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Mermaid Dust!

Hi people! Tonight i bring to you this little DIY for getting beautiful Mermaid Dust done!

💙Mermaid Dust correspondences are:

As is strongly related to water, is useful for emotions, relationships, healing, psychic abilities, exorcism and purification. It can be used for love, luck and protection too! Also, it works perfectly fine as an extra boost for any spell.

💙This is how you make it:

✨ You’ll need sugar (love, luck, healing, purification), mint (exorcism, protection, healing), eggshell powder (protection) and glitter on the color of your choice (for making it more “personal” to you. I use turquoise.) and crystals of your choice (optional)

~I recommend aquamarine, sodalite, emerald, citrine, pink quartz, amethyst, green quartz, tourmaline, hematite and/or clear quartz.

✨The amount of each thing i use is approximately the following, but you can use as much as you want and give it your own texture!

~¾ Sugar.

~2/4 Eggshell powder.

~2/4 Mint.

~¼ Glitter.

✨Then, put it all together and stir to mix it!

✨Once that you have something like this, put it on a jar or any type of container that you prefer, and use some crystals to charge it!

✨Here i’m using two pieces of aquamarine, one sodalite, two tourmaline, one pink quartz and one citrine.

✨Now, here comes something important. I leave it for a whole lunar cycle, from full moon ‘till the next one (or you can do it from the very start of the cycle, on new moon, ‘till the next new moon, choose based on your correspondences of which type of moon energy you want the dust to keep), on a closed wooden box with amethyst and clear quartz, so it can be properly charged. Another good idea is that, on a full moon night, you leave it outside surrounded by the gems you want it to be charged with.

✨At the end of the cycle, you can say a little chant of your choice when taking the dust out of the box or taking it inside home again or out of the windowsill… you understand my point lol.

💙Extra: As this is not safe to eat. If you want to make some eatable mermaid dust, i recommend using colored sugar (you can easily make it with white sugar and food colorant). Put it in some container, then put that inside your container with mermaid dust or surround your sugar container with a circle of mermaid dust (be careful not to mix it!) and leave it for a night, preferably on full moon. Next day you’ll have some dealicious mermaid sugar/dust for any healing spell, love spell, or any type you want to do!

You can make as much as you want of this, and is useful for almost everything! i really like it ♥

Well, hope you enjoyed this DIY!!!♥

Recreational Witchcraft’s Luck & Money Powder

This powder is ideal for drawing luck, money, and job opportunities. Sprinkle some of it into a burning candle, dust some over your body before going out or add some of it to a hot bath. 

Grind & Combine:

  • Green or white Eggshells for prosperity and fortune
  • Basil for wealth and success
  • Green mint for money and abundance
  • Fennel for luck

I’ve used this powder spell for almost a year now and it never fails me. Hope it can help you all too!


Warding Powder

Gather from the ocean enough water that, when evaporated, will leave you with a small pile of salt. Place this within a mortar and pestle, along with the following:

• Crab Claws
• Three shells of varying shape and size
• Three cactus spines from a shoreline cactus
• A pinch of sand

Powder these all as best as can be done, then store it away. The powder may then be used to compliment any working, or on its own to ward away that which is unwanted. This operation will be be undertaken at the ebbing tide, under a waning moon.

Moon Powder

While everyone has their own styles of creating planetary powders, this one is mine. This powder can be used for all dominions of the moon, such as wisdom, emotion, the psyche, love, psychic power, dreams and sleep, water, and many more. When combined with moon water it works wonders in luck spells. Here is the recipe:
-3 parts sea salt
-3 parts juniper berry
-1 part cardamom
-2 part poppy
-1 part allspice
-2 parts clove
-2 parts caraway seed
-1 part chamomile
If it helps, you can chant a simple charm to bind the moon’s power to the powder, and simply grind clockwise in a mortar and pestle.

Ancestral Powder

This ancestral powder is a blend of dried and ground flowers and foliage from the graveside or funerary service of deceased relatives. 

Having a blend of dried materials linked to the your now deceased family member or relative is an easy way to add some ancestral power to your magic that works only and specifically for you and your purposes. 

Think of this powder like dragon’s blood or any herb used specifically to enhance the powers of a specific ingredient or boost the workings or a spell. 

These powders are especially great for protection spells, difficult divination or necromancy.   

It’s that time! Ostara Masterpost Time.

Handy reference guide of resources and recipes to help you out this Ostara! Hope everyone’s festivities go beautifully, and if you don’t celebrate, happy Spring! 

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Powder Spells: An Introduction, and Powdered Luck

Image Credit: Juniper Wildwalk (post author) (BY-SA licence)

Sometimes, brewing a potion or constructing an altar is either impractical, expensive, or simply impossible. In those situations, it’s often possible to create a simple powder spell that will perform the desired action, and is also transferrable between people if you want to make the spell for someone else or give it to them as a gift.

What is a powder spell?

A powder spell is a piece of magick that uses the mixing together of different powdered ingredients to create a magickal powder. This powder can then be use as a form of incense in some cases, but more commonly is carried around in a pendant or is sprinkled around a doorway, on an object, or even on a person or animal you want to imbue with magickal properties.

Powdered Luck

This powder spell will bring luck to all those who use it. There are two versions – the one with pennyroyal, and the one with peppermint.

The pennyroyal spell is more potent, but cannot be consumed or burnt! Pennyroyal is extremely poisonous, and could seriously injure those who inhale the smoke, consume the herb, or sometimes even touch it if they have an allergy. The pennyroyal version should be considered pendant and altar-only. Do not use it on or around living things, and never set it on fire!

The peppermint spell is still quite strong, but not as strong as the pennyroyal version. However, it CAN be consumed and it is safe to burn, and so I recommend crafting this version unless you specifically need pennyroyal.

You will require:

  • 1 part dried, powdered peppermint OR pennyroyal
  • 1 part ground black pepper
  • 1 part cinnamon
  • 1 part fresh soil
  • 1 part sugar
  • 1 part ground nutmeg

Mix your powders together within a pot or bag, and push a little bit of magick inside the pouch to kickstart the reaction. Think of the magick you give it as being the seed you plant into the Earth, and the magick you get out as the harvest.



A note about powder spell history

Powder spells are a combination of European and African/Hoodoo traditions, and as such you must respect that a part of this practice came from another culture. However, since it has ALSO been an element of European practices, those witches who practice European witchcraft can feel free to use powder spells, provided they’re not appropriating original Hoodoo recipes without permission. Please respect original Hoodoo spells and their workers by refraining from appropriating old recipes. 

– Juniper
Powerful High John the Conqueror candle spell
This video is about High John the Conqueror root. control any situation.
What? What the fuck is that? …Oh right that’s parsley…WHY THE FUCK DO THEY ALWAYS ASK FOR VERVAIN?! WHO THE FUCK EVEN HAS VERVAIN… god dammit where is the fennel … FUCK IT WE’RE OUT OF ROSEMARY AGAIN…
—  Me making spell powders