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All Dawn wanted to do was get a flight home so that she could make the dress fitting for her sister’s wedding. She did not ask to have her life threatened repeatedly, nor did she plan on being adopted by a secret agent who was more like Sean Connery as Henry Jones, Sr. than James Bond. If Henry Jones, Sr. was good with guns, that was.

My 50th story on Ao3!

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FFXV-2 Ardyn Story

Ardyn Part 1

Ardyn’s journey won’t be solo. His companions could consist of all the guys that potentially betrayed him and were tying him up (as seen in the official Artbook).

I wonder if those black hoods have any connection to the one you find in Pitioss Ruins. Ardyn’s era is after Solheim. But their technology should still be around and reinvented. Just like how Ardyn introduced Magitek Troopers to Niflhiem once he joins them.

  • I based Ardyn’s story mostly on what was available from the timeline released in the Ultimania. 

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Sir Gawain Loses His Boots

Another comic in my series of about the further adventures of Sir Gawain, brave Knight of the Round Table.

The next couple of stories in this ongoing project will be full-colour webcomics like this one.

My other Sir Gawain stories so far were designed and released as limited edition risograph prints - some copies of both are still available from my shop:

Sir Gawain: Witch of the Wirral
Sir Gawain and the Ferryman

More info on this project:

The brilliant, anonymous medieval poet behind the epic Middle English poem ‘Sir Gawain and the Green Knight’ described Gawain’s journey north to meet the fearsome Green Knight in a cursory few dozen lines. We briefly learn that our hero faced many perils along his way, including bears, giants, wild men of the woods, and all kinds of trials of nature. I’m filling in that part of the story with a series of standalone comics, in print and online, following Gawain’s many adventures as he crosses a mythic and strange Britain full of monsters and magic.