot elbowed them both quickly, telling them to be quiet and it surprised Race that they actually listened. Jack was clearly the leader of their group but even he didn’t have that kind of control. Race made eye contact with Spot, watching the boy stand up and walk over to him carefully, minding the still-floating glass shards that Race was desperately hoping wouldn’t stab anyone.

Reaching gently for his hand, Spot focussed on the shards of broken glass until they disappeared. He pulled Race to his feet and gestured towards the window with his head, “Come on, let’s go talk outside.” As Race nodded, Spot led the way to the window leading onto Davey’s fire escape and helped him through.

“I’m sorry you’re missing the movie.” Race bowed his head slightly, ashamed that he’d had to be taken outside but glad for the fresh air. Though the mindless buzzing still plagued him, it was far less insistent than it had been.

A scoff left Spot as he struggled not to laugh, “Ooh, geez. I’m not exactly missing much. It’s not great, is it?” He laughed as he sat down on one of the steps, motioning for Race to join him. The step, however, was narrow and small, so Race decided that his own mental health would be better if he sat just one step below Spot, ignoring his disappointed frown and choosing to believe that he had imagined it.

Race laughed quietly, smiling as he pulled nervously at a loose thread in the hole in his jeans, “That’s true. Actually, that’s a lie. I have no idea, I was a little too busy to watch the movie.” He shrugged, almost nonchalantly to make it seem like he was casual about it but he managed to smack his elbow off the metal railing and whimpered, instead.

Struggling to stifle his laughter, Spot reached forwards to take Race’s hand and hold it whilst he recovered. He chuckled, squeezing Race’s fingers as he scrunched his face together tightly in pain, hanging his head between his shoulders.

When Race looked up again, he found Spot’s face only inches away and squeaked gently. He began chewing nervously on his bottom lip again, panicking as the metal fire escape that they were sitting on began to rattle. Spot quickly pulled away, trying to calm Race down but, this time, nothing would work.

In the end, Spot did what was probably his last option. He darted forwards to kiss him and suddenly Race’s brain was clear. It had never been so quiet. The rattling stopped as Race focussed instead on the taste of liquor on Spot’s tongue, his eyes slipping closed as Spot’s hand wandered to make a fist in his hair. It tugged on Race’s curls, causing his mouth to fall open slightly as Spot traced his tongue along his bruised bottom lip.

As Spot pulled away, Race batted his eyes open gradually, a small smile lingering behind his face. The buzzing had stopped completely and, for once, Race could actually think straight.

Race rested his head lightly on Spot’s shoulder, almost expecting to be pushed away but sighing contentedly when he was allowed to stay. His eyes fell on a downy feather and an immediate desire filled him. He focussed on it, closing his eyes for a moment before opening them to see it floating only centimetres away, after having been on the other side of the fire escape.

anonymous asked:

So now that we know how super powerful and amazing Lance is, especially with his luck magic, can you clue us in on how powerful Keith is~? I’d also love to know more about how the soulmate magic and Lance’s water magic works too! 💖✨

keith isn’t powerful the way that allura is exactly, but it’s a similar concept?? whereas allura is  powerful bc she’s basically overflowing with magic, and lance is powerful bc his type of magic is powerful, keith is powerful because of his focus and dedication and stamina, essentially? he’s really really good at what he does bc he’s spent so long with it, and he kind of built himself up after so many years with his parents. his fire elemental magic is kind of his inherent power the way lance’s is water (bc obvs) but those are just natural aspects of their magic, it doesn’t have to be their focus – and obvs it’s not for either of them. 

i kind of chose to take classic elements of magical powers and apply them to a modern world, which meant that there really wasn’t a place for just like, a fire witch or a water witch, even if those came w/ destruction and healing as aspects of their magic – it doesn’t fit into modernity bc those aren’t really professions in themselves, you have to have means to apply them. so you have things like medical magic and technological magic and even therapy magic that show up in my fic bc i think people regard magic as a tool and facet of themselves rather than a vocation in itself? if….that makes sense. sorry this is off topic.

and the soulmate magic is sort of like, my concept of the oldest kind of magic in the world, magic that ties two people together from their inception in infinite tiny ways. i’m not always a huge fan of soulmate aus, but i do like the idea of it?? bc i’m a sap. and i’ve never written it before and wanted to try my hand at it. the thing is, in this world it’s not really a thing? it’s so rare that people don’t even bother trying to find out if they have this kind of bond, it’s like a one in a million chance kind of thing. but people were interested enough in that kind of natural and powerful magic that they copied it to create new magic to bond people, like marriage bonds – i imagine there might be something similar for platonic partners, or maybe even close siblings or other people who wanted to be joined together – it’s just not quite the same as soul bonds.