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When magic came out of the shadows, there had been many worries about the future but magicals and non-magicals came together. Now, with the wonder of magic and the ingenuity of technology, the world is safe - never before had the world been in such a state of absolute peace.

That’s what they tell us and it’s even true.

At least it is for humans.

anyone have book suggestions? i like magical realism, non-cliche dystopia, interesting world-building, really fleshed out characters, and hopeful messages


In some corners of the Wizarding World we have a just system in place, a logical little scheme of deterrence and basic economics. Acts too heinous for words (Darkest magic, unlicensed curse invention, simply escaping from prison) earn one the Kiss; everyone knows that. And the assumption is that this is why everyone is not flinging Unforgivables at each other, not running about devising ways to curdle the innards; this is how wizards and witches know to stay in their cool little prisons, their fixed places, under the watchful eye of their Ministries and Cabinets and Regulatory Agencies. For the threat of the Kiss is a blissful ethical straitjacket, pinning one to morality and to righteousness.

And for those that do not heed our warning? Those that earn themselves the Dementors’ Kiss? Fear not. Do not listen to those radical malcontents who rail against the Kiss, those provocateurs and revisionists seeking only to erode our time-honored methods of punishment. 

For you see, we are still kind to the ones we have Kissed. We do not dispose of the blank-eyed body as though it were so much rubbish, we do not ship the empty carcass back to its grieving family, and we do not allow victims to carve out retribution on the soulless skin. 

In some corners of the Wizarding World, we do nothing of the sort. We transform these pathetic degenerates into something they never were while they had a soul. We make them useful. Valuable. Decent contributors to society. For how else do you think we have tested the Boil-Cure potion, the Antidote to Uncommon Poisons, the Wolfsbane?

It is a grand system we have in place.

AO3 is the best

A little while ago I sent the AO3 a suggestion, and wowwwww it paid off.

Really I mostly just use tumblr to follow tags, and that is how I found filter-me-ao3 which is awesome and led me to a few AO3 newsposts that explained how to filter things out. Link to the roundup here.

The ID numbers are amazing, but they don’t cover everything so I wrote in and asked if they could eventually maybe post some of the ID numbers for some of the additional tags, too, so filtering those out would be easier.

I got a note back saying that they’d pass on the suggestion to the people who actually do the posts…

And then they attached a HUGE LIST OF ID NUMBERS. Or really TWO lists. One of just popular tags and then one of a bunch of popular AUs. SO MANY TAGS.

So I decided to share.

Here, tumblr. Have like 200 tag ID numbers to filter out on the AO3 if you want! (Or maybe a little under because I took some of the AU tags off of the first list because they were in the second too.)


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wingsoferebus  asked:

This might be kind of specific, but I would greatly love and appreciate any domestic/family/fluffy shippy/dealing with normal life stuff prompts for characters within dark fantasy/magical apocalypse/gritty urban fantasy wizards type of settings, if you had any?

Sure! These sound interesting! :D

  • i know it’s an apocalypse but i found this child you really expect me to leave them on their own??
  • the government is hunting down wizards and you’re afraid i’ll turn you in if i find out but little do you know that i’m magical too
  • the government is hunting down wizards and you’re afraid i’ll turn you in so you’re keeping it a secret from me
  • i found you injured and nearly dead so i nursed you back to health
  • we’re just trying to live our life normally but it makes it hard when people are trying to hunt you down for what you are
  • we’re both normal but our kid isn’t oh shit now we have to figure out how to make them seem normal so they aren’t taken away

annnd that’s about all i got for being that specific, sorry! :) (wow this was fun i like these)




‘Your mind is just another piece of circuitry in a binary world. Careful, I could turn out the lights.’

A mix for new age mages; crashing servers for quick cash, hacking mainframes with their minds, overloading grids to ride the euphoria of the information highway with the blue electric angels.

It’s been about fourteen hours and I’m still really emotionally messed up about the end of the Bartimaeus Trilogy.

Skid Row Poultices AU

Character A, a magical person, lives in the slums of a city where they struggle to survive. Although they have the ability to be a great witch/wizard, a series of unlucky events have forced them to live on the streets and sell poultices and home remedies when they can access the ingredients (and not always legally).
Character B is also homeless and… 

A) …is shocked but enthralled when they see Character A whispering into their hand. Slowly, their fingers uncurled to reveal a small pouch glowing with energy, followed by bowing their head in exhaustion. Their customer snatches the pouch from their hand and leaves Character A passed out against a building with nothing more than a few scattered coins.
Character B, who had only ever heard of magic in legends and fairy tales, slowly approaches the unconscious sorcerer.

B) …cannot take their eyes off of Character A as they smile widely and spin in the rain. If they hadn’t known better, they’d say that Character A was almost enchanting the rain to dance along side them, but magic didn’t exist anymore…right?

Sleepwalker Chronobiology (2017) es una pieza en metal inspirada en una representación virtual y tridimensional que traduce el registro cromático de los ritmos biológicos de un ciclo. Estos ritmos internos dentro de un reloj biológico actúan en diálogo con un afuera: los cambios de luz, los ciclos lunares, las mareas, etc. Esta forma relacional en la que piensa el cuerpo y que desconoce la voluntad del intelecto nos hace pensar en un tiempo que avanza marcado por la ignorancia que obedece a los movimientos del sonámbulo.

Fragmento del texto curatorial escrito por Johanna Caplliure para el catálogo de la exposición Distopía general.

The Book

Now that the first draft for Book 2 is done, I figured it’s time to address some common questions I’ve been getting about The Book

When’s Book 2 coming out?: Sometime this year! I can’t be more specific at the moment. 

Is James really dead???: :’) you tell me

How long did it take you to write Book 1?: Uhhh… Well, the entire series started off as a short story series, meant to be cut into 3 parts. I realized that just wasn’t going to happen, so the duology (trilogy?) was born. It was a very different animal when I first began and has gone through many edits and overhauls. The final version took about a year or two to perfect and complete.

(Indignant voice) Why would Kira just leave her girlfriend like that??: A lot of people seem to think that the way my characters act is a reflection of me/my personality/my opinions/views. They aren’t! My characters are all different people with their own motivations and morals. Kira’s relationship with Gia is layered and simple all at once. She loves Gia and is very attached to her, but Gia wasn’t the one that got caught up in the ~revolution.~ To Kira, it would have been unfair to involve her, not to mention dangerous. There’s nothing Kira values more than friendship, and she’d do anything to protect the people she loves. Leaving Gia in Greenwilde for so long was her way of protecting her. 

Why are all of your characters gay? Where are the straight people?: This question has a multi-layered answer. 

1. Growing up queer, I can’t tell you how difficult it was/is for me to find quality entertainment with LGBTQ representation. I hope I don’t have to explain why representation is so important, or why its important that said representation be as varied as possible. I’m sorry, but I get bored of watching heterosexuals dominate everything and most of the books I read with gay characters are boring and/or cliche. It’s time that we had something better. Something different. 

2. If you want to read a book with heterosexual characters, all you have to do is go to the bookstore and pick up a random book. If you think it’s odd that there’s so many gay people in one area in my book, then you should question why that is. Do you think its strange when a television show is dominated by MOSTLY straight characters? No? Because people tend to believe that heterosexuality is the default. It isn’t, and it shouldn’t be.

3. In addition to that answer ^, gay people tend to hang out w/ other gay people. Not to say that I don’t have straight friends, but the majority of my friends are LGBTQ. Its not uncommon for a marginalized community to stick together.

Why aren’t I in the book / Where am I?: I think its lazy to self-insert or base characters off of your friends. There is not a single character in TWW that is based off of me. There are maybe four characters I vaguely based off of people I know, and none of them are main characters. In fact, the only one you see somewhat regularly is Monroe. To make things simpler, I’ll use him as an example. Monroe’s appearance, kindness, and loyalty are based off of a friend of mine but everything else about his character is an invention of my own. I work very hard on my plot, sub-plots, and characters! They’re all my children and I made them up. So if you see yourself in the book, it’s because I love you and I wanted to honor that love with a cameo in some way.

Clockworks and triads

thesenseinnonsense said: Hey, Cassie! I just have a quick question about tid. Why did you never decide to make will, jem, and Tessa a triad relationship? I feel like they all loved each other equally a lot, so maybe it would’ve made sense? I still love your books though :)

The way the plot of Clockwork is constructed does not make it possible for it to have turned out to be a polyamorous triad — Jem never finds out Will likes Tessa too until Tessa is gone and Jem himself is literally on his deathbed, midway through book three. Will never finds out Tessa likes Will until Jem is Silent-Brothered and presumed dead, almost at the end of book three. Only Tessa and Jem know they like each other, and only Tessa knows she likes Will too–which information she considers pretty likely to be upsetting to Jem, and which she doesn’t even share with Will. Tessa doesn’t know Will likes her until the end of the second book. There is no time for anyone to come up with or arrange or suggest a polyamorous triad, and as a Silent Brother, Jem wouldn’t be able to take part in one anyway.

Certainly, I arranged the plot and could have arranged it another way, but I would have had to decide before I ever began writing the books that “polyamorous triad” was where I was going and that the message of the books was going to be a different one than the one I was going for. Jem is always dying, so there is always a ticking clock over his relationships (and if he wasn’t dying, he’d be a very different person living in China). Will believes he is under a curse and cannot be loved for the majority of the trilogy (and if he didn’t, he’d be a very different person and a farmer in Wales). Tessa is, throughout the trilogy, an immortal warlock (and if she wasn’t, she’d be in the poorhouse in New York). None of them would ever have met. Their natures and their circumstances have to be considered: they help make up the story I wanted to tell.

I set out to tell the story of the Infernal Devices because I wanted to write about the intersection of the idea of eternal love and the happily ever after and the reality of human death. The books are about Tessa, primarily: she is their beating heart, and I wanted to tell a story of a love triangle that for me, would be unique because it is not from the point of view of a mortal who falls in love with an immortal, but from the point of view of the immortal who has to face the reality of loving those who will die. The fulcrum rests on the bittersweet yet alluring fantasy premise of living forever. I’ve read and encountered many stories about an immortal in love with a mortal — from Apollo and Hyacinth to Buffy and Angel to Bella and Edward and rarely if ever have I seen it play out simply with one of them aging and dying and the other one not. There are books where a love triangle decides to go in the triad direction. There are not any other books I am aware of which have the immortal heroine fall in love with two men, both mortal, both destined to be lost to her–and gain one as a companion in one age, and then past all hope the other as a companion in another. That was what fascinated me: the idea of love unto and after death, the unique solution. Not an idea of perfect happiness, or the solving of the love triangle puzzle via polyamory, even though I think that’s a valid solve for another story, and indeed, one I have seen before and enjoyed. (Though ending a love triangle in polyamory does not make it not a love triangle. It just makes it a love triangle that ends with polyamory. :)

Nor is there anything wrong with love triangles. I’ve seen a lot of grumping about them lately, and I have zero patience for the idea that love triangles, or any classic narrative tool, are a problem if done well. They have been a piece of narrative structure for as long as the written word; suggesting people stop writing love triangles, or situations in which a love story is complicated or triangulated by someone outside the dyad of the relationship, is as absurd as suggesting that the people should stop writing mysteries where a murder is committed and someone investigates it and then finds out who did it. A popular book about something does not mean no one can ever write about that something again, especially if they think they have something to add to the conversation (all books are in conversation, as Sarah Rees Brennan pointed out yesterday in a lovely post) whether that thing be magic school, dystopia, or love triangles.

The poly answer is a very happy answer; it leaves space for a “happily ever after” in a way that the actual ending of Clockwork doesn’t. But it also doesn’t exactly address the issues of time, mortality, loss, and the resilience of love that were the reason I wrote the series in the first place — it addresses other, important issues, but different ones.

 Jem and Will did not have time, the time of their lifespans, to be with each other as parabatai, which is what they would have wanted. Tessa had to be parted from one of them and then the other: Jem is mortal now: someday she will have lost both of them, and still face the future. That’s the bittersweetness of immortality: that’s the story I was telling. 

I Can Be Brave

So a while ago Nina and I set to talking about this post, and started crafting an elaborately detailed AU based off it. 

And when I opened prompts? She challenged me to actually write a part of it. So I did. 

Background information for those of you at home: no magic AU, Dystopia AU, seriously fucked up social structure based off castes. There are three official casts–gold, silver, and bronze, plus the casteless, who basically have no rights or protections. 

Hopefully that’s enough! 

Hermione Granger was eleven years old the first time she met Ron Weasley.

She was going to a tiny little inner-city school at the time; a cramped place with not enough desks and even fewer text books. Ron Weasley was tall for his age and had hair that looked like it only had been tended to by a wet comb as he ran out of the door, with a spray of freckles that seemed to run from his hands, up the length of his arms, up his neck and all over his face.

He sat three desks to her left in history class, and argued. His seat partner was a scrawny little boy named Harry Evans, with wild, wavy, thick black hair and brilliantly green eyes that Hermione had never thought existed outside of storybooks.

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