Whimsical Dreamscapes on Eyelids by Tal Peleg

Israeli make-up artist Tal Peleg composes impressive miniature dreamscapes on her eyelid with the sole use of liquid eyeliner, eyeshadows and small design accessories, such as glitter. By imagining scenes from fairy tales, mythology and classic novels, Pele demonstrates her incredible talent on her eyes to give viewers an insight look into her world of beauty. Featuring popular figures and stories such as Garfield, Rapunzel, Ariel and Pandora’s Box, Peleg’s aim is to demonstrate the artistry in beauty and makeup by showcasing an unconventional point of view.

I was at Castlefest This weekend!
Thank you Marije for this wonderful picture of me in my saturday outfit^^

“The Good witch”

Model: Lilith Vanderstorme || Lilith Vanderstorme
Photographer: Marije Dijkema || byMarije