magical ceiling

432. The ceiling of the ravenclaw tower has an enchantment. If someone points their wand at the ceiling and says a word, the word will appear on the ceiling along with an image of the word meaning, the origins of the word, the meaning of the word, etc. This also works for names, and if a name is said, interesting historical people with the name will also be listed on the ceiling. To be polite, people need to wait five minutes between words so that no one misses a chance to write it down

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The signs Hogwarts aesthetic

Aquarius - Ties
Pisces - Restricted section
Aries - Talking paintings 
Taurus - The black lake
Gemini - Astronomy tower
Cancer - Letters from Hogwarts
Leo - House history
Virgo - The magical ceiling 
Libra - Quidditch pitch
Scorpio - Moving staircases
Sagittarius -  Forbidden Forest
Capricorn - Dumbledore’s office 

Wolfstar is awesome and all but what about asexual aromantic Sirius Black.

Sirius Black with his leather jacket and way too handsome face completely oblivious to all the girls (and, lbr, boys) who were totally in love with him.

Sirius Black who someone once made a pass at him to duck into that broom closet (obviously wanting to make out) and Sirius completely misunderstanding. (“Yeah, man, we could plant dung bombs and fireworks or something. Magic everything onto the ceiling. It would make Filch so mad. Let’s do it. Great idea!”)

Sirius Black who was so entirely baffled why his friends all wanted to make out with the faces of their special people, but still totally cried at James and Lily’s wedding. (”Shut up, Moony, I’m not crying I have something in my eye.” “We know, Padfoot, its called feelings.”)

Sirius Black who may never have wanted romance but all he ever wanted was to be the best possible friend and brother that he could be for those he loves. But then that awful night came and he lost Remus and James and Lily and Peter (because you know they all grieved losing Peter, he was one of them even if he decided he didn’t want to be) and he felt like he let them down and he was the reason that two of his best friends were dead and it was all his fault and okay I’m done now bye.

For those about to gamble, I salute you. You are far braver with your cash than I am. Most of you will fall short of your dreams. But a lucky few will shatter the EV ceiling and sow jealousy in the hearts of your friends.

Heliodspeed, warriors of commerce.