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Sooo, @cupidoago asked me if I could explain how I made my sleep circle and I’d be happy to share!

I started with a green Styrofoam wreath base and glued on some pieces of paper with sleeping related sigils on them.
Then, I took the thick ribbon and cut 3 even lengths, checking that the length doesn’t make it hang too low to the bed. I wrapped the ends around the base and hot glued them into place. Then I brought all the ends together and hot glued those.
Then I used some fake vines and wrapped them around the base. Same with a vine with the white flowers on it. I stuffed the ends into the Styrofoam and hot glued them in place. Then I kinda moved them around and made them look neater.
Then, I took 6 fake hanging wisteria blossoms and jammed them into the Styrofoam and hot glued them in.
Now, the witchy part, I have 4 sachet spells (good sleep, no nightmares, strong relationship, no anxiety dreams), viles of herbs (black salt, sea salt, fire salt, 3 with lavender, thyme, catnip, jasmine, chamomile), and I have a stick of Selenite and a clear quartz point tied up there too! I just attached all of that with lengths of ribbon tied to the vines or around the base.
If any of that didn’t make sense, please let me know! I hope it was helpful and if you decide to make one please tag me if you post pictures!!

For a Happy Weekend or Short Break at Home or Overseas

You will need:

  • Four green candles.
  • A long green cord or ribbon.
  • For travel incense sticks: fern, fennel, frankincense, sage, or lavender.


The day before your minibreak, in the morning if possible.

The spell:

  • Make a circle with the four candles at the main direction points, with the incense sticks equidistant between them.
  • Place the ribbon or cord in the center of the circle.
  • Light each of the candles in turn, beginning with the one to the north, and say as you do so, “Light of laughter, travel with me, brief though this break may be, this I ask and it shall be.
  • Light the incense, beginning with the one in the northeast, saying for each, “Breath or tranquillity, travel with me, brief though this break may be, this i ask and it shall be.
  • Pass the ribbon or cord around each candle, repeating the spell words.
  • pass the ribbon or cord through the smoke of each incense stick in turn, again saying all the spell words.
  • Tie a knot in the ribbon or cord for every day of the break, taking it in your luggage and undoing a knot for every day, making a wish.

“1001 Spells: A Complete Book of Spell for Every Purpose,” by Cassandra Eason

Past Life Memories Spell

A spell to help you further dive into the memories of one of your particular past lives. 

Note: this spell is to be used when you know about one of your past lives in more detail. It doesn’t work very well if you are unaware of any of your past lives, instead check out this spell to help you discover a past life first or this tarot spread.

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You Will Need:

🔮 Rosemary (preferably dried)
🔮 Jasmine (preferably dried or tea)
🔮 Marigold (preferably dried)
🔮 Dream Quartz (clear quartz can replace it)
🔮 Amethyst 
🔮 Labrodite
🔮 Malachite
🔮 White Feathers (about 2)
🔮 Pen or Pencil
🔮 Lined paper cut in smaller sections (thirds of a page should be good)
🔮 Jar with sealing lid
🔮 Purple String or Ribbon


🔮 On your pieces of lined paper at the top of each write down these titles: The Life, The Now, The Memory. Under “The Life” write down which past life you wish to learn more about. In this section write down whatever you may know about this past life already in example if you know in your past life you wish to explore you were a male priest who lived during the 1800s, write that down. Under “The Now” write down who you are now and how it relates to your past. If in that past life you were a priest and now you are no longer religious at all and you feel it was because of that life, write it down. Anything you feel that may correlate write down here. Under “The Memory” write down what sort of memory you wish to dream about or memories, you can make a list if you desire. This can include early life, later life, bad memories, good memories, a purposeful memory, a turning point, etc. 

🔮 Once you have everything written down set them aside.

🔮 In your jar add in your herbs at the bottom then on top add your crystals.

🔮 Take your pieces of paper and fold them or roll them however you wish and place them into the jar and on top of them add your 2 white feathers

🔮 Hold the jar in your hands and focus on your desire to explore the past memories of your past life. “In this jar I seal my desire, to relive memories long forgotten.” And gently (please gently, you do not want herbs and paper and feathers flying into your face) blow softly into the jar focusing on adding your own energy to this jar. Seal it tightly

🔮 Around the lid or lip of the jar tie your purple ribbon to magically seal it with your intention

🔮 Keep jar near, above or under bed and keep a dream journal close by as well. Record all dreams you have come morning

To dream about other past lives or memories open the jar and replace the paper with new ones and re-add your energy to it. Cleanse jar occasionally in the moonlight, especially before resealing with the new desires.

Witch!Midoriya AU

AU where the Midoriyas are witches and instead relying on the quirk he wasn’t born with, Izuku focuses on being the best Witch Hero there ever was (even if he’s the first and maybe only one)


  • a wand made from the tree that Katsuki fell off of while crossing a river (it took Izuku months to make just the right one, along with hair from his mother and ash from a site All Might was at)
  • a scrying glass made from the bottom of an old soda bottle he had to carefully polish and make after weeks of work because they couldn’t afford a real scrying glass but damn it all if that was going to stop Izuku
  • witch robes / skirts / dresses because spirits only laugh at witches in pants because clearly men can’t weave themselves into the spirit world (they can but it only took off within the last hundred years, so most spirits just haven’t caught on yet)
  • SPEAKING OF SPIRITS Izuku talks with them more than anyone else through his scrying glasses (he made a pair of scrying glass from more soda bottles and he looks ridiculous while wearing them)
  • Izuku has learned that spells are more instinct than actual words so as long as he can feel his spell coming together, he can make magic work (it amazed his mother with how gifted he was for spellcraft but he makes her cringe because he doesn’t use latin, only rhymes and puns) 
  • The day Izuku got his Witch Hat (a symbol of graduation from trainee to real witch) was the day he realized he really could become a hero and both he and his mom cried for days
  • Bakugou doesn’t know exactly that Izuku is a witch, just that some weird things happen around that quirkless loser
  • Izuku’s familiar is an incredibly ugly cat that followed him home one day he named Claw Might (because he’s nice towards Izuku and mean towards pretty much everyone else although he tolerates Inko)
  • Izuku has a witch wardrobe specifically for battle and he does have a half second long transformation sequence (NO he is NOT a magical girl what are you talking about???) (yes he is)
  • Theoretically Izuku can summon demons but he’s vowed not to because they need a blood sacrifice at the minimum and blood magic is DANGEROUS
  • His broom riding skills are awful because he simply just hasn’t had enough practice but he’s still trying his best
  • All Might seriously considers giving Deku One for All but decides against it when he realizes he doesn’t want to take away Izuku’s identity as a witch (but he trains him in the proper ways of heroics regardless because there is boundless potential in that boy)
  • Iida first called Midoriya “Miss Witch” because he thought that was his appropriate title (and its kinda stuck)
  • Uraraka thinks Deku is like Kiki’s Delivery Service (he’s not)
  • Bakugou is pissy that he missed out on freaking magic and now he’s determined to be better than magic (lmao good luck)
  • Todoroki has seen Midoriya work Fire and Ice Magic and now wants him to tutor him in how to work his Ice better (Midoriya is slowly trying to convince him to work his Fire Side as well to mixed results)
  • Tokoyami thinks he’s literally way cooler than he really is
  • Aizawa may or may not have let Midoriya get away with a tardy or two because the eye-drop potions he makes are better than literally anything else he’s ever tried