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Herby continues her saga of being Not A Bright Reptile! This time, by bonking her poor little nose when she struck at the door before I could get it all the way open as I was bringing her food. Silly bebe. She did get the prey without getting substrate this time, though! Got it on her first try, if you don't count the try that was prevented by the Magical Forcefield.

What a good girl! Hahahaha

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No one is saying casual players don't deserve a safe place to play.Competitive players just don't want to lose theirs.Casual players have literally the biggest safe place to play of all. Which is every table top that can fit two players,this is including LGS.Competitive players only have pay to play organized events that offer some kind of prize reward system. So they can make some kind of profit back on their investment. Casual players don't need a pay to play event, it's not casual after that

No, you’re right. The magical forcefield that protects all kitchen tables from magic decks that cost more than $60. How could i have forgotten? 

You literally were saying that “they don’t want FNM to turn into safe space magic night”. 

But here’s the thing. You won’t lose yours. You just now have less incentive to fork over hundreds of dollars to win a promo. Nothing is happening to FNM. Just 3 people a week will lose the chance to get a promo card. Big woop, and it may bring in more people. You may end up with a more varied and flourishing play environment. 

The Nesting Grounds

The Nesting Grounds in Amenthes is set up southwest of the citadel. Walls are built up around it for protection, and while there is no roof, there is a generated, magical forcefield used to protect it from the weather and from any potential threats. The ‘building’ is broken up into sections–different chambers, if you will–and in each of these sections, there are various dorms for pairs whom wish to use a nest to have their privacy. There are eleven chambers total, one for each represented deity, and hatchlings born in specific chambers will have the corresponding eyes. This keeps civillians from being required to leave the shelter of the Empire to a foreign clan in order to have hatchlings that bear different eyes than what the Shifting Expanse naturally provides. 

Anti-Gun Liberal: Okay but like why do you think guns are gonna protect you? They’re not magic forcefields that keep you from getting hurt!

Same Liberal When He’s Being Anti-Cop: Okay but like so what if the guy had a knife the cop had a gun how was a guy with a knife possibly a threat to him they didn’t have to shoot him!

12 Days of Jily- Day 7

“James can you put this one up there? I can’t reach.” Lily said, pointing up at a high spot on their huge Christmas tree, holding a small red ornament.

Her husband chuckled and nodded. “Of course love.” He said, taking it and putting it where she wanted. It was the day after her whole baking incident, and they were spending their afternoon finally getting around to decorating the tree. James was trying his best to keep her happy, but could still see some sadness in her eyes when she saw something sentimental.

“Alright, so we need to fill that area with some green. It’s too red.” She observed, looking at one portion of the tree. She moved a plain red ornament and replaced it with a green one, stepping back and admiring her work.

James smiled brightly. The tree was just about done and he had a plan to brighten her mood. He watched as she put one up that said ‘Baby’s First Christmas’, then transfigured two plain silver ones to an everlasting charm. They turned into a doe and a stag. “Where did these come from?” He asked innocently, holding them up and smiling.

She came over and inspected them, her face lighting up with a huge smile. “Did you make these” She asked quietly, looking up at him.

He nodded and smiled sheepishly. “Yeah… I figured we needed something that was more… Us.” He told her, kissing her cheek.

She beamed and took them, bringing them to a spot where she could reach, right at the front. She put them up so they were facing each other and stepped back. “I love them.” She breathed.

James went over and wrapped his arms around her from behind. “Merry Christmas Lily.” He whispered, kissing the side of her head. He pulled his wand out from his back pocket and cast another charm, one that him and Sirius had discovered back in fifth year. It was a mistletoe that, when two people were under it, they couldn’t leave until they kissed, and not just a peck either.

Lily grinned and turned to him. “Merry Christmas James.” She said happily. She tried to take a step away to get the angel to put on top, but was stopped by some sort of magical forcefield. “What the…” She started, then looked up and blushed. “Jamesss…” She whined, smiling sheepishly.

He shrugged and smirked at her. “Wasn’t me.” He lied, pulling her close again, looking at her eyes and smiling.

She sighed but couldn’t help but smile at her annoying, but charming, husband. “You’re ridiculous.” She whispered, wrapping her arms around his neck and moving closer to him.

“But you love it.” He commented, his arms tightening around her waist.

“I suppose I do.” Lily said, going on her toes and kissing him, gently at first.

James grinned and kissed her back, a bit eagerly, like he was back in sixth year and pining for her all over again.

She giggled softly into the kiss, deepening it a bit, like when she was in seventh year and realized she was completely, and utterly, in love with the bloke.

They stayed like that for a few minutes, just wrapped up in each others warmth, before James felt the magic of the mistletoe fizz away. “We can stop now, if you’d like.” He said softly, his lips brushing on hers.

Lily grinned and looked him in the eyes. “What if I don’t want to?” She asked, and kissed him hard again, the only source of light being the lit-up Christmas tree.

Rock Beats Magic

My party and I had decided to play a campaign in which we each got a base race character and a monster race character. There were only 3 players, so wef elt comfortable with everyone doubling up. My monster character was a centaur, and my friend’s was a satyr. Being the only two characters who wouldn’t be starting in town, they missed the beginning of the story while they were traveling out of the woods and bonding over their mysterious summons and confusion about cityfolk.

As such, when they arrived, the rest oft he party was in the process of trying to escape a tower. The party had actually reached the door, but found that the entire structure was surrounded by a magical forcefield that prevented their exit. So, they were busy holding off guards and trying to break the spell when the fey duo walked into the courtyard, saw a blue shimmer over the tower, and stopped.

Now, the centaur was a barbarian and the satyr was a rogue. So, once they correctly identified the shimmer as ‘some sort of magic,’ they realized that neither of them knew how to handle magic. So the centaur picked up a decent-sized rock and threw it at the door to test it. When that failed, the two stood there for a moment, before the satyr said, “Maybe a bigger rock will do it?”

Inside the tower, the party was barely getting by, but finally figured out how to lower the forcefield. The moment they did so, a boulder shattered the door and most of the wall around it, bowling over a handful of guards and narrowly missing the party. They emerged from the rubble to find a centaur and satyr celebrating. By means of introduction, the centaur looked at the party and announced, “I’m so strong, I can break MAGIC.” The satyr was nodding, claiming that he saw it. They never accepted any other version of the story, and the centaur’s strength became so important to them that his primary ranged weapon became “thrown turn-delayed satyr”.

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Imagine Bucky being scared by thunder because the loud noices reminds him of gunshots and explosions. When Thor realises this he starts to use the front door rather than just zapping his way through the windows like he had before.

Tony notices first, mostly because he stops having to have his windows repaired every other week. He always tries to leave a window or balcony door open for Thor, but he doesn’t always notice when he’s in a hurry. Apparently broken glass isn’t an issue back home because the windows on Asgard are either left open or insulated with that shimmery magic forcefield stuff that Tony’s been pulling his hair out trying to understand. 

The next time there’s a battle, Tony sees Thor pull Bucky aside before he summons Mjolnir. Thor’s ‘whisper’ isn’t quiet, and when he expresses his sorrow that he must use his thunder when it will disquiet such a valued brother-in-arms, Bucky turns faintly pink, but he thanks Thor for warning him. Tony feels a surge of affection for Thor, that despite his utter lack of subtlety, he really is quite perceptive and so unfailingly kind. 

When the team goes out for their traditional after-mission meal, Tony buys Thor an extra large milkshake. Just because. 

Promo (But not really a promo) analysis

So i got to properly see the newest commercial for monday nights on Disney XD:

It showed a few clips for the new eps and lets take a look shall we?

disney, thanks for your enlarged letters -_-

so yeah, “Is Mystery” is an episode centered around buffrog investigating the magic hole in the forcefield .

*Mission Impossible music plays*

Shouldn’t have downloaded that firewall program

I wonder how star ended up like this tho XD

So tom is showing up via laptop , why he chose not to take his carriage or ring the doorbell, idk.

I guess he literally wanted to make his visit, a surprise.

Omg, who be this mysterious warthog monster?

((Buff frog has a new partner in crime))

And there he goes….

((Ludo isn’t shown in this ad tho….))

Wait, does this mean buff frog was taken down by ludo and captured? (( maybe this episode might be about him trying to escape?))

Rats hiding in mushrooms, maybe to take down ludo? Or buff frog?

So since this has to be from friendenemies , tom must be  showing marco something.

But based on the background, we’re still in marco’s neighborhood.

Is tom moving in here? Does he have some sorta demon club here?

Well considering marco isn’t dead and seems impressed, i’m gonna assume that tom is really trying to actually hang out with him.

I’m actually very excited for these episodes, they’re being very vague about Friendenemies tho, so i wonder what’s in store for that episode especially.