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“Why don’t you like shipping?” they ask me as I scroll through pages and pages of the shows main tag, trying to find posts relating to the intricate and wonderful plot, and instead seeing absolutely nothing but goddamn ships, nothing but ships, nothing but what ship is better and ship wars, my eyes are tearing up, my children are starving, my crops have died out, I have been cursed

It’s so baffling to me how the entire world always talks about the crimes committed in WW2 and always turns to talk about Auschwitz

But no one, ever, talks about Jasenovac: it was one of the biggest concentration camps in Europe, that was so vile and horrible that it made even the Nazi officials cringe in disgust.

The victims were primarily Serbs, Jews and Romani. The exact victim number was never known, because there was a serious lack of documentation (accredited to both the officials in the camp not keeping it regularly and the government of after-war Yugoslavia trying to hush it up), and historians argue on the numbers constantly; but even the lowest number that comes up, 100.000, makes it already one of the biggest concentration/extermination camps in Europe. The other number that historians claim is the victim number is 700.000.

And yet it’s never ever talked about.

If you plan to call out or talk shit on any kind of “famous” or whatever person, who has a lot of people following them, and they are known for being engaged with the community, realize that:

1) you should be ready for them to reply to you on a public forum that you’ve chosen to call them out on
2) they are absolutely in the right to defend themselves publicly against your public post
3) they have large communities and you gotta be ready to face any backlash you get from people who don’t agree with you

If you aren’t ready for the attention from them or the people following them/supporting them, maybe you should not take on the task of talking shit and leave it to someone else who has the strength to deal with that.

Crying that they are bullying you for defending themselves after you attacked first is juvenile.

I just saw a post legit calling Blizzard out for using events like the Halloween event as a ploy to make money because they’re charging for loot boxes

Yes. A company. That needs money. A company making money. A company charging money for something that you don’t even need in game. Charging purely for cosmetics that do not impact your gameplay. Cosmetics you can get in-game, by leveling, for free.