magical scene


Still one of the most beautifully magical scenes to ever happen on stage. 6:00 onwards kills me every time.

Also, in this boot, poor LMK had to deal with her dress in the wind machine haha. Bless her heart


The stages of saying ❝I love you❞ (Magnus Version)


The stages of saying ❝I love you❞ (Alec Version)

Reasons why you should watch Gypsy

1. the life-affirming and life-destroying chemistry between jean (naomi watts) and sid (sophie cookson), the best f/f couple on tv. 😍

2. sid’s thirsty text messages

3. jean and sid’s hot as hell age gap

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4. the use of the song “girl” by the internet in this hypnotic, magical scene

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5. melanie liburd, you stunning angel

6. jean’s unorthodox (ie highly unethical) therapy sessions 

7. this outfit *hyperventilates*

8. the kisses. oh god, the kisses.

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9. the swag and innocent romance in their walk

10. lisa rubin, the series creator, is a wlw <3 and has this cute cameo

11. pills rattling. pills rattling all the time. 


a prince who watched over his city as it slept

I’m planning on making a series of illustrations for the Shades of Magic series (of 15 scenes I’ve picked over the course of 3 books that made me cry or laugh or gave me extra feels)! not sure how long this’ll take me, but me and my carpal tunnel are ready


i almost married someone who didn’t love me


(That last gif demanded this. But on the note, have to wonder if Hakuba’s ever been to one of Kaito’s ‘heists’ where he really doesn’t do anything. Green Dream is especially coming to mind as Kid accomplishing something, just not exactly what everyone expected. Or, you know. Ryoma or that baseball incident. I’d love to know Hakuba’s thoughts on ones like those, even if he gets that Kaito isn’t a bad thief.)


Get a partner who will break the laws of physics with you.

Stormy Weather / Climatika