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It’s so baffling to me how the entire world always talks about the crimes committed in WW2 and always turns to talk about Auschwitz

But no one, ever, talks about Jasenovac: it was one of the biggest concentration camps in Europe, that was so vile and horrible that it made even the Nazi officials cringe in disgust.

The victims were primarily Serbs, Jews and Romani. The exact victim number was never known, because there was a serious lack of documentation (accredited to both the officials in the camp not keeping it regularly and the government of after-war Yugoslavia trying to hush it up), and historians argue on the numbers constantly; but even the lowest number that comes up, 100.000, makes it already one of the biggest concentration/extermination camps in Europe. The other number that historians claim is the victim number is 700.000.

And yet it’s never ever talked about.

I just saw a post legit calling Blizzard out for using events like the Halloween event as a ploy to make money because they’re charging for loot boxes

Yes. A company. That needs money. A company making money. A company charging money for something that you don’t even need in game. Charging purely for cosmetics that do not impact your gameplay. Cosmetics you can get in-game, by leveling, for free.

We will gladly consume Christmas movies, cartoons and tv specials that are basically the same visuals, story, characters and morals over and over and over again and not even complain about how they’re basically all the same.

But god forbid a story about a non-western holiday get repeated more than once.

It’s sad to think about it too deep but the theme of the Sumerteen Romance PS is really obvious

It’s Karkat’s fanfic, and it’s basically Karkat in a way trying to fix everything that went wrong with their session and with his friends.

He wrote it so that Vriska gets her chance to be a hero, Tavros gets to stand up for his friends and for himself, Equius gets over his inferiority complex and stands up for Nepeta, Nepeta showing off that she’s actually completely capable of taking care of herself, Gamzee doesn’t go fucking nuts and kills everyone, hell even Eridan got some cookie points seeing as he managed to save everyone from being blown up by a bomb (even tho it was played for laughs), he gets to be the inspiring leader he always wanted to be.

When you start over thinking it, this is basically Karkat just wanting to fix all the mistakes and have his friends be happy, at least in his fanfic. And that sorta makes my heart ache a little.

Day one in Mystic Messenger: You installed an messenger app that lets you talk to really attractive people who all seem to instantly like you, they belong to a charity organization that was started by friend who tragically took her own life some time ago, and want you to help them organize a party to help raise money for charity.

Day ten in Mystic Messenger: There is a bomb in the dead girl’s apartment in which you have been living in for 10 days, it may go off at any second, also someone is probably going to kidnap you and also they are part of a cult, and it’s hinted the cult was started by the same dead girl who started the charity organization, AND THE PROM IS TOMORROW