magical girl ishimaru

priest-of-rage  asked:

Would it be possible to get at least a rough reference of the full body designs for your magical girl ishi and mondo designs? I'm doodling a pic of them but am not fully sure how to finish the lower half of mondo mostly. I think I have ishi figured out.

to be honest I didn’t have the boots designed until you asked 

and now you see why I desperately avoid drawing lower halves

anonymous asked:

we all know that ishimaru like mahou shoujo used swords for fight but i think he should use something more like a gun or maybe a giant super high school robot with missiles and ray lazer ?

I draw Ishimaru’s weapon as a sword because 1.) Kendo fits in with his background and personality, 2.)Ishimaru’s kind of like a sword - I mean, he’s pretty straightforward and to the point. Haaaaaah. But mostly it’s a sword because 3.)I can’t actually draw anything but swords. There probably is a better weapon for him, but arting is hard man.

Justice Robo is pretty far into Yamada territory though, he’s probably working on something with Chihiro.