magical forcefield

Promo (But not really a promo) analysis

So i got to properly see the newest commercial for monday nights on Disney XD:

It showed a few clips for the new eps and lets take a look shall we?

disney, thanks for your enlarged letters -_-

so yeah, “Is Mystery” is an episode centered around buffrog investigating the magic hole in the forcefield .

*Mission Impossible music plays*

Shouldn’t have downloaded that firewall program

I wonder how star ended up like this tho XD

So tom is showing up via laptop , why he chose not to take his carriage or ring the doorbell, idk.

I guess he literally wanted to make his visit, a surprise.

Omg, who be this mysterious warthog monster?

((Buff frog has a new partner in crime))

And there he goes….

((Ludo isn’t shown in this ad tho….))

Wait, does this mean buff frog was taken down by ludo and captured? (( maybe this episode might be about him trying to escape?))

Rats hiding in mushrooms, maybe to take down ludo? Or buff frog?

So since this has to be from friendenemies , tom must be  showing marco something.

But based on the background, we’re still in marco’s neighborhood.

Is tom moving in here? Does he have some sorta demon club here?

Well considering marco isn’t dead and seems impressed, i’m gonna assume that tom is really trying to actually hang out with him.

I’m actually very excited for these episodes, they’re being very vague about Friendenemies tho, so i wonder what’s in store for that episode especially.