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Acrylic Paint Spells

Acrylic paint is made of pigment and an acrylic polymer emulsion which results in essentially, a paintable plastic. This makes acrylics great at a few things: Layering-it can layer on top of itself for days as long as the previous layer is dry Longevity- the color does not fade or change as much as other mediums Texture- you can achieve a very dramatic texture, I would venture to say even more than in oil paint. With these qualities in mind I’ve come up with a small list of potential spells to inspire you in incorporating acrylic paints in your practice. 🖌 Binding Spell- paint a representative image of the person you are wanting to bind. This could be an object, a portrait or full figure, a colored stripe that symbolizes them or any number of alternatives. Begin to add layers of black paint around your representation. You could see it as wrapping around and constricting them, burying them, or whatever visualization feels strongest to you. 🖌 Bonding Spell- Strengthen an existing relationship (friendly or romantic) or create a new one by painting with thick layers and using color magick and visualization to connect them to you. 🖌 Healing/Mending Spell- Have a broken bone, broken heart, or disconnection with something or someone? Use the strength and long lasting qualities of acrylic paint to mend the bonds and reconnect. 🖌Sealing- Use acrylics to seal witch bottles and decorate them. Write a letter and seal it with a glob of paint. Because acrylics are water soluble paints you can use charged water to bring an extra bit of magick to your visual spells. Experiment with surfaces too! paint magickal intent onto a coffee or tea cup, use it in your Grimoire or magickal journal, paint on mirrors or glass or a million other things! I hope this has inspired you to incorporate Acrylic paint into your craft. I’d love to see what you make!

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We started watching Little Witch Academia with @poneyvert and we both love it so we decided to do an art-trade about it!

Here is her persona doing some magic as a witch at Luna Lova school.