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It’s midnight EST and you know what that means, Sterek Week has officially begun!!!

You can start posting as of NOW with Monday’s theme, make sure all of your posts have the appropriate tags, sterekweek2016 and the appropriate day tag (listed below)

Monday October 24th- SterekSceneStealer2
Tuesday October 25th- SterekKids
Wednesday October 26th- SterekFairytale
Thursday October 27th- SterekMagic
Friday October 28th- SterekDivergent
Saturday October 29th- SterekWolf
Sunday October 30th- SterekLyrics2
Monday October 31st- SterekHalloween2

If you’re posting your work on AO3, make sure you use the SAME TAGS so that it can be collective (as some of the tags like magic!Stiles and canon divergence are their own tags on AO3)

Make sure you also use TRIGGER WARNINGS if your peice contains any triggers and that you tag for mature content and put any visual mature content under a READ MORE

We’ll be reblogging all throughout this week by going through the tags but if you have any doubt or want to make sure your peice is included right away feel free to send the blog a message with the link!

If you have any questions please check out the announcement page here or feel free to send us a message!

With that all being said, let’s kick things off with a bang and start our week (and one day!) long celebration of one of the greatest pairings in history: Sterek <3