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Um…well…I guess this was our MTGinktober for “Shy,” or whatever…maybe starring Gilder Bairn and Little Girl? I dunno…But it’s not like I actually wanna post this or anything.  I mean, not for you anyway!  I’m just posting it for myself, all right?  So…yeah…there…enjoy…or don’t.  I don’t care…ok?   

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Sorry for the delay, folks. The Ixalan Commander Card Analysis article is taking longer than I anticipated to finish. I want to get it up within the next few days so that it’s still relevant for anyone who’s interested. I’ve got about twenty cards left to go, so hopefully it’s smooth sailing from here. Stay tuned.

Commander Player Archetypes

An idea put forward in the latest Command Zone, I just had to expand upon it. What category do you think you best fit under?

The Mentor

Often the one who has been playing the game the longest, The Mentor willingly points out how to better play even to their detriment in the game with the goal of wanting everyone to be better players and keep enjoying the game. They lend out decks so everyone can play and get their enjoyment from cultivating the playgroup.

The Rebel

The player who has to fight every fight, especially against whoever is currently leading the game. Always playing to win and do so proactively, progressing themselves toward the victory. Attacks whenever viable and will refuse to just let the game go someone else’s way.

The Judo Master

One of the most valuable skills in playing Commander is ‘avoiding hate’, and The Judo Master is best at this. Through subtle board positioning and well timed plays, they manage to just slip under the table’s threat radar and someone else takes the heat while they continue to deflect, dodge, and avoid conflict.

The Contrarian

Absolutely against convention or reason, The Contrarian seeks to show the futility of alliances or words by taking decisive actions that go against the hopes of other players, often meeting offers of ceasefire with guns ablaze.

The Opportunist

A player who lies in wait for the right moment to strike or rise from the shadows in hopes of ‘stealing’ the game from under others, The Opportunist is not deceitful or disloyal, merely takes the chance to win when they see it. They have no qualms about letting others do the heavy lifting.

The Lone Wolf

No allegiances, no table talk, just the board state. The Lone Wolf is the one who plays the game and does not participate in politics. They stay their course and are comparatively stoic, having little to no interest in the excessive chatter of the silver-tongued.

The Merciless

The player who will eliminate the player who got mana-screwed without a second thought. The Merciless do not deal in half-measures. Devastating a player’s presence in the game is not enough. Complete annihilation is the only real option.

The Politician

Making up and cutting deals constantly, The Politician hopes to maneuver in the game socially not just to avoid personal harm, but to advance to victory. Encouraging players to eliminate each-other while trying to remain mostly unscathed, The Politician can do the most with as little as possible.

The Architect

A player who seeks to craft a specific experience, be it some kind of synergy or a game ending combo, and have no ambition beyond that. They seek to accomplish a personal goal in the game built into their own deck.

The Jester

Always seeking to make the game ‘a little more interesting’ by playing decks with game-changing cards or always encouraging a new game mode like Archenemy or Planechase, The Jester is eager to experience the biggest can of worms they can open.


Ixalan Dinosaur Artwork

Some fantastic saurian artwork from the upcoming set. Artist credits for each are in the captions.

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