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Jurassic World is close to us, so I wanted to take a moment to remember someone that won’t be here to see it happens.

Meet Stan Winston.

If the name doesn’t ring a bell, he’s the guy that worked on every non-CGI dinosaur from Jurassic Park/The Lost World/Jurassic Park III. And many don’t even realize how many there were!

Oh, but that is not all.

He is also the guy that created and gave ”life” to some other movie stars…

The characters of The Wiz? Stan Winston.

The Dog-Thing from The Thing? Stan Winston.

The Terminators of the original Terminator trilogy? PLUS Terminator Salvation? Stan Winston.

The Alien-Queen of Aliens? Stan Winston.

All the monsters of The Monster Squad? Stan Winston.

The Predator from Predator I and II? Stan Winston.

Pumpkinhead? Stan Winston.

The iconic hands of Edward Scissorhands? Stan Winston.

The Penguin looks form Batman Returns? Stan Winston.





“I don’t do special effects. I do characters. I do creatures.”

Happy birthday, Stan Winston (April 7, 1946 – June 15, 2008)

You didn’t make special effects, you sir made the World special.

Not sure if I ever mentioned it before on stream or otherwise, but I absolutely adore the “Magic” animatic by @yuramec. No idea why the sudden onset of inspiration for fanart of this particular animatic came up, but the blog is once again living up to its tag line.

Psi Ball Exercise

This is a very simple exercise to practice visualization and energy manipulation.

Begin by sitting up in a relaxed, comfortable position. Close your eyes, and visualize a pool of energy deep in the center of your chest. A center of heat and light gathered in the center of your being. Try to see it and feel it as powerfully as you can. 

Now, visualize this light flowing up and out through your arms into your hands. Gather it in the palms of your hands until they feel warm and tingling. Raise them up in front your chest, a few inches apart. Push the energy out into the space between your hands, gathering it into a ball of psychic energy.

This energy may be shaped and used for any number of purposes, but for right now let it be absorbed back into your hands and returned to your body.

The term psi ball, for psionic energy, comes from the psionic school of thought, which employs pure force of will and the energy of the body to effect change.

Properties of 14 common crystals

Many practitioners of magic (including myself) enjoy using the energies of crystals in their practice. The energies of crystals can strengthen the effects of magical working. Crystals can be used in spellwork, meditation, ritual, divination, etc. Or you can carry them around with you throughout your day to achieve a certain result, or just to help you get through life more smoothly. I hope this list helps you find a crystal to suit your individual needs.

Quartz - A multi-purpose crystal, can be programmed for nearly anything. Enhances and strengthens the energies of any magical working. Offers protection from negativity. Can act as a substitute for any other crystal in spell work.

Amethyst - Excellent for all types of healing, both physical and emotional. Has very soothing and calming energies and is great for meditation. Protects against negativity, especially spiritual and psychic attack.

Rose Quartz - A stone of love and relationships. Wonderful for promoting self-love and for allowing one to open up to receiving love from others. Has calming and reassuring energies and is great for emotional healing. Promotes sleep and good dreams.

Citrine - Does not accumulate negative energy. A great stone for manifestation and abundance. Attracts wealth, prosperity, and success. Promotes love and happiness and soothes problems in relationships.

Tiger’s Eye - An excellent stone for protection, especially against curses and ill-wishing. Good for boosting confidence and self-worth. Helps with accomplishing goals. Enhances good luck and brings prosperity.

Agate - Promotes inner stability, self-esteem, and composure. Improves concentration and mental clarity. A protective stone, especially during travel. Enhances feelings of security and safety.

Selenite - A good stone for promoting spiritual growth. Increases awareness and intuition. Good for meditation, dispelling negativity, and promoting harmony. Increases feelings of love and inner peace.

Obsidian - Helps protect against depression, negativity, and psychic attacks. A very grounding and protective stone, especially for sensitives. Good for breaking attachments and releasing. Also good for manifestation and abundance.

Fluorite - A highly protective and stabilizing stone. Strengthens the intuition, increases insight, and heightens mental abilities. Absorbs negative energies.  Protects against psychic manipulation and organizes chaotic situations. Creates calm feelings and mental clarity in chaotic situations.

Labradorite - Promotes innate magical abilities to come to the surface. Tempers negative personality aspects and brings out the best in a person. Calms an overactive mind and awakens new ideas and energies.

Bloodstone - Protects against threats and bullying, and brings strength for coping with new situations. Increases creativity and heightens the intuition. Encourages blessings and prosperity. Boosts the immune system and balances hormones.

Onyx - Absorbs negative energy and removes negativity from a person’s life. Prevents the draining of personal energy and aids in the release of negative emotions. Promotes good fortune, relaxation, and strength. Increases courage to face challenges in life.

Hematite - A good stone for grounding, stabilizing, and protecting oneself. Promotes mental organization, memory, and calming energies. Decreases emotional negativity and feelings of anxiety. Enhances willpower, confidence, and strength.

Moonstone - A protective stone, especially during travel by night. Aids in the acceptance of love and opens the heart to nurturing qualities. Increases fidelity, fertility, self-expression, and self-confidence. Soothes and calms the emotions and enhances the intuition and happiness.

Note: Crystals are not a substitute or alternative for medical attention.


I want the Bad guy defeated, a magic sword, and the girl - As quoted by Ryder in Mass Effect Andromeda.

Not 100% sure I got the saying right since I was having so much fun going through the game, but it inspired me while I was in a tough week.

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