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Marshmallow, Dandelion, Heartsease.

MARSHMALLOW: Where do you feel most at home?

At home, if you’ll pardon the quip. I’ve spent a couple of years making our little flat into a cozy place to live, and it really feels like a safe and welcoming environment to me. I’m very rarely uncomfortable when I’m at home, unless I’m not feeling well or there’s something sketchy going on with the wards.

DANDELION: What do you feel was the most powerful magick you have ever performed? 

Probably either the recasting of the household wards that I did a month or two ago, or the banishing of an egregore I performed in conjunction with two other people a few years back. If relative levels of exhaustion are anything to go by, the wards are the most powerful solo magic I’ve ever done. (It was a slightly altered procedure from what I’ve done before and it packed a lot more punch.)

I also did a family protection ward a number of years back which was fairly complicated. (Some of you may have heard me mention a spell called “Briarwood.”) I actually have to take that down and recast it now that my circumstances have changed. There’s more family that needs protecting these days.

HEARTSEASE: Have you ever performed love magick? How did it work out? 

Just the once. And….I think it worked out pretty well. :)

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All I want for episode 8 is for Leia to grab her lightsaber, bust into the First Order’s new place, single-handedly hand every last one of the Imps their asses while dragging Ben out by his ear all the while lecturing him about how the Force actually works and his attitude.

A Quiet Lyre (Patreon Postcard no.2) 

Lyra being all contemplative. Originally started off as a pretty simple stress-relief doodle. I then started experimenting with the colors and this is the result!

This will be printed and mailed on a personally written postcard to my Patreon supporters at the levels that have unlocked the perk!

This piece actually kinda started the whole “make colors pop like crazy and mix it with lighting” binge I’m on right now, hehe ♫

I wish we knew about her.

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