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my roomie just had me watch this, watch the whole thing xD

Magical girl idea

I’ve had this idea now for two years I’d like to go for it bit ill do a series of draw is first for it

It mainly came off as a magical girl version of my little pony which has been done so I needed to change plan but the concept is still there I’d like too go for it

I don’t want so many girls I just want three girls
Aged around 18 maybe one being 19 or 20 years old
There aren’t that many magical girls anime or shows based around older girls

So far I have an idea to have the girls switch powers and fuse them together when need be, I don’t want there to be a leader there doesn’t need to be a leader really

I have concept ideas for how they would change and what they would be using
The weapons would change depending on what power they have or what they fused with, the girls designs are still in process.

I’d like one girl to be trans but I’d like someone to help me with that so I don’t get my information wrong at all.