magical seals


The Serpent’s Lock

The seal of protection, privacy and invisibility – can be stamped or marked on documents to protect them from prying eyes, lest the witches’ venom befall them. Can also be used to hide oneself from that which walks on the astral plane. 

The Serpent’s Key

Used to see that which is hidden – aiding in the perception of the Unseen: be it spirits, deities, omens, etc. It might also be employed to find lost or hidden objects, and expose secret truths people are hiding. In addition, it can also be used to reverse the Serpent’s Lock if the key is added.

Magickal Uses for Kisses

A kiss is a very powerful thing, even in fairytales and lore of the past the power of kisses are told of (true love’s kiss, siren/mermaid kiss, first kiss, etc). a kiss can be a powerful tool for any witch. Here are a few suggestions for using kisses and the power they hold.

  • Use a kiss to charge objects: crystals, tarot cards, charms, amulets, etc etc. Use it to send your emotions and energy into the object. Love is a good emotion, but any positive energies you wish to charge the object with can be transferred this way. Adding your love to something can really give it a boost as well! Especially if it is for another to use. (Note: do not kiss toxic stones please! Be safe and smart)
  • Spell Sealing: Use a kiss to magically seal spells such as jar and bottle spells or use it to strengthen a (cooled!) wax seal. Imagine placing the kiss its like placing an invisible seal upon it, stamping in energy to lock th spell inside. 
  • For Air and Wind spells: For all of my fellow witches who use air and wind spells, blowing a kiss after a chant or spell to summon a wind in the direction you wish it to blow is a good way to guide the wind but also show it positive reinforcement. Use it to show your gratitude for the wind’s cooperation. It is best for gentler wind spells.
  • Glamour and Beauty spells: Kiss the mirror after a beauty or glamour spell. Thank the mirror for its aid and seal any negativity into it. It also a wonderful way to reflect love back at yourself!
  • Love Spells: Kisses are great for powering up love spells! Kiss a candle before lighting it (careful if you are using essential oils be sure not to kiss where they are), kiss the written name of the one you desire, kiss a charm or amulet to help bring love into your life, and finally blow a kiss when finishing the the spell to close it.
  • Kitchen Magic: blow a kiss to finish a dish (don’t be too close though, don’t want to spread germs) to put a final charge of love into it before serving it to others. Good for with tea and coffee spells too!
  • Public Magic: Want to remain discrete while casting a spell in public? Blow a kiss! Its much subtler than pointing or hand motions, especially if it is a positive spell you are casting on another or a friend but it is also good for curses, either way its a wonderful way to send your intentions. Whisper the words or chant needed for the spell (if any) under your breath, imagine them them gathering in an orb of energy at your lips as you do so. Then do a subtle kiss motion on your lips (no hands and no ‘fish lips’, you are trying to be subtle). Then release the energy and words towards the target with a gentle blow of breath, sending the ball of energy in that direction.
  • Mourning/Remembrance Rituals: Ending such a ritual with a blown kiss to close it can help release your feelings in a positive manner and close the ritual with love and sincerity. 
  • Thanking tools: As someone who uses tarot cards and many other divination tools, I like to place gentle kisses to the sides of the decks after using them to help bond with them. To show them my gratitude for assisting me in not only readings but also in my spell work. I also before days where I know i will be doing a lot of divination work, I will kiss them to help charge them up (as said above). It is an excellent way to bond with your tools!

Concept: an RPG about keeping a great evil sealed away, except the great evil in question is basically a cross between Cthulhu and Dilbert’s pointy-haired boss, so the containment procedure is less about maintaining magical seals and more about falsifying paperwork to convince him that he already rules the world and his bidding is being done, when in reality he just rules the one castle and his minions spend most of their time slacking off and playing table tennis.

(Your party members could be the great evil’s Dark Generals, who are really just a bunch of local villagers in dungeonpunk cosplay. One of the subplots involves the fact that the current Master of Destruction is a single mom and is having scheduling conflicts with her daughter’s extracurriculars, culminating in a very unconventional Take Your Daughter To Work Day.)

Spell Jar Basics: Creating and Tailor-Making Your Own Spell Bottles & Jars

(Hello again, everyone! I’m back after a long hiatus - it feels good to be witching again!)

Spell jars are a great and easily modifiable way to do “slow-cooker” magic-stuff that doesn’t require a lot of active participation time, but the combined result is just as - if not more-potent.


You’ll need a jar, first of all - the size and shape of which should correspond to your intent, ideally. For smaller,”single-burner” spells, you might want a small, corked bottle you can balance a spell candle on. If you were to make a witches’ bottle for protection, you’d want something a little bigger, to hold all the ingredients, and probably something in an amber or other more opaque tone, so you can’t see inside.

Ideally, your jar or bottle would have a lid, for various spell-mechanics purposes-using the jar as a sealant, keeping the contents together while you shake it, and so on.


Next, you’ll need the components for the “spell” part. Assemble harmonious ingredients that are correspondent to your intent - for instance, if I were to assemble a spell bottle for balance, I’d try to grab some herbs and reagents correspondent to my intent (coriander, sea salt, and so forth), that are mostly yellow (the color I correspond with balance), and, perhaps, keep it down to 5 ingredients, which is the number I correspond with balance. 

Fill the jar or bottle with these ingredients-this is you doing the prep work for your spell! If you intend to shake the contents to reactivate them every so often, for instance, you’d want to leave a bit of room at the top.

You might want to add some extra oomph to your jar for more heavy-duty spells, like tying correspondent ribbon around the jar, or inscribing a sigil or planetary symbol on it.


Now that your spell preparations are complete, you’ll need to pick a good time to perform your spell, and choose a way to “activate” it - that is, a spell mechanic to set your intent in motion and do the actual “casting”.

For timing, you’ll want to pick something that,again, corresponds with your intent: You can use the waxing and waning tides of the moon to draw or remove something from your life, use sunsets and sunrises for manifestation and banishment, cast at high noon for an elemental fire influence, or on a clear, dark night for an honorary jar for Nyx - do a little research and listen to your gut!

As for the casting, you have a number of ways to go about it. Here are a couple of popular methods you can pick, mix, and match (but remember, you can always invent a more appropriate method for your own spell!):

Sealing with a Candle: An effective way to complete and cast your spell, with the added bonus of sealing in the contents of your jar for permanent magick. Choose the color of your candle according to your intent, inscribe it with a rune or sigil, anoint it with oil, or/and customize it in any way you see fit to correspond it with your intent and with the contents of the jar. Burn the whole candle at once to cast a spell in one go, or light the candle a little bit every night during the waxing or waning moon to draw or rid, respectively.

Burying the Jar: For spells involving the earth, staking a claim on your own property, magic you don’t want to reverse, or jars honoring cthonic spirits, bury your jar in the dirt, whether it’s in your yard or in a container.

Reversible Spells: Leave the jar’s lid or cork unsealed by wax, but firmly pressed on, perhaps with a string or ribbon to seal the magic in instead. If you ever have need to reverse the spell, you can open up the jar, safely unenchant and dispose of its contents, and clean out the jar with salt and water for later.

Recastable Spells: Leave a generous portion of room in your jar or bottle before sealing, and give it a vigorous shake when you want to re-cast.

Now go forth, and cast!

If you do make any spell jars, I totally want to see them! :>

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Hey, could you please recommend me some books or information to read about sigils? Thank you so much

Ooh have I got a thing for you - [my sigils FAQ blog page]. If you can’t view that, you can find a rebloggable version [on my old blog], but some of the links might be dead / broken at this point. (I hardcore need to rewrite that for this blog, don’t I?) Imma copy and paste the links and resources section for you from my blog page, just in case:

Links and Resources

* = external links and resources

So yeah. Sigils. Enjoy, anon :D

Past Life Memories Spell

A spell to help you further dive into the memories of one of your particular past lives. 

Note: this spell is to be used when you know about one of your past lives in more detail. It doesn’t work very well if you are unaware of any of your past lives, instead check out this spell to help you discover a past life first or this tarot spread.

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You Will Need:

🔮 Rosemary (preferably dried)
🔮 Jasmine (preferably dried or tea)
🔮 Marigold (preferably dried)
🔮 Dream Quartz (clear quartz can replace it)
🔮 Amethyst 
🔮 Labrodite
🔮 Malachite
🔮 White Feathers (about 2)
🔮 Pen or Pencil
🔮 Lined paper cut in smaller sections (thirds of a page should be good)
🔮 Jar with sealing lid
🔮 Purple String or Ribbon


🔮 On your pieces of lined paper at the top of each write down these titles: The Life, The Now, The Memory. Under “The Life” write down which past life you wish to learn more about. In this section write down whatever you may know about this past life already in example if you know in your past life you wish to explore you were a male priest who lived during the 1800s, write that down. Under “The Now” write down who you are now and how it relates to your past. If in that past life you were a priest and now you are no longer religious at all and you feel it was because of that life, write it down. Anything you feel that may correlate write down here. Under “The Memory” write down what sort of memory you wish to dream about or memories, you can make a list if you desire. This can include early life, later life, bad memories, good memories, a purposeful memory, a turning point, etc. 

🔮 Once you have everything written down set them aside.

🔮 In your jar add in your herbs at the bottom then on top add your crystals.

🔮 Take your pieces of paper and fold them or roll them however you wish and place them into the jar and on top of them add your 2 white feathers

🔮 Hold the jar in your hands and focus on your desire to explore the past memories of your past life. “In this jar I seal my desire, to relive memories long forgotten.” And gently (please gently, you do not want herbs and paper and feathers flying into your face) blow softly into the jar focusing on adding your own energy to this jar. Seal it tightly

🔮 Around the lid or lip of the jar tie your purple ribbon to magically seal it with your intention

🔮 Keep jar near, above or under bed and keep a dream journal close by as well. Record all dreams you have come morning

To dream about other past lives or memories open the jar and replace the paper with new ones and re-add your energy to it. Cleanse jar occasionally in the moonlight, especially before resealing with the new desires.



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About Damn Time

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Anon request: could you please write a dean x reader fic where they end up locked in a confined space together that starts as annoyance but leads to more? and they’ve been hunting together a while but always had an antagonistic/teasing relationship to cover up that they have feelings for each other

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,000

Warnings: SMUT (that’s right, I wrote some smut. Can’t say it’s good, but it’s there) language, mention of death, minor angst, lots of sass

A/N: This is also for @wayward-marvel-sommer1196​‘s sarcastic writing challenge! Sorry I’m a little late - honestly I’m shocked and thrilled it didn’t take longer to finish this. Thanks for the fun challenge, and have a great semester, hun! (my prompt was "Oh, I offended you with my opinion? You should hear the ones I keep to myself…" and is in bold)

A/N/N: Look guys, a thing that isn’t firefighter Dean! It’s a miracle!

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The AU Nobody Asked For. (Samurai of Ga'Hoole) info below cut

Part 2

Yep. I did this. Guardians of Ga’Hoole for the win, my dudes

(The AU below has a lot of canon from book 7 and beyond so if you never read the whole series and don’t understand I’m sorry D=)

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It’s unfair to rush someone into forgiveness. It’s powerful and necessary, but forgiveness isn’t a one-time moment that magically seals up the wound. It takes a deliberate, daily battle over a lifetime. That occasional angry twitch doesn’t mean you’ve failed at finding peace; it’s only part of the process, and ignoring it could be worse. The hurt was very real, because it meant something. That’s no excuse to hold a grudge for long, but no one is allowed to rush your healing, including you. No one can just “get over it.” But I do hope to see you on the other side, where there’s freedom. You can take all the time you need, and I’m with you.