magical knights and kings


An ancient British queen and knight with a famous Excalibur. She fell into a deep sleep instead of dying. But, due to chaos in the parallel world, she woke up as an irregular. She commands phantoms of her followers, the Knights of the Round Table

King Arthur


Roland was Mariannes knight in shining armor

Now for a relevant tangent

Shiny armor means that a knight is inexperienced; the more scratched/buffed/dented a knight’s armor is, the more likely it is they will have more experience

So Roland’s armor is shiny as fuck, right

He was the first person Marianne fell in love with; when she was inexperienced with the whole love thing

Then she meets Bog; he’s had some rough times with love too, by this point

And look at his exoskeleton

It’s rough

Do you see what I am saying here