Daily Naiya

Office: redirected calls to my cell phone 
Me: gets call from client saying they are right outside 
Also me: let the therapist know that their client is on the way 
Therapist: How do you know this? 
Me: I could tell you but….. 
Therapist: Forget I asked. Oh wait, are you calling late people too? 
Me: no. I can’t see who is in the office…. yet. Soon™

7 Must Have Crystals for Beginners

💎Clear Quartz: The Master Healer

An essential crystal healing tool and a good choice for your first crystal. Do not be fooled into thinking this crystal is boring. Clear Quartz crystals are probably the most versatile crystals and can be programmed for any purpose. They can direct energies and enhance the energy of other crystals. It is cleansing, helps bring clarity while also keeping your energy and aura bright and strong.

💎Amethyst: The Psychic Powerhouse

It may be suitable for beginners but it can still blow your socks off. Super spiritual Amethyst connects you with your spiritual power. Deeply cleansing, this violet crystal purifies negative energies. You can also use Amethyst for protection and developing your natural psychic abilities.

💎Tiger’s Eye: The Confidence builder

This banded golden brown stone carries a more masculine energy. An ideal crystal for helping build confidence and self belief. You can also use Tiger’s Eye for protection. This golden stone connects us with the Earth, making it a good choice for grounding yourself.

💎Rose Quartz: The Earth Mother

Possibly the ultimate comfort crystal. Rose Quartz is the Mother of all crystals. Gentle and soothing, it helps heal emotional pain. Opening the Heart Chakra it allows you to feel compassion for others and yourself. The is the self love stone.

💎 Hematite: The Bouncer

This dark grey metallic crystal shields you from psychic attacks and negative energy. Hematite strengthens your aura while defecting harmful energies, pulling them into the Earth for healing and transmutation. Hematite is the bouncer of the crystal world.

💎Smoky Quartz: The Negativity Buster

This form of Quartz crystal can be brown to smoky black in colour. Smoky Quartz absorbs negative energies from around you or those created by our own negative thought patterns. Also another good crystal for grounding and protection. It works with the Earth Star Chakra.

💎Citrine: The Prosperity Magnet

This golden crystal is renowned for its ability to draw prosperity and abundance into your life. Citrine is also good for self confidence as it opens up the Solar Plexus Chakra. This crystal can also be used to detoxify negative energies from the aura and encourage a more positive state of mind.