i found this and i thought it was super adorable???? and after listening to it on loop i went “BENDY RESPONSE GO”

the funny is bendy doesn’t sing/isn’t great at singing, but if he hits a certain octave or pitch yep))

Future master in training

Yay! I’ve updated finally! Thanks a lot for your patience and support.

Well, I made this outfit design in 2012 (wow!!) partially based in those from Birth by Sleep. Curiously, I was thinking in Sora training to become master when I designed it five years ago. And now, knowing that Sora is officially travelling to Olympus Coliseum for training (Thanks KH 2.8!), I decided it was time to recover it with a bit more mature Sora!  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

I’m thinking on posting the original 2012 design on Instagram just to compare (✿◠‿◠)

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Ollie Builds Character Sheets: Spike Spiegel

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Spike Spiegel was a character that, as soon as he was suggested, I could barely wait to get started on. He’s a character that, I think, lends very well to D&D rules, despite the futuristic setting. He’s an adept fighter, practicing a martial arts developed by Bruce Lee, which made him a perfect candidate for the monk class and also is very roguish in attitude and in his weapon work. If you aren’t playing this character in the Adventurer’s League (which I try to make all my characters applicable for), go with a homebrewed gunslinger class (of which there are many). Anyways, I hope you all like what I’ve cooked up here! (Also, hmu if there was anything I missed or if you just wanna talk about the class choices or whatever!)

THE BREAKDOWN: Spike Spiegel

Race: Human (Variant)
Class: Monk (Open Hands) | Rogue (Thief)
Background: Criminal 

Str 8 (-1) | Dex 18 (+4) | Con 10 (+0) | Int 12 (+1) | Wis 14 (+2) | Cha 14 (+2)

Lvl: 8 (Monk 3 | Rogue 5) | HP: 48 | AC: 16
Prof: +3 | Armor: Unarmored


  • STR: -1 athletics 
  • DEX: +10 acrobatics | +7 sleight of hand | +7 stealth
  • INT: +1 arcana | +1 history | +1 investigation | +1 nature | +1 religion
  • WIS: +2 animal handling | +5 insight | +2 medicine | + 8 perception | +2 survival
  • CHA: +5 deception | +2 intimidation | +2 performance | +2 persuasion


  • Monk:
    • Unarmored Defense
    • Martial Arts: 1d4
    • Ki: 3
    • Unarmored Movement: +10
    • Tradition: Open Hand
      • Open Hand Technique
    • Deflect Missiles
  • Rogue:
    • Expertise: Acrobatics & Perception
    • Sneak Attack: 3d6
    • Cunning Action
    • Archetype: Thief
      • Fast Hands
      • Second-Story Work
    • Uncanny Dodge

Character Sheet: Click here