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Magical Girl Trope: Specialized Magical Weaponry

This is the common theme of Magical Girl protagonists only using/summoning one type or one specific weapon from their magical item. These weapons are a product of their magic and disappear once a battle is completed. The weapon each magical character uses is unique in their universe/group. No other magical person they come across will use a weapon exactly like theirs.

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I just finished Utena of the Revolution and??? How can I go on after that?? How did you survive???

You don’t. 

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Can we talk about Rey, please?

Here we have a well developed female PROTAGONIST who is not treated any differently by anyone in the film because of her gender. This in itself is fantastic, but, of course, we live in the beginning of a revolution in media regarding its attitude towards women. Recently, women (or rather, three-dimensional women) have begun to infiltrate science fiction and fantasy, genres that have previously been considered male dominated (and somewhat still are). We have had Katniss. We have had Hermione. So why is Rey different from characters like these? Essentially, she is not. 

The only difference is that she is part of a franchise that has had a profound influence on American culture. Said franchise has only, in the past, produced two out of six movies (both part of the widely unpopular prequel trilogy) that have passed the Bechdel Test. Said franchise has been marketed solely to boys for years. Now, we have a nineteen year old girl as the protagonist of the new series, a girl strong in the force, who looks to be the next Jedi, if the parallels continue into Episode VIII. Imagine that! What is truly revolutionary though, is how well Episode VII did in theaters.

I’m going to take a slight detour and talk about a conversation I had with my father, the night I came home from seeing Age of Ultron. I was complaining to him about the treatment of Black Widow, which, if you’ve seen the movie, you will probably understand. 

“You know why they don’t make a movie for her, right?” He said.

“Because they’re misogynistic assholes?” I said, characteristically.

“No, because no one would go to see it,” he said, characteristically. 

I began to protest very strongly. He told me that Marvel’s audience was primarily men. I countered with how I go to see all of their movies. He told me that I was an outlier. 

See, the thing that connects the Avengers franchise and the Star Wars franchise (other than their current ownership by Disney) is their influence, their history, and their large, fairly exclusionary, fan-base. For Episode VII to feature a female protagonist, and for it to do well in the box office, opens up the way for other established franchises to create films that involve women as not only main characters, but ones treated the same had they been male. They now know that if they do it right, the film will be successful and popular, and honestly really really good. 

Rey, this tiny orphaned scavenger girl, has become a hero not only for the resistance, but for a female audience all around the globe.

Ahhhh!I finally got to finish this! I got my skintoned prismacolor pencils ad they work great! These are my four heroines from my comic book idea “So you wanna be a magic girl”
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What do you think will happen in season 3 of Lolirock?

Hmmm, I think we’ll probably get more Ephedian lore. More info on the mask, it’s effects, and how Banes is connected to it. And if Mephisto is alive, I expect either development back on Ephedia, with some growth and maturity, or the same on earth with both twins trying to develop without the other directly. I also expect some more growth with Natiris and a little more advancement in their powers and capabilities. We know they aren’t searching for gems anymore, maybe they’ll pull a sailor moon/miraculous/most magical girl shows trope and have to purify victims hearts that are turned into monsters, forcing them to learn new spells.

Either way, the main mission will probably be to save Praxina.

i really love the idea of dean and dragon!cas starting off as enemies, maybe in a HTTYD-type scenario where dragons are supposedly these feral, evil creatures that dean should be bloodthirsty and ready to kill over, but the second he’s confronted with the choice of ending this creatures life, he looks into those huge blue eyes and shit, he can’t

but cas is hurt and trapped so they end up seeing a lot of each other, dean being curious about this supposedly vicious beast that he couldn’t kill, and apparently didn't want to kill him

they start to learn more and more about each other over time. dean learns that cas chews on rocks when he’s nervous and cas learns that dean is first and foremost a nurturer who likes to bring food for cas and help tend to his injuries

now just imagine the look on dean’s face when he comes down to the gorge and cas is no longer this hulking quadruped creature, but a humanoid with wings and scales and claws and oh no he’s hot.

For My Followers and Why You Should All Watch ‘Miraculous LadyBug’ on Nickleodean on December 6th.

So Many Fandoms! Such Little time! Now I’m adding one more #miraculous one to the list!

Biracial (Paternal French/ Maternal Chinese) Main Female Character with traditionally female likes that in no way detracts from her awesomeness? Check.

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Flirty, Dorky Male Character who actually has a personality? Check.

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(Seriously, look at this dork.)

Really awesome support characters of colour who are seen consistently throughout the series? Check.

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Cool CGI? Check.

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Amazing Creator (aka Hawk Daddy) who interacts with his fans (and has the catch phrase ‘No Spoilers ;-)’ )? Check.

Really cool premise based on the Magical Girl Trope mixed with Western culture? Check.

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Love Square with only Two people in it? Unfortunately, Check (serious head desk moments here).

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I think I may be in over my head here but what a way to go!

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Do you have a certain influence in your VIOLENT PINK project? If yes, could you tell me which?

For each of us our influences were a bit different. We all have a rather varied relationship to the Magical Girl genre and ultimately took inspiration from some pretty disparate places.

Eastwood / Eden
The Magical Girl genre is one of my favorite Anime genres. It’s the Anime I grew up watching, Sailor Moon, Cardcaptor Sakura, Magic Knights Rayearth and of course Revolutionary Girl Utena. So when we decided to make a book about magical girls of our own you can imagine how exciting and daunting it was for me. It’s like writing a big love letter to the magical girl genre. I wanted to create a magical girl that was fierce and badass. I wanted her to feel and look like a couture warrior of love and justice. For Eden’s outfit I definitely referenced my favorite designers, Alexander McQueen, and Riccardo Tisci. One of my favorite parts is exploring all the magical girl tropes and giving my own take on it. Overall I combined everything I love; fashion, art, design, and pop culture to create Eden and her world.

Richard / Ada

I viewed this project as an opportunity to play with the idea of what being a magical girl is. For me, I wanted to juxtapose the macabre of voodoo with the cutesy and glam that is associated with the genre classically. Stylistically, I was inspired by Robert Valley’s character designs and Takeshi Koike’s rendering style. Ada represents a trait I really admire: the willingness to do what is right regardless of how burdensome the task. It is her strength of character that is her greatest power.

Perry / Pluto
Personally, I’m interested in the sparkling, tearful aspect of the genre. I love a heroine who can cry tears of scorn, yet remain strong, stoic and beautiful. Aesthetically speaking, my earliest influences are 90s video games such as Battle Arena Toshinden as created for PS1. I took the game’s retro anime aesthetic and combined it with elements of  contemporary graphic design. My aim was to create a style that pays homage to classic magical girl combined with the contemporary, clean, bold lines and shapes that characterize modern graphic design. This look was then infused with the influences of music, a dance between orchestral symphonies and electronic-dream-pop. Say Lou Lou, Future Unlimited, and Pomo were a few of my biggest inspirations from the start that shaped the mood I aimed to capture. Finally, and perhaps most important of all, I wanted to convey a sense of duality in Pluto’s personality as well; a protagonist who’s skilled, capable and focused, yet simultaneously  vulnerable and flawed.


Okay, time for a little rant…..

Ever hear the story about the 3 perfect little girls who saved the world before bed time? You know…..

These perfect little girls? Yeah….. well WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK HAPPENED TO THEM?!?!?! 

*deep breath* Now look, I’m not just jumping into the crowd of 90s kids who just refuse to give the PowerPuff Girls reboot a chance, because believe me I was very skeptical about it when I first heard about it. But taking into the “things change and we have to be willing to accept change” mantra I was more than happy to give the show a chance…… 

Until I saw this clip:

There are just so many things wrong with it that I refuse to go into it because we will be here all day about it. This:

may look like the PowerPuff Girls I grew up with and have learned to love, but believe me they simply are NOT the PowerPuff Girls. 

Hell, if I have to I will tread the murkiest parts of the Internet just to get a glimpse of this version of the PowerPuff Girls:

Because, quite frankly, PowerPuff Girls Z rocked. It was the PowerPuff Girls only mixed with the typical Japanese Magical Girl trope/cliche. It was very well animated and it made me believe that the girls simply moved to Japan.(well okay there’s a lot of things wrong with it, but if you find the show and give it a chance you’ll be investing your time a whole lot better than watching the cartoon Network reboot).

Look, if you still wanna give the show a try go ahead please DO NOT let my opinion stop you. Just know that I strongly am against what Cartoon Network has done to one of, if not, the most beloved show that has ever graced this channel. I am just so fearful for Cartoon Network’s future. 

So, I’m noticing a lot of people seem to compare Star and Marco to Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable

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I mean, I guess you can kind of see it, if you like, squint or something, but these two pairings aren’t really one to one. I mean on one hand, Star’s athletic and headstrong like Kim.

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But she’s also silly and naive, which I would say is more in line with Ron.

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(And their both Blonde, so theres that)

Meanwhile Marco is a bit more level headed, making him more similar to Kim.

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But the his lovable awkwardness (though admittedly, both of these characters are dorks) is something he shares with Ron.

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Honestly, I think a better comparison would actually be Steven and Connie. I mean, Steven and Star are both subversions of the Magical Girl trope with mile long silly streaks, who can still pull of serious moments when the time comes.

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And Marco and Connie are both mostly normal human characters who keep the magical girl character (magical boy?) from being completely alienated from the normal world. Both also have character arcs where they go from never wanting (or needing) to take risks to risking life and limb to join in on the adventure.

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I'd say probably the Protagonist or Love Interest?

if i were a protag i’d probably fit into one of those “clumsy crybaby magical girl” tropes… i’ll become the new mew mew leader!