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Top 3 ships: YoonMin, Junghope, TaeKookMin

Books I’m reading: UGH I’M NOT I’M SORRY. I really want to read The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas. I’d like to re-read 20k Leagues Under the Sea, Peter Pan, and The Picture of Dorian Gray. For fics, I have Magic Appa Love Scone and Inc. downloaded to read soon. I devour anything @uziregar, @disarmingly, and @ginforink put out.

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For the lovely @buttered-scones-and-magic (for @snowbazvalentines). I hope you had a great Valentine’s Day and that you will enjoy this angsty baz playlist!

Cover art by the talented @mitsouparker i hope its okay that i used your art

he smiles, and he’s made of trouble // a baz pitch playlist

Monster // Imagine Dragons
Control // Halsey
Don’t Deserve You // Plumb
Creep // Radiohead
Cough Syrup (Cover) // Darren Criss
Sad Song // Christina Perri
Every Breath You Take // The Police
Shake It Out (Acoustic) // Florence + The Machine
Carry On (Acoustic) // fun.


Rereading Carry On: Notes on Chapters 1-10

As the title suggests. Been rereading along with (or possibly after everyone else finished) the other tumblr people’s and writing down all my random thoughts as I go through. Problem is there’s way too many so I’m splitting it into groups of ten chapters each. Sorry ahead of time

* Looking at the map, Simon and Baz’s room is really far away from practically everything. They could make a lot of noise up there and only the kids right below would hear
* What is Tescos? Is it a British thing?
* Regarding the way the dragon burned up. I assume Baz was around somewhere, and he probably saw the fire “consume it from the inside out.”
* Side note: when did Baz find out that he could burn? He mentions later that he doesn’t have a vampire manual so was it through word of mouth? Legends? Or an accident as a kid?
* Have we discussed the man on the train who watches Simon? Is he just a random mention or is he Nicodemus or something like that?
* So Penny thinks of her magic as a well. Agatha, ballet. Baz, fire. If Simon could control his, I bet it would be something like taking a bite out of a magic scone.
* I can’t decide whether to be happy or sad that Simon never discovers his true parentage. On one hand, it would be closure. On the other hand, his fantasy of a footballer dad and model mom sounds pretty nice.
* Simon spent all his birthdays alone.
* The summoning of Simon by the Humdrum. Is that just cause they’re connected? Penny says that there’s no precedent, so I’ve just been assuming that it’s a result of the humdrum being baby Simon and all that jazz
* Question two regarding the humdrum and summoning: Do all summoning spells take anyone who’s touching the summoned person with them? It’s probably just when evil holes do it
* Heh the humdrum is three letters away from being an asshole
* Excuse my childish humor
* Note to self: finish Penelope’s task of calculating how many scones Simon has eaten
* Simon likes Oliver!
* Simon likes musicals
* Simon and musicals
* “Everything I said [first year] was stupid.” I bet you Baz was the one to tell Simon that and now he internalized it and that hurts me
* The watford uniform sounds so ugly. “Striped Blazers - two shades of purple and two shades of green - with dark grey trousers, green jumpers, and red ties.” Plus a boater. Ew.
* Who are the maids at Watford? Someone has to set up the uniforms for each individual student and it’s not the Mage doing that.
* “And it’s not like he’s my dad.” (17) Oh Simon.
* Wait I take back what I said earlier about Simon spending every birthday alone. The Mage remembers
* I know everyone calls him a terrible father and a terrible person but the first time I read this book I really didn’t hate him very much
* “For a while, hanging out with the goats was pretty much my favorite thing. (Which Baz had a field day with.)” GIVE ME THESE CONVERSATIONS
* “My hair’s too short - I shave it every year at the end of term.” (21) Why would you do that to beautiful fluffy curly hair. WHY.
* Note to self: write smutty fanfic revolving around Simon’s super powerful magic and the Candle in the Wind spell
* During the goblin taxi ride, there is literally no need to bring up Baz. He had nothing to do with the situation at hand. I feel so bad for Penny all of a sudden, if this is what Simon was like for the past eight years
* “I try to steer us back, but I don’t actually know how to drive.” (23) Who’s going to teach him? No parental figures, no people at the homes, somehow I doubt Penny would be a good teacher in this situation
* The mental image of the Mage living in the woods, “eating nuts and berries and sleeping in badger dens.”
* “He shrugs. ‘I’m not my sister’s keeper.’ For a second, I think he’s saying it with emphasis; with magic” (27) What would the spell My Sister’s Keeper do?
* “If [Baz] was here already, I’d hardly smell anything over his posh soap…I take a deep breath now, trying to catch a hint of cedar.” (28)
* Wow that’s very heterosexual of you Simon
* “I smile again and jump up off the bed, grabbing a purple sweatshirt that says WATFORD LACROSSE. (Agatha plays.)” (31) That’s really adorable
* Something I noticed first time around but never did anything with: the words “I do” are used a lot in this book. I can remember three times just off the top of my head.
* “Baz has never violated the anathema” (40) AWWWWWWWW
* Note to self 2: Count how many times the word “carry” is used in this book
* “The pitches are paying three members of the coven to stay away from meetings.” THIS SOUNDS REALLY SERIOUS BUT ALL I SEE IS THAT BAZ SLIPPING SOME OLD PERSON A TWENTY SAYING “LET’S KEEP THIS BETWEEN US.”
* “We’ve decided that you would be safer somewhere other than Watford” I’m not sure what he’s getting at.“ (49) Not the brightest there, Simon
* “We can’t just stop living because we’re at war.” (51) That’s pretty damn powerful.
* “I’d grow a mustache just like the Mage’s if I could, and I wouldn’t care at all if Baz took the piss.” (56) Why would Baz care. Why.
* “Rhys and Gareth, the boys who live in the room under mind” (58) I pity them so much. Even more in any AU where Snowbaz happens before this year.
* British question: what is jam roly-poly?
* It’s canon that Simon steals food from people he likes
* Chapter 10 is a bit underrated. I understand the Mage sucks, but he’s not nearly as bad as fan fiction makes him out to be. Working under the assumption that these chapters are written as the character’s honest thoughts (unless they’re lying to themselves cough Simon cough cough) , then the Mage really does try to help Simon. Even if it is just to control his power, some of the lines used are pretty caring about the holder of that power.