magic: the gathering

I know I’m probably the last person to post this, but I would feel weird if I didn’t:

“In the age of antiquity, the humans of the region that would one day become the largest polis on Theros were ruled by the tyrant Agnomakhos, an immortal archon. Unchecked for generations, his power grew as he carved out a mighty empire. Kynaios and Tiro, joined by their love for one another and for freedom, rose to challenge him. The people rallied to their cause, and Agnomakhos was defeated. The polis of Meletis was founded on the ruins of Agnomakhos’s empire as a beacon of freedom and enlightenment, and its people chose Kynaios and Tiro to be its guardians.”

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This was our MTGinktober for “Wet,” in which we mash-up Garruk, Lil kid, Jussalittle Josu, and my favorite scene from that one mall cop movie released in 2009. No, the other mall cop movie released in 2009. That’s the one. 

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