magical monster girl

Modern Monsters
  • Demon kids loitering outside of convenience stores, lighting up cigarettes with their own flames
  • Werewolf girls snarling at men who dare to cat call them, baring fangs to show they are not to be trifled with
  • Sirens crooning into a mic in a smoky bar, voices resonating with otherworldly passion
  • Vampire EMTs taking night classes and struggling to get into medical school
  • Alarunes dutifully tending to their gardens, whispering encouragement to their seedlings
  • Satyrs being the most charming baristas ever seen, flirting with every customer
  • Gorgons uploading fashion tips and make up tricks onto their blogs
  • Nagas chatting with their centaur friends about how hard it is to workout when you’re not bipedal
  • Sphinxes posing annoying riddles at a train stop and then leaving
  • Hybrid monster kids not being sure where they belong but learning to love themselves anyway

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Hi please don't ignore me I need help this user on Google plus Ryan Pratt is stealing art like alot including loud house art and he's so horrible he legit stole box art for a doll from monster high and didn't even get the name right I can't find the real artist to help them and aware them please help me find me them and aware other loud house fans who make art I beg you its a getting ridiculous

Hi there! So I looked this guy up, and turns out he has been stealing A LOT of art, and claiming it as his. He’s also stolen pictures of girls and saying that it’s him. I took some screenshots to show you guys. (I’m going to put it under a read more though so it doesn’t get really big)

If you are an artist and you draw My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Star vs the Forces of Evil, Pokemon, Monster High, The Loud House, or Teen Titans, then this guy might have reposted your art and claimed it as his. So I suggest you check out his account and report him.

Even if you’re not an artist, please go report this guy.

(This isn’t even fan art. This is the box art of a doll, and it’s not even Draculaura)

I think that’s enough. I looked through this guy’s page and he has stolen art for more fandoms as well, but the ones listed are the main ones.

Anyway please go report this guy! Art theft is never okay!!

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how advanced is the technology in... whateverworldyourcharactersareinsorryionlystartedfollowingawhileago, on a scale from "rock tools" to "widely available mobile phones"

It varies a lot by culture, but generally we’re talking late middle ages.


“my determined voiiiice… will clear a pathway through the skyyyyy~!”

the inevitable flame-war resulted in Undyne’s house burning to the ground. a-freaking-gain. 


fanfic writers, amirite??? 8D



I kinda did this cause I was bored but….what do you guys think?


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