magical knights and kings

Monthly Challenge -   Well, its month of August!  We decided to spark up with magic!~~ SO! the theme for this month is fantasy. create Frans fan art fan fics or any type art of your choice ! ~~ Unicorns ,wizards ,magic, knights ,castle kings dragons Fairies, legendary creatures, centaurs~ .  Think of big fantasy epics overflowing with ideas~~ have some examples that might inspire you ~~ !!. So cast a spell on our pixel hearts! ~~

chapelseed  asked:

The new ending is Grandpa Toshinori telling Eri a bedtime story. Proceed and we can add on to it via reblog.

(oh boy this is going to be fun)

Toshinori has just tucked Eri in and said his good nights when the little girl asks for a bed time story. He thinks long and hard about what kind of story to tell her, before snapping his fingers when he gets an idea, “All right young Eri, let me tell you a story. A story about powerful magic and dutiful knights, of mighty dragons and fearsome beast kings, and about the young man at the center of it all, the brave hero-”


He laughs a little at her intrusion, though he’s not exactly surprised, and continues seamlessly with her addition, “That’s right, the brave hero Izuku…”