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Dude I always think of Princess Tutu as a romance heavy show, but then it just hit me, what about aro Ahiru?

Like an Ahiru who thinks she has a crush on Mytho bc she cares about his well-being and that’s what everyone calls her feelings for him so it must be a crush

An Ahiru who is totally happy with Rue and Mytho being together and never feeling jealous of their relationship bc she never wanted to replace either of them and be with someone like that

An Ahiru who eventually realizes she has no romantic feelings for Mytho but continues to support and try to help him

A Drosselmeyer that gets absolutely pissed at this, ‘why aren’t you following the story right?  You’re doing this all wrong!”

An Ahiru who is faced with the future of her friends getting caught up with their romantic relationships and moving on without her and leaving her behind

And then a Fakir that promises to always be there for her, even if she is a duck, and Ahiru is more satisfied with that than any happy ending with a Prince

A first year trans gryffindor girl going to her dormitory for the first time and getting worried that the stairs might turn into a slide because that’s what she heard from others, but then being delighted that she is let up without a problem

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Have any boyfriend/husband headcannons for Turkey?

Alright, hope you enjoy this! -Admin Jay

Sadik is very competitive, so his s/o has to be ready for sudden challenges…that includes: fair games, washing dishes, folding laundry, walking their dog, etc..

He would love to take them on extravagant dates: fancy restaurants, fun tourist spots, etc.

Always carries snacks for break time, whether it is apple juice or coffee. 

Loves to just go hang out places and people watch. 

Always down for a good movie and cuddles. 

May snoop in their business, but means no harm by it. 

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What if Yandereplier's senpai is a magical girl

He’d be very concerned and wish to be able to help, unfortunately he’d be so dedicated he might even get Kyu to grant him a wish so he can protect his senpai and fight alongside them. He’ll praise them for being so brave and look up to them even more and do everything in his power to keep them safe.

On a different note, Magical girl yandere with his magical girl senpai would be a frickin killer duo tho, can you imagine? Yandere would be ridiculously skilled, especially if his senpai’s life was on the line.


some phone doodles of my OC akane b/c I havent drawn her in a long time ;; so this was to practice drawing her hair again

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Sierra comes home with groceries and Roland tries to be a gentleman by helping her carry them inside.  How does he screw it up?

“Oh no, darlin’!  This giant bag of dog food is much too heavy for a sweet little lady like you!  Please, allow me!”

He struggles hilariously for several minutes, not even able to lift the bag up from the car.  Finally, Sierra steps over, easily hoists the dog food over her tiny shoulder and heads for their apartment.  


On the fifth floor.

Roland follows in awe after he picks his jaw up off the ground (it’s light enough for him to carry.)  ;D

Since I know everyone is fuckin’ mad about Hardgore Alice dying, here are some hcs:

- Snow White and Alice sharing cupcakes after a day of saving people. Alice prefers Red Velvets, Koyuki likes any strawberry-flavored one.
- Alice training with Winterprison and Nana. Both treat her like their children.
- SW and Alice play the crane game and the last wins a rabbit plush. She gives it to SW, since she already has one.
- ALICE TELLING SW ABOUT HER PROBLEMS? Koyuki finds about this using her power, so they talk about it. She helps the dark mahou overcome her problems.
- La Pucelle being friends with Alice. SW finds people who are in trouble and the first two help them. Then they share candies.
- Everyone having a party and being alive.

Idk anymore I’m suffering here.

I’m just picturing Bog and Griselda having more bantery, mother-son moments now that he’s happier and found love again, and it makes me so happy. 

Just Griselda chatting away at breakfast and Bog just slyly says something that’s obviously an in-joke between them.

And Griselda gasps all fake outraged and starts to mock-hit him, going all “Marianne, look at this brat, can you believe someone as lovely as me raised such a complete brat, oh where oh where did I go wrong -?!”

And Bog is fending her off easily and is laughing and they both end up just cracking up and Marianne has no clue what is happening but whatever it is, it’s achingly sweet.   

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another! Ron's really good at muggle boardgames/card games. (except for Scrabble, not that he's bad but Hermione is 10x better.) And Hermione still hasn't beaten Ron at chess.

CAN WE JUST TAKE A MOMENT TO APPRECIATE THE WONDER THAT WOULD BE RON WEASLEY PLAYING MONOPOLY and hermione’s all like ‘no ron, you’ve got to have a strategy, you can’t just ‘wing it’ honestly’ but ron just looks at her like ‘oh please’ and an hour later he owns almost all of the property on the board and hermione is muttering under her breath about beginner’s luck and I LIVE FOR THESE TWO IDIOTS

and let’s be real, hermione will most likely never beat ron at chess c; (… well not unless he /let/ her… if he were to purposely lose in order to make a point, say…)

I always liked to think that everything in every anime happens in the same universe. That being said, the events of Sailor Moon would have occurred more than 20 years ago now, so Usagi and the gang would be veteran magical girls. I’d like to think that as she got older, she’d let other magical girls take over from time to time, and that Usagi would be like a mentor, and an older sister to the newer magical girls. She would coach them through the best methods and tactics, and OF COURSE teach them about fighting in such ity-bitty skirts!

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Modern au sieglinde headcanons that no one asked for

• Glasses!!! Siegl wears glasses!!!
• Wolfram is her distant older cousin and he constantly worries about her
• Wolf & Siegl live together in an apartment!!
• She often braids the back of her hair in an updo so it wont bother her
• She reads yaoi
• Sieglinde’s tumblr is a floral aestetics blog with smuts posts scattered
• Sieglinde is in the same class as Ciel and theyre lab partners. Ciel has no idea what he is doing,siegl constantly has to help him out