magic: the gathering art


Well everyone, it happened. 

As one usually does, I will be celebrating this mile marker with a giveaway! 

Here are the Rules:

  1. Reblog this post to enter. One entry per person. Multiple reblogs will not help your chances.
  2.  A follow will count as another entry. Following is completely optional, of course. I wouldn’t want to force anyone to follow me. Having two entries will definitely increase your odds of winning though.
  3. There will be 3 winners..
    • First place winner will get the Amonkhet Invocation Worship. You heard that right, an invocation as first place prize. 
    • Second Place will receive these copies of Sign in Blood and Mana Leak, signed by the artist.
    • Finally, Third Place will receive 3 proxies. These proxies can be tokens, tricked out commander card, or even a custom card you may have made and would like a physical copy.

I am more than happy to send anywhere in the world, though, if the winners live somewhere that will cost an extreme amount to send, we may want to work something out. 

This giveaway ends on June 1st. If the winner does not come forward to claim their prize within 2 days of the announcement, they forfit their prize and whoever is in 2nd wil 1st, whoever is 3rd will become 2nd, and a new 3rd place will be chosen.


Magic: the Gathering - Amonkhet Concept Art

Previewed on Amonkhet Preview Show on Twitch linked here.  The show, hosted by Marshall Sutcliffe, @Marshall_LR (PT/GP Commentator), starts at 6 PM Eastern, and is expected to have Magic R&D members:

  • David Humpherys, @Grumpherys, Principal Game Designer and
  • Mark Rosewater , @maro254, Head Designer
  • Mark Winters, @MarkWintersArt, Senior Art Director