magical glowing hair


My last day in NY before the holidays was hectic and amazing to say the very least.
What better way to end it than a beautiful shoot


It’s big girl appreciation day! 2016 has been a year full of stress and revelations. Stress regarding my last year in school, life, jobs, and relationships. I’ve learned that I am not defined by the fact that I’ve never had a boyfriend. I’ve never needed one. I’m yoruba, female, and the eldest of three. I’ve grown up with the fact that I have to focus on my future. And I have. I’m proud that I’m finishing my last year in university. I’ve learned to love my curves because I am not my body. There is more to me than my boobs, ass, or stomach. I am smart, funny, a whole lot of sass, and caring. And if people can’t see past my body their loss 😊
Happy big girl appreciation day to those who struggle to see past their flaws, and who rely on others for validation. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL INSIDE AND OUT. YOU DON’T HAVE TO CHANGE YOURSELF FOR ANYONE. @karayray1

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Les Mis/Fairy Tales Aesthetic: Jehanparnasse + Tangled/Rapunzel

Someone told me
There’s a person out there
With love in their eyes
And flowers in their hair

In which Jehan has magic glowing hair, Tholomyes is a tad too overprotective, Montparnasse just wants a castle, and whoever said the sword is mightier than the pan was lying.

Also I think Moana has the best hair of any Disney princess. Including Merida’s curls, Rapunzel’s magic hair that glows when she sings AND Pocahontas’ seemingly air bending hair that always managed to find a breeze to lift it up perfectly.