magical ribbons review


Bows! This review is so, so very late, because clearly I can’t ever make a review on time, but in my defense, I left the majority of them with Amber when I moved back to Canada in November, and she just got them here yesterday, sooo there’s my excuse.

I’m actually having to split this review in two, because I have too many pictures to fit in one post, so I’m leaving the big bows for the second one!

Now, this was an obnoxiously large order - and the reason is because we were the lucky winners of Hayley’s contest for 100$ Gift Certificate! I had bought 75$ worth of gift certificates to have three entries, and so basically, this order has a worth of nearly 200$. We placed it in July and told Hayley to take her time with it because there was no rush - and we ended up meeting up with her when we went to Disney in October! We also got to spend the evening with her at the Magic Kingdom, which was really awesome (and we got photobombed something fierce), and she made herself our official photographer that night so that day is pretty much the day for which we’ve got the most parade and fireworks pictures. Ever.

But back to the bows! The first picture is actually our entire collection. We’ve concluded we have a lot. The second picture is the entire order, and then our fifteen minis! (Which we apologized for, cause minis are lots of work). They are, as usual, awesomely made.

The first picture has 101 Dalmatians (#2 I think? I’m too lazy to look it up right now), Fawn, Periwinkle, Fireside Girls and Kiss The Girl Ariel. The second one is from the Aladdin set, which we got Genie, Carpet, Rajah, Rotten Jasmine and Royal Jasmine. And finally, the Belle bows! Enchanted Belle, Library Belle, Little Town Belle, Something There Belle and Ballroom Belle!

Next up is the bigger bows of our order!

My third Magical Ribbons order arrived this morning! As always, they are wonderful quality and absolutely adorable :)

1st row: Haunted Mansion CMS minis, Pascal mini
2nd row: Splash Mountain CMS B mini, Goofy mini, Bibbidi Boddidi Boutique CMS B mini
3rd row: Fantasyland Merch CMS A mini (custom), Peter Pan mini (custom), Wendy mini (custom)
4th row: Minnie mini, Tinkerbell mini, WDW Magic Kingdom Park Map
5th row: Briar Rose (no tails), Merida (no hair)
6th row: Kiss the Girl Ariel (custom)

Magical Ribbons: Review!

I think my dad was deafened by the sound I made when I found out my magical ribbons had arrived!

I’d found the site before, and heard a LOT of positive reviews, and thought- Disney bows? Why not! So I ordered a few at the start of April- Test Track 1.0, Tower of Terror, The Magic Carpet, Topsy Turvy Clopin, Kuzco and Kermit!

First of all- The quality is amazing. What you see in the photos on the website are exactly what you get. All the bows are beautifully crafted- there are no pulled threads, no second rate nonsense!

These are a brilliant must have item! At work, I have a pretty strict uniform, and brands are a no no. These subtle (yet obvious) bows are a beautiful and remarkable way to show my love of Disney without getting in trouble!

A big thank you to Hayley, who has put so much effort into these superb bows! I’d definitely recommend ordering some- I know I’m going to closer to my birthday!


My most recent order of Magical Ribbons! The first picture is actually of my second order (where I got Steamboat Willie, Paperman, and Test Track 1.0) and the second picture is my third order (Peter Pan, Maleficent, and Briar Rose). I received them within about two weeks of each other which surprised me…it was a very good surprise! Hayley never ceases to amaze me with these bows. They always come out being more beautiful and amazing than I had expected! Thank you so much for doing what you do Hayley :) <3

ALRIGHT! I got these bows a while ago but forgot the review them because I love them so much. I ordered the Peter pan bow, drizella mini, flounder mini, kiss the girl mini, Donald duck mini and the perry the platypus mini. All beautiful. Hayley was super duper easy to work with. Because I was an international order it took a while longer. I ordered on May 16th, and received my order the first week of July. It wasn’t an insane wait but it was well worth it regardless. I am about to order more :) any Disney fan, must order.

I had a formal event to go to, with the dress code being “black tie with a sci-fi twist”.  I knew I had to go as the TARDIS, and had the dress.  The bow tied it all together!  I had people coming up to me, saying, “You’re the one with the light up TARDIS bow!”  My 5-year-old daughter loves it as well.  I will definitely be needing to get more bows from here.

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