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Latin Incantations

Below is a list of some nice Latin incantations that I have compiled, which I would very much love to share with you all. Of course, I am no expert in Latin, but these are as close to perfect as I myself could get them, using Google Translate and a Latin dictionary to tighten the sentences up (Google Translate is baaad with Latin). Please, Latin experts of tumblr, feel free to correct me if need be!
I kept each incantation short and to the point, for ease of memory and tongue, and have included phonetic pronunciations and also spells they would go best with. (Please note that where I have added apostrophes after the r’s in the pronunciations, are where you are required to roll your r’s with your tongue).

I create as I speak/I create what i say:
Ego creo quad ego loquar.
(Pron. Ehgo kr'ayo kwod ehgo lokwor’)
- Manifestation spells.

I control time:
Moderari tempore sum.
(Pron. Moder’ar’ee tempor’ay soom)
- Time spells.

It is done:
Factum est.
(Pron. Factoom est)
- At the closing of a spell.

Love come/s to me:
Amor venit ad me.
(Pron. Amoor’ veneet admee)
- Love spells.

I dream the truth/I have dreams of truth:
Somnia verita sum.
(Pron. Somneeah ver’eeta soom)
- Prophetic dream spells.

I am protected:
Munita sum.
(Pron. Mooneeta soom)
- Protection spells.

To Help Summon Your Familiar/Spiritual Familiar


“ Guardians of the dream world,
I call you to my side.
Reveal my familiar, my protector and guide.
Show me the power, beauty, and grace
in the radiant eyes of my guardian’s face ”

Within a few days time, visions of your familiar/spirit familiar shall come to you in your dreams.

Note: Try and right down the description of your guide, this may help become more close and aid in locating your familiar

To Banish a Headache

To banish a headache, rub the head of the afflicted with vinegar and hot water while reciting:

“Oh, pain in my head,

The father of all evil,

Look upon thee now!

Thou hast greatly pained me,

Thou tormentest my head,

Remain not in me!”

“Go thou, go thou, go home,

Whence thou, Evil One, dist suck,

Thither, thither hasten!

Who treads upon my shadow,

To him be the pain!”

“Witchcraft: A Handbook of Magic, Spells, and Potions,” by Anastasia Greywolf

Incantāmenta Latinus - Latin Incantations (pt. I)

here’s a few of my own Latin incantations for protection and cleansing.

P R A E S I D I - for protection 

protego me - I protect myself 

protego (I protect) -insert word-: hanc domus - this house

                                                    hoc spatium - this room/space

                                                    hunc hominem - this person 

                                                    hunc virum - this man 

                                                    hanc feminam - this woman    

nullum me nocebit - nothing will harm me 

ego sum tutam - I am safe - very emphatic. 

-insert word- protegit me (protects me): hoc crystallum - this crystal 

                                                                hoc signum - this symbol 

                                                                haec herba - this herb

                                                                haec candela - this candle 

                                                                hic monile - this necklace 

(the above is good for enchanting objects for protection)

P U R G A R E  ET  P E L L E R E- to cleanse and banish

purgo hanc domum or hoc spatium- I cleanse this house or this space/room

ego purgo hanc domum mali omnium - I cleanse this house of all misfortune, of all evil

ego purgo hoc spatium rei adversarum - I cleanse this space of bad luck, of adverse things. 

ego pelle te! - I banish you! 

in exilium mitto te - I send you into exile! very emphatic. exile was a massive deal in Roman culture and politics. could also be used for a curse. 

unici bonis rerum licet haec domus intrare - only good things are permitted to enter this house 

if you have any questions or want a custom translation, please contact me! the same if you think I’ve made a mistake somewhere 



🐻Why Do Emoji Spells Work? 🙏🏻

Okay, we will admit, when we first stumbled upon Emoji Spells, we thought they were goofy….at ‘first.’

However we got to researching a little bit to see why on earth this could be something that spirituality and religion could actually back up.

Here’s the consensus – They are sigils.

The thing about sigils is they do not always have to be inscribed to work, as long as they are written or ‘placed’ manually. ie. Typed, Cut-Pasted, etc.

Sigils are powerful because they are written/carved/typed with an intention that charges the sigil. When a person “loves” the sigil on here, it is putting an intention of adding vibration…power…chi to the symbols and the meaning placed there by the original author.

When they reblog, they put an intention to cast it for themselves, to activate the sigil. The rules of the sigil, written with it (likes charge, casts reblog) are part of the defining of action – a stage that all sigils go through that states what all the symbols mean, what they are for, and how they are used.

Technically all of the steps and requirements for safe sigil work are done with Emoji Spells. This is a modern, tech equivalent of sigil work, and I think it is very smart, because every time an individual reblogs and charges that sigil, it gets stronger for everyone else, like adding more juice to a circuit. Every person that empowers the sigil does so not only for themselves but everyone else, as communal sigils work as energetic circuits. Most sigils can only operate under the intention of the original carver/writer/inscriber, therefore the intentions of them cannot be changed by someone who intends to ‘twist’ the purpose.

The main thing I would say to look out for – reblog emoji spells from people you trust, or put pure intent into them when you reblog them. All of them seem to be done with lovely intentions and I believe that these are a great way to incorporate sigil work on a small scale into your everyday lives. 

Go Go Emoji!


For All-Day Calm if You Work or Live in a Hostile or Volatile Atmosphere

You will need:

  • A silver or white candle.
  • Rose, Chamomile, or lavender essential oil, or your favorite fragrance.



The Spell:

  • Light the candle. Hold the unopened bottle of essential oil or fragrance in your non-dominate hand so candlelight reflects within it, passing your other hand in slow counterclockwise circles, an inch or so above the bottle, three times.
  • Say once, “Peace, let peace enter this bottle that I may know peace, [name where you need it most].
  • Circle your hand over the bottle three times clockwise and say just once, “Harmony, let harmony enter this bottle that I may know harmony, [name where you need it the most].
  • Circle the bottle with you hand three times counterclockwise and say, “Tranquillity, let tranquillity enter this bottle, that I may experience tranquility, [name where you need it the most].
  • leave the sealed bottle with light shinning on it until the candle burns down.
  • The next morning, put a few drops of oil/fragrance on your pulse points.
  • Repeat the spell weekly to re-empower yourself.

“1001 Spells: The Completer Book of Spells for Every Purpose,” by Cassanrda Eason


anonymous asked:

Hiiiii! Uh I just wanted to ask you if you could do a witch au fic rec?? Because I know you reblogged one but when I tried to look at the other ones in the list it redirected me to a blog that was empty ??? And I don't know if it happened only to me or something but yeah. If you could help me with the fic rec it would be amazing !! Uh have a nice day !

Witch AU Fic Rec

I deeply wish there were more witch (specifically witch!harry) fics in the world. it’s my favorite trope, but for now these beautiful stories will have to do. these fics are a mixture of witch!harry and witch!louis, other magical creatures, and some magical realism

Feel the Chemicals Burn in My Bloodstream 123k

Harry is a journalist with a lot of secrets and Louis is the future king of the United Kingdom; they live together for 60 days.

The Sweetest Incantation 40k

Harry has been alive for decades, and yet he’s never been as confused and dumbfounded. He’s a witch, for God’s sake. Can’t get much weirder than all the magical things he’s experienced throughout his lifetime. Never in a million years, however, would he have expected to be mere inches away from a hybrid.

Harry is a witch who’s still working on developing his powers and Louis is a werecat who falls into his life and turns it upside down.

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Magic and Rules

It may be extremely easy to just put magic into a story you’re creating, or explain away things with the excuse of “magic.”  But if that is how magic is handled in your world, readers are going to find major plot holes in your story.  Magic needs rules and guidelines, even in stories where it’s not in the foreground.  Without rules, magic could be the solution to all, or you end overpowering a character because he has no restrictions on how he can use his magic.

But where do you start when setting ground rules for how and when magic can be used?  My goal in this post is to give you some ideas while you map out your world of magic.

Who can learn magic? Is magic a thing that all people can learn, or certain people who have a knack for it?  Is magic something that can be learned at all?  Perhaps it’s only readily available for those who are born with it, such as the wizards in Harry Potter.  Or magic is contained in things, such as charms, amulets, or unicorn horns.  People may have to learn how to access the magic contained in these items, but they are solely reliant on items in order to use magic.  Perhaps magic can only be learned by certain races.

How is magic learned?  In Harry Potter, wizards go to school for seven years to learn how to use magic.  Other books wizards have apprentices they train.    Can magic be self-taught?  How does a person access magic?  Through emotion, thoughts, something else?  Perhaps learning magic requires a large sacrifice.

Does the magic need to be channeled?  Once again, using the example of Harry Potter, wizards need wands in order to use magic.  Other common themes involve wizards using staffs in order to use magic.  But there are stories where wizards don’t need an item to channel the magic, such as the wizards in the anime/manga series Fairy Tail.  Perhaps magic does need an item to be channeled through, but it doesn’t have to be the traditional wand or staff.

How often can a person use magic? Does magic use up a person’s energy, and therefore a person’s magic is limited to how much energy they have?  Perhaps they have a different “energy”, such as mana, that restricts how much magic they can use?  Maybe you want to go the Once Upon a Time route and magic isn’t used in excess because it comes with a price.  Perhaps how magic is used is why people don’t use it so often.  Maybe magic is used very often.

Does magic need incantations?  Harry Potter uses incantations, whether is it is verbal or non-verbal.  There does not seem to be an incantations in the magic that the Witch uses in the Chronicles of Narnia.  Incantations are used quite often in the Septimus Heap series.  And there no incantations in Lord of the Rings.  Or maybe incantations are reserved for the more powerful, older spells.  Perhaps incantations make a spell more stable. 

Can magic be invoked by using items?  Potions is one of the common ways this is used.  But sometimes certain spells can only be invoked by using ingredients, like in the show Charmed or the movie Practical Magic.  Perhaps it’s only used occasionally, such as some spells performed in the show Sabrina the Teenage Witch.  Maybe items are used in only certain branches, such as Divination in Harry Potter.

What cannot be done by magic?  With the Genie’s magic in Disney’s Aladdin, he could not make someone come back from the dead, fall in love, or grant more wishes.  Food cannot be created out of thin air according to the rules of magic in Harry Potter.  Actual love in Harry Potter can’t be created, but enchantments that cause the victim to have an obsessive type of love does exist.  Perhaps the dead can be raised, as evidenced by stories with necromancy, but it can’t actually bring back the person completely.  Something’s missing.  Perhaps only skeletons can be brought back, or the person comes back in a zombie like state.  Perhaps you would go so far as to say that magic cannot create permanent things out of nothing.

Does magic have categories/a way it is organized? Potions, Divination, Transifiguration, Charms, etc.  Or light, dark, chaos, order,  water, fire, etc.  Or human magic, dragon magic, unicorn magic, elf magic, etc.  And it doesn’t have to have only one way of organization.  It can have several levels, just like when science organizes living organisms. 

So these are few things to consider when creating magic.  The nature of your magic may not necessarily fit into all of these questions, and that’s fine.  But don’t be afraid to have long explanations for your magic.  You probably won’t fit it all in your story - in fact, you’ll want to be careful how you incorporate magic rules as you don’t want to infodump on your readers - but having the rules there will help you create your story and give you some answers to the why questions that might come up, such as, “why don’t they just magic themselves out?”

😍✌️👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 👩‍👩‍👦👨‍👨‍👧‍👦👴🏻 👵🏻👦🏿 👧🏿🕊🌿🏆🎂💐

A supercharged emoji spell for World Peace, safety of all citizens, and to empower the good judgement of politicians around the world.

Made upon request.

Loves charge,

reblogs cast.

It’s worth a shot!

A Cleansing Incantation

I made this up when I was mixing an all natural all-purpose cleaner and wanted to give it  a magical boost. I also like to use it as I’m doing dishes or other chores that involve a lot of scrubbing. I think it’s great for cleaning a space spiritually as well as physically.

Cast out all impurities,
And banish negativity,
Bacteria shall flee from thee,
Grease and grime shall cease to be
By Earth, Air, Fire, and Sea
As I will, so it shall be

Medea (the one with the good advice), is taught the ways of magic by another powerful and legendary witch of the Greek myth, her aunt Circe. The name “Circe” is evident of the magical circle, the one that protects the initiators of magical incantations and spells. Euripides is the one who insists that Medea kills her children, other ancient sources do not share the view of the tragic poet. Indeed, a deeper analysis of the myth may reveal that “the murder of Medea’s children” may not be actual murder but a metaphor echoing a magical ritual intended to bestow immortality on Medea’s sons. Medea herself seems like a goddess that Zeus wants to marry. It is also said that the habitants of Corinth, where Medea had found shelter, feared Medea’s influence and killed her children. The Corinthians blamed Medea for the unspeakable murder because they wanted her to leave their city. In any case, Medea will find her mate in the face of another fabulous hero, Achilles when they meet each other in the Isles of the Blessed (μακάρων νῆσοι).

Medea and the Dragon by Maxwell Ashby Armfield, 1914.


Character death can often prove to become a minor inconvenience in some campaigns once the adventuring party reaches a certain level, with spells being available to return fallen comrades from the afterlife with temporary setbacks, robbing a small element of danger, and threat to future conflicts and challenges within the story. If you wish to elevate the gravity of character death, you can introduce this optional rule.

If a character is dead, and a resurrection is attempted by a spell or spell effect with longer than a 1 action casting time, a Resurrection Challenge is initiated. Up to 3 members of the adventuring party can offer to contribute to the ritual via a Contribution Skill Check. The DM asks them each to make a skill check based on their form of contribution, with the DC of the check adjusting to how helpful/impactful the DM feels the contribution would be.

For example, praying to the god of the devout, fallen character may require an Intelligence (Religion) check at an easy to medium difficulty, where loudly demanding the soul of the fallen to return from the aether may require a Charisma (Intimidation) check at a very hard or nearly impossible difficulty. Advantage and disadvantage can apply here based on how perfect, or off base, the contribution offered is.

After all contributions are completed, the DM then rolls a single, final Resurrection success check with no modifier. The base DC for the final resurrection check is 10, increasing by 1 for each previous successful resurrection the character has undergone (signifying the slow erosion of the soul’s connection to this world). For each successful contribution skill check, this DC is decreased by 3, whereas each failed contribution skill check increases the DC by 1.

Upon a successful resurrection check, the player’s soul (should it be willing) will be returned to the body, and the ritual succeeded. On a failed check, the soul does not return and the character is lost.

Only the strongest of magical incantations can bypass this resurrection challenge, in the form of the True Resurrection or Wish spells. These spells can also restore a character to life who was lost due to a failed resurrection ritual.

If a spell with a casting time of 1 action is used to attempt to restore life (via the Revivify spell or similar effects), no contribution skill checks are allowed. The character casting the spell makes a Rapid Resurrection check, rolling a d20 and adding their spellcasting ability modifier. The DC is 10, increasing by 1 for each previous successful resurrection the character has undergone. On a failure, the character’s soul is not lost, but the resurrection fails and increases any future Resurrection checks’ DC by 1. No further attempts can be made to restore this character to life until a resurrection spell with a casting time higher than 1 action is attempted.

—  Matthew Mercer, in his homebrewed Resurrection rules
A Garlic Spell to Reduce a Chronic Condition that Frequently Flares Up

You will need:

  • A clove of garlic or garlic powder.
  • A dish of salt.
  • An area of earth.


Saturday late

The spell:

  • Crush the garlic clove into the salt or sprinkle the powder, saying: “Cleansed from me, buried be, that new growth I shall see [or name person]. May new health blossom, flourish the old obliterated, decimated, expurgated, deep in Mother earth so new growth will give birth to healthy me.
  • Bury the mix in a deep hole in the earth, repeating: “May new health blossom. Flourish, the old obliterated decimated, expurgated, deep in Mother Earth so new growth will give birth to healthy me.

“1001 Spells: The Complete Book Of Spells For Every Purpose,” by Cassandra Eason


Today I want to look at traditional depictions of witches in both the west and in Japan, how the magical girl genre developed out of the blending of the two, Sailor Moon being a witch, not in a crappy Madoka Magica “corruption of innocence way”, just like, she’s a witch and, by extension, how this makes Vegeta a wizard?

Closed Captioning coming soon.

Transcript below:

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