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Witch tip #2

You lay your crystals and other witchy tools out to charge, so why not your herbs and flowers you use in spells? If you have indoor plants, or herbs in jars, set them in a window to absorb the energies of the full moon! This will help strengthen your spells or anything you make with them!

Human Instinct

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Words: 1,182

A/N: A continuation of the imagine imagine teaching Cas how to flirt

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Nights moved in slow motion. Faint lights passed through the car window as Dean drove on slowly. The car rocked; or it was the alcohol, you weren’t sure.

“Sit up” Dean said and pushed your shoulder so your head would lean on the window.

“I’m fine” you said and Dean turned to you for a second before hardening his gaze on the road.

“We’re laying off bars for a while” he said and you let your head fall back while staring at the hood of the car. There was a dried blood stain right above your head.

“I can’t believe” you said slowly, your tongue heavy in your mouth, “That family died before we got there.”

“I know. And it sucks. We can’t save everyone, Y/N” Dean’s voice tugged at the silence, pulling the drunken haze off of your eyes.

“Let me heal you” Castiel finally said from the backseat. In the dark you hardly saw his face, just his eyes shining from the moonlight outside.

“Come back in the morning when my head hurts” you said and tried laying on your side. The sound of feathers made your eyes shoot open and suddenly an emptiness settled around you. The tension that was always there disappeared instantaneously. You could tell even in your drunken stupor that there was some sort of tension between you and the angel. But whether he felt it or not, you couldn’t tell. Sometimes, for a beautiful moment, you think the moment is there, Cas will finally lean in and validate every thought you’d had about how he felt. Other times, like tonight, he joins you at a bar and some girl will always approach him and he’ll try flirting back. He never tried with you though.

“He never tries, Dean” you whispered.

“Who never tries?” he said back loudly and you raised a hand to your ear.


“What’s that mean? You know what, you’re plastered, just sit up and don’t fall asleep, alright?” Dean said as he made a left turn. Or right. Probably left though. You tried staring at the radio to pick a station, but all the numbers blurred and you tossed your head back once more.


“I’m trying to read!” Sam’s voice shouted and you jolted upright. The warmth of your pillow was replaced by cool air around your neck and you pulled the sheets back up.

“Just one morning of peace is all I ask for” you whispered to yourself while swinging your legs over the bed. Lazily you reached for the small clock beside you and read 1:15 PM. Without a second thought you jumped up and changed, quickly sprinting into the library.

“No one woke me up?” you shouted in Sam and Dean’s direction. “You seriously went on that hunt alone?”

“We left a note” Dean pointed at the staircase railing. “And we’re back before you even woke up. We thought you’d want some sleep” he shrugged and stood up.

“Sorry, Y/N” Sam said and shut his book. “How are you feeling?”

You nodded your throbbing head and crossed your arms. “Well enough to kick both your asses” you said and pulled out a seat.

“Here” Sam slid you his burger, “You need to eat that hangover away” he said and you nodded, taking a bite.

“What are today’s plans?” you asked with a full mouth.

Dean stretched and cracked his back, “Me, Sam, and Cas are going out” he said and you sighed.

“I take it I’m not invited?” you took a sip of Sam’s ice tea.

“Not after last night, you’re not” Dean said and began walking away. “Oh wait” he turned back around, “What were you saying last night about-”

“It’s not important” you said and brought the plate into the kitchen.


The day passed quickly. You helped Sam with research and then joined Dean for some fighting practice. Eventually Cas joined and you laughed as he pinned Dean down with ease.

“He’s a fucking angel, it’s not my fault!” the older brother shouted, sending you and Sam into another round of laughter.


Eventually though the stars began peeking out and you were left in the library once more, the lamps creating halo’s of light in the dark room. Castiel walked in and stood there for some time before asking, “Are you going to join us tonight?”

“Nope, but before you go can I know how Dean going to take you to a bar when you don’t know how to flirt?” you cocked up an eyebrow and swung your feet off the table.

“I doubt that flirting is necessary” Castiel said as you neared him.

“So while I do this” you ran your hands up his arms to meet his neck, “you don’t feel anything?” you asked and watched as he looked at you, gulping down.

“I don’t t-” he began and you stepped close enough to feel his shoes hit your feet.

“Or if I move my hands just like this,” you reached down so that your fingers ghosted over his, “you don’t get goosebumps?” you bit your lip and looked up at him.

“What if I just lean in, like so” you said, turning a bit and pressing yourself to him, “how’s that feel?” you said quietly. With a pop, the lightbulb in the lamp beside you shattered to the floor in tiny shards.

“I thought so” you said and stepped away, giving Cas a small smile. You swiped the glass you were drinking from off the table and began to walk towards the kitchen, still feeling Castiel’s gaze burn into the back of you.

The floor was cold beneath you feet as you padded up to the sink, dropping your cup into it. A warm hand gripped your shoulder and suddenly you were spun around.

“Wha-” you began when Castiel finally closed the space between you and him. Your back hit the wall but you hardly noticed as he pushed you while you tugged at his hair. Your hands finally met his tie and you began tugging at it while he pressed his body against yours.

“Who-” you pulled away from him, “taught you that?”

“Human instinct” Cas said quickly and again his chapped lips were fighting your soft ones and you ran a hand along his jaw. Like magic all the lightbulbs behind Castiel began popping one by one; pieces landed on the counter, some bouncing off and flying across the floor until the kitchen was pitch-black. You continued moving with him, the only sound was your lips and his clothing shuffling until he finally pulled away and you heard his smile.

“Flirt with me again” he said and a soft laugh bubbled up from your throat.

“It’s your turn now” you said and pulled at his tie. Slowly he ran his hands up your bare arms to your shoulders and goosebumps followed close behind. He ran his hands down your neck and through your hair while you stood smiling, relishing the demise of the tension between you while excitedly accepting the beginning of something new and better; simplicity.

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Stiles and Derek are cursed and can't go further than three feet from each other. Snarking and/or flirting ensue

UGH THIS IS SHIT i’m so sorry, especially because this was sucha  fun prompt. i’m having a bad day as far as writing goes, but i promised i’d have one out today, so here it is.

seriously, this did not come out at all as something i’m happy with. if the same goes for you, just let me know and i’ll redo it. ugh, i’m so sorry ahaha.

feedback welcome.


“It’ll wear off,” Deaton says, apparently completely unfazed by their current predicament. He’s not even looking at them, which - it’s insulting, really, Stiles thinks, considering the circumstances. This is a real problem, okay.

“Okay, yes, so we’ve determined already, but you’re not answering the actual question, which is when. When will it wear off, please and thank you, for the love of god.” he spits, and beside him Derek huffs.

Deaton looks up for a moment, only to let Stiles know that he thinks he’s being rude. Which, yes, Stiles is aware. But there’s only so much cryptic bullshit he’s willing to put up with in a day, okay.

And it’s been a long ass day.

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I did love how Todd made one throwaway mention of Blackwing and the entire fucking Dirk Gently tag went m e n t a l like whoa. Because this is such an important conversation for them and it’s so bizarre that we don’t have any details about how it went down? Or even how much detail Dirk went into? Because, as far as we know, Dirk was just… literally experimented on as a child. By the government. How the hell would Todd even begin to respond to that?

My initial assumption was that Dirk must’ve told Todd during the Epic Gay Puzzle Quest™ in episode five, because Todd shared his biggest secret (that he never had pararibulitis) and Dirk probably went well, this is a huge leap forward in our relationship, I guess that sharing secrets is a real non-CIA person Decision To Make™ so here’s mine. And at that point Todd’s really coming around to the idea that Dirk is actually psychic - even if his first reaction was to also do an experiment on (with?) Dirk in the diner - so he’s less likely to throw Dirk’s claims back in his face (which I lowkey feel might have happened to Dirk at some point, he deliberately mentioned that no-one in his life has ever stuck around for him).

But then I saw a post by @shinmaya-aka-fred about Todd learning part of the truth earlier, and I really like the idea of Dirk trying to open up to Todd after the conversation with Riggins at the end of episode three, because Todd has only just started to think that perhaps Dirk is what he says he is. Dirk’s left the Ridgely Building in tears after Riggins asks him to come back in after sixteen years for debriefing and honestly I can’t imagine him going back until he’s pretty sure that it’s safe and CIA-free. So there’s enough time for Todd and the rest of the mystery squad to get nice and worried.

So Dirk gets back and decides to skip checking in at Todd’s apartment, he doesn’t have the emotional energy to answer questions and he’s pretty sure that he looks like a mess. But then he unlocks the door to his own apartment and Todd’s breaking through the window in a weird role reversal of the first episode. Dirk shrieks but does not throw a shoe (because his shoes are weirdly expensive and also he’s exhausted) and Todd explains that Amanda and Farah are crashing at his flat so he’ll be sleeping on Dirk’s couch. Todd’s not an idiot and can see that Dirk’s distressed about something, and asks Dirk whether he’s okay, and that’s when Dirk realizes that this is someone who actually-maybe-probably cares about him as a person. Even after Todd got shitty with him in the hallway over the magic lightbulb, he’s still sitting next to Dirk on his couch at 3am asking what the problem is. So Dirk has one of those moments he gets where he’s overwhelmed with A Human Emotion™ that he never properly learned how to process, and Todd suddenly has an armful of hysterical psychic bean man.

Todd ends up awkwardly stroking Dirk’s hair while Dirk sobs into his chest and his flannel shirt is fucking wrecked but Dirk’s also gone weirdly stiff and Todd couldn’t extract himself even if he wanted to. So he sits there with his holistic detective attached to him like he’s keeping Dirk from drowning and Dirk keeps choking out how could they and please don’t let them and but why now and Todd has no fucking clue what’s happened but he’s down to fight someone.

Then Dirk calms down just enough to tell him that “someone” is actually the CIA and Todd wonders when being a suspect in multiple murders became the least of his worries.

After Dirk’s cried himself out, they don’t talk much. Todd’s still processing everything and Dirk’s just drained. They end up sharing a bed by mutual agreement because neither of them have the energy to fold the sofa bed out (later, Todd will realize that he could’ve just… slept on the couch normally). But it’s been a stressful week and it’s only Tuesday and sharing body warmth feels like the most natural thing to happen to either of them for a long time.

There’s also the added emotional complication that Dirk technically has people in his life who did believe him, and who do want to hang around. It’s just a pity that, you know. They don’t see him as an actual person.

Magic Jelly Beans

Because it’s been a while since I’ve written a NaLu one-shot. 

Genre: romance, humor

Words: 1,014

Pairing: Natsu and Lucy

Summary: In which a disturbance (aka Natsu) turns into a game of jelly beans.

Everything was peaceful and quiet in the room as Lucy hunched over her table, her pen flowing through the pages a storm of ideas flooded her brain.

She was in the zone right now. At this moment, the main character was sacrificing her most precious friend to save her other precious friends.

Her cries filled the air as she held a shattered key in her-


“Aaahhh!” Lucy jumped, her pen accidentally blotting the end of the sentence. She whipped around, heart thundering to see who intruded in her house.

“Heya Lucy! Whatcha doing?” A shock of pink hair greeted her from her window.

Natsu Dragneel. She should’ve known.

“Go away, Natsu.” Lucy waved him away in irritation. “I’m busy.”

Natsu tilted his head as he approached her and peeked over her shoulder. He asked, “Is that the story you’re working on?”

“Don’t look!” Lucy shrieked, her arms covering the papers. “It’s embarrassing!”

Natsu frowned but then shrugged as he looked around her room. The blonde mage looked suspiciously at him. “Go home Natsu.”

“Don’t wanna.” Natsu said stubbornly as he pulled out a book from her bookshelf. But then, he accidentally snagged the others, sending a multitude of literary works to tumble out and crash on the dragon slayer.

“NATSU!” Lucy rushed out and dragged him out of the pile of books. Natsu grinned and pulled, sending her toppling over him. Lucy shrieked and struggled out of his grip, but he held on. He said, “Lucyyy, I’m bored~~”

“Go play with Happy.” Lucy growled. She had to get back to her story dammit! And no, she didn’t like how her partner’s muscles felt taut under her shirt! What are you talking about!

“Happy’s fishing.” Natsu said matter-of-factly. Suddenly, he spotted an innocent box sitting on the top of her table. “Hey, Luce, what’s that?”

Lucy, who had finally untangled herself from his arms, followed where his gaze settled. There was a half-smile on her face. “That’s part of the reward from our quest two days ago. They called it ‘magic jelly beans’ or something. It has every flavor in the world.”

“Even poop?” Natsu snickered. Suddenly, he brightened up. “Lucy, let’s play!”

“What?! Natsu, I have to work on my story! Play on your own.” Lucy stood up.

Natsu grabbed her wrist and said with an innocent smile, “Your story can wait. Do it with me.”

Lucy looked between her papers and Natsu’s bright smile. Seriously, if he looked like that, how could she ever refuse?

“Fine.” She said with a sigh. Natsu laughed and sat down on a chair, patting the opposite side of the table for her. Lucy sat across him. He watched as she opened the box.

They looked inside. There were jelly beans in different colors and different forms. There was a rainbow colored one, a mushroom shaped bean, even one that was shining. They exchanged looks.

“You ready?” Lucy said.

Natsu asked, “How does it work?”

“We take a jelly bean at the same time. If we get a horrible one, we can’t spit it out. It goes on for five rounds. The one who gets the most normal ones win.”

“And what happens to the loser?”

Lucy grinned sinisterly. “They do whatever the winner wants.”

Natsu grinned back just as menacingly. “Let’s do it.”

Lucy took a green innocent bean. Natsu got a blue jelly that looked like a wheel.

“Ready, set, go!”

They popped it in their mouths.

Both of them gagged.

Lucy groaned. “Who’s idea was it to put a vomit tasting jelly bean in there?!”

“Uuuuurrrghhhh.” Natsu wasn’t faring very well. His face was green and his eyes spun in circles. Lucy raised an eyebrow. She asked what he got. He said, “Transportation sickness magic bean.”

Lucy blinked and then laughed out loud. Natsu pouted at her.

Lucy: 0

Natsu: 0

Round Two.

“Yess!” Natsu crowed as he chewed happily. “Barbeque fire magic jelly bean!”

“Why do you always get the magic beans?” Lucy grimaced. She had gotten the flying fish that the three of them had gone one time for Happy.

Lucy: 0

Natsu: 1

Round Three.

Lucy picked up the shiny bean. Maybe this would be her chance to get a point. She ate it and suddenly, her skin glowed, lighting her up like a lightbulb. “Light magic bean?”

Natsu whimpered. He had gotten a perfume magic bean. It sent his breath smelling like Ichiya’s MENNNN perfume. Lucy was gagging. “That smells disgusting.”

Natsu just nodded in response.

Lucy: 1

Natsu: 1

Round Four

“Let’s make this the tie-breaker.” Lucy suggested. “I don’t think I can handle another disgusting magic bean.”

Natsu agreed. They took out their beans.

“Ready, set, go!”

They popped the beans in their mouths. (Lucy that is.)

Lucy teared up. She rushed to the sink and spat out the black bean before rinsing her mouth with water.

Natsu looked at her in concern as she walked back to the table. “What’d you get?”

Lucy shook her head. It was too nasty, too disgusting, too…eugh!

The teenage dragon slayer looked down at his bean. He nibbled the edge and he lit up. Popping the bean in his mouth, he motioned to Lucy to come close. She frowned but leaned across the table.

And then he pressed his lips against hers.

Lucy’s eyes widened as she squeaked. But when she tasted his lips, she melted.


Natsu pushed the jelly bean in her mouth and then pulled away. He smiled widely as Lucy sat back, chewing the lemon jelly bean, her face red and steaming.

“It tastes like you.” Natsu said.

She raised an eyebrow at this. This was the first time Natsu kissed her. How should he know how she tasted like? Lucy asked, “Why lemon?”

“Because it’s sunny and a happy yellow like you.”

And in that moment, Lucy was really glad she decided to play the jelly bean game instead.

random drabbly fluff NaLu one-shot.

Well, I at least contributed something to the Fairy Tail fandom! :D