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Verbs: one-word spells

A lot of my magic leans toward the nonverbal side. I can say a phrase at most, but long strings of words feel too clunky for the way my magic works. 

I like using verbs because they’re the part of the sentence that gets the ball rolling. Without a verb nothing happens. So it only seems fit to use verbs to make things happen magically as well! The following ideas can be coupled with actions and ingredients, or used on their own for discreet magic.

  • stop
  • go
  • heal
  • grow
  • flourish
  • fail
  • stall
  • break
  • cleanse
  • leave
  • bring
  • feed
  • run
  • flow
  • rise
  • calm

Patronus Glyphs: Bat

This is the first of a new series I’ll be working on and experimenting with! 

Similar to sigils but also much like servitors, these glyphs can be used in a variety of ways. Your “patronus” doesn’t have to be this animal for you to use it, but it’s best if you either have a tie to it, it makes you happy, or its particular brand of magic will be useful in what you’re trying to achieve. 


How to use as a patronus:

*For banishing negative thoughts and emotions and chasing away depression*

-Focus your eyes on the image. 

-Bring to mind your happiest memory, and hold it there. Imagine as you do that you are being filled with a sensation of warmth and/or a bright glow as the memory fills your awareness

-Once you feel you’ve been fully imbued with the light/warmth of your memory, touch or point to the patronus glyph and say, whisper, or think “expecto patronum” or whatever other activating phrase resonates with you. 

-Imagine the patronus glowing, flaring to life, and physically chasing away your negative emotions (which could be visualized as dementors, if it helps).


Another way to use this glyph is to invoke it as a magical servitor or a familiar, in which case choose whatever activation method you prefer, or use the previously described steps but replace visualizing your happiest memory with visualizing your intent, and your servitor being fed and empowered by carrying it out.


Some things bat magic is good for:

-family bonding

-sending messages between planes

-percieving things beyond the veil

-finding things in dark places

-good luck and fortune


-facing your fears 

-general communication

january 2017 - week three

1/17/17 - well, we thought -40 was bad… we’ve reached -50 now. though i’m happy to say i’ve acclimated enough to the cold that it’s only now at -40 to -50 that i have to be careful not to inhale quickly outdoors, whereas in past winters that hit me closer to -20.

we’re pretty happy, though. we were watching the weather forecast and so had enough firewood bucked that we didn’t have to convince the chainsaw to work in such horrid conditions. our generator is not pleased, but it’s still running, though every day we have to clean the ice out of one of the hoses, and when we’re Not running it, it sits inside the warm cabin where it can rest in peace.

one more day, and we’ve already broken our freshly set record - we’ve now seen -60 overnight. it’s a good thing i’ve got this lush, rabbit fur hooded mantle to wear when i go out… though i wish my mitts were done already. i still need to set up a little smoker and have the hides smoked before i sew them up. i’m a little surprised that -60 is not quite as horrible as i imagined it might be. yes, it’s very cold, and i do have to stay conscious of my breathing, and dress properly (although i still don’t wear a coat, just three layers of comfy wool sweaters), and of course i wouldn’t dare do anything bare handed at such a temperature. but. it’s still pleasant to go for a brisk walk in my lovely, warm felted wool boots, and the forest is still beautiful, and the silence seems to have an extra depth in this cold.

the squirrels and hares don’t seem inclined to come out, but the marten are apparently unconcerned, as we have another visitor to the moose spine hanging out back.

once again, i sneak outside with my camera to see if the marten will let me get close enough for some lovely photos. it considers climbing the tree for a few moments, but in the end can’t pass up the tasty morsels on offer.

after a while, my fingers begin to protest loudly enough that i give up my pursuit of eternally preserving the infinite cuteness that is the marten, and scoot inside to warm back up.

i spend the evening doing some work with the coping saw - starting with cutting some beads and buttons out of a piece of deer antler…

and ending with some discs cut from the top of a tamarack we felled back in spring to build our cabin with. i pass the hours of the evening sanding, round and round, my fingers on each little disc over the varying grits of sandpaper, until they’re so smooth i don’t want to put them back down. my fingers hate me for grasping those sharp edges so hard and for so long, but each piece is a tactile joy by the time i’m done with it. then each one gets branded with norse runes, destined to become a lovely set that will get put up for sale in my etsy shop. a winter’s night well spent.

two days later, and the set is finished, the runes all branded, and each piece coated with herbal salve to help protect it. that evening, we’re treated to a visit from mom and baby moose in our front yard. they’re just below the cut bank eating willows, which puts them about thirty feet from our front door. jon sits up in the loft to watch out the window, and i sneak out onto the porch to take some photo and video as they browse their way by.

mama moose browses all the highest willow twigs, leaving the easily reachable bits for her calf. the calf is sneaky, though, and stays so close to the cut bank and so thick in the shrubs that i can’t get a clear view of them. mom, however, shows off her awesome twig-eating skills for the camera, so i get some sweet video of her using those big, lovely velvety moose lips to bring in the evening’s meal.

these are some of my favorite moments of life in the interior. we’ve been working on getting friendlier with these moose so they’ll be more comfortable coming by our cabin when they want to. this evening i talk to them awhile as i stand on the porch, and even do a bit of waving so they can really see where i am. they are unconcerned, though i’m sure mom moose would have a few stern hooves with me if i walked up to her calf. so i stay on the porch, and content myself with watching our stately neighbors as evening deepens into twilight.

i’m just thinking about molly weasley using her wand as one of her knitting needles and charming all of her children’s christmas sweaters with personalized protection charms

bill’s starts out, and the rest follow suit, with a standard, sturdy protection spell but then as they all get older she gets cleverer and cleverer

like, charlie gets a spell to deter fangs, claws, and eventually, flames

percy’s gives him a little boost of charisma (because let’s face it, he needs it)

the twins, with their aptitude for mischief, get extensive charms for just about every conceivable bodily harm or illness because the two of them drive her crazy trying their hardest to invent a new brand of magic entirely

ron gets a little charm for protection and confidence, because molly knows she can be just as hard on him sometimes as his older brothers are

and by the time ginny comes along molly’s an expert on how to whisper a mother’s love into the fabric with the tip of her wand

and then harry and hermione come into the mix, and molly’s got her hands full charming stronger and stronger spells into her christmases, because her babies are inheriting a war but she wasn’t done fighting herself, not just yet

honestly this blog could very well become a Molly Weasley Knitting headcanon blog

You know how Catholics are Christian but not all Christians are Catholic? Yeah it’s the same way with Wicca and witches. We don’t all use the same rules. We are not all part of the “be good to everyone and let The Goddess sort it out or else you’ll be punished uwu” brand of magic. Some of us feel like taking matters into our own hands, and that’s 100% okay!


DailyIndieComics’ New Year Countdown: Favorite New Comics of 2016!

Day 1: The Backstagers

The Backstagers was one of our favorite comics this year, a comic full of colorful pages, interesting characters, and a touch of mystery! The Backstagers also has some amazing LGBT representation and great character interactions. It follows the story of Jory, a boy that transfers into an all-boys private school and joins the stage crew. To his surprise, being part of the stage crew doesn’t just mean working on scenery and getting props, it also means discovering a brand new magical world behind the curtains… literally. The Backstagers is a fun story of finding a place where you belong and the adventures you have along the way.

anonymous asked:

So I've been following you for a while now and you've got me interested in witchcraft. My problem is idk where or how to start. The only thing that comes up when I search modern witch craft is Wicca and I'm not sure about it. Any pointers on how and where to start? Also, love your blog 😋

-pauses the Voltron content- OK TIME FOR A SHORT LESSON ON WITCHCRAFT!

First things first, modern witchcraft does not equal Wicca! Some people do count themselves as Wiccan today and try to hold others to their rules, or just do their thing, it’s a valid path, but not all modern magic is Wiccan. I’m not Wiccan, I’m something called eclectic. Eclectic witches are kind of all over the place, they do their own brand of magic.

Honestly? Tumblr search is awesome is you look up witchcraft. You’ll find posts on every type imaginable. Some blogs I would recommend if you’re unsure are 






and myself *wink wonk* @broomclosetedalix 

Start with those and find the pages on different types of witchcraft. Start small, make a few sigils, google up on crystals and different tools, have some tea. Tea is good. Tea is awesome, cause you can please whatever you think lives in your home (faeries, spirits) and make the house smell good and your hands warm, and it tastes good!

Make some moonwater would be the next step I took, I suppose. Leave water in jars out on the full moon (Jars are big in witchcraft too, heads up. it’s a running joke). 

Honestly though? Do what feels right. If it feels right and good to you, do it! (again, unless it’s murder) So good luck and my best wishes are with you!

2011. Muggleborns joining the DMLE and being completely scandalised by the lack of evidence needed to get a conviction (hello Pettigrew’s finger) - “you mean, unless you get a confession or an eyewitness, you don’t have anything? But confessions can be forced, eyewitnesses can be confused (especially with magical disguises) or blackmailed or bribed” - and completely overturning the justice and legal systems. Muggleborns carving out a new sub-department of the DMLE, the brand new Magical Forensics division, and they’ve charmed the door so that every time an Auror comes in it plays the CSI theme tune.