[Image descriptions: Small glass vials holding a layered mix of pink-ish, purple, and blue wisps, with violet tinsel glitter that you can’t actually see; one of the bottles is on a ribbon necklace, and one of them has a brown tag label reading “Bisexuoil” in cursive, with a bisexual symbol on it]

Next in my magic potions collection, and also next in my submissions for @mga-creative‘s “Puns” prompt. Dunno if I’ll do a third submission yet.

The effects of Bisexuoil are as follows: “Turns the user invisible for two or more hours at a time when worn over the heart.” I may include something about testing duration later, or I may not.

The pink is not quite the right color because it is hecka hard finding the right pink in the yarn I like to use for my “potions”. The sparkles I included also didn’t show up too well. I may need to give this more thought. Still, it looks pretty okay for now, and I’m certainly pleased with the pun :3

Healing Magic and Potions

What types of wounds can be healed?
>Lacerations (cuts)?
>Bruises and contusions?
>Internal wounds or just external wounds?
>Broken bones?

What other things can be fixed with healing magic?
>Bacterial infections?
>Viral infections?
>Yeast infections?
>Blood poisoning?
>Other poisons?
>Degenerative neurological diseases?
>Muscle fatigue?
>Any other ailments?

Who is physically capable of learning healing magic?
>Is healing magic something that is taught or is it instinctual?

Can potions heal the same things that magic can heal?
>Do potions have to be made by healing magic users, or can they be made by anyone with the ingredients and directions?

Does the strength of the potion depend on the ability of the maker or the ingredients?
>Is it the combination of ingredients that changes the strength of the potion or is it the quality of the ingredients?

Does each specific ailment require a different potion?
>Are there different groups of ailments, and those in the same group can use the same potion? Examples of this would be an avulsion and a puncture wound using the same potion, or two separate types of viral infections being cured by the same potion.

Are potions and healers readily available to the general public, or are they rare and/or prohibitively expensive?
>If they are readily available, and are commonly used, it is likely that the natural defenses of the species will be lessened, as they won’t be needed due to external assistance.

Fire Within Me Strength Potion

-black tea
-chili powder
-a pinch of cayenne

-Make black tea. Add spices to taste.
Mix in honey and vanilla.
-whilst stirring clockwise chant “fire within me, burn burn, fire within me, churn churn, fire within me, strength to give, fire within me, as I live.” Repeat until you can feel energy being raised. Feel free to growl or snarl or stomp your feet, whatever gets you in the mood. Just don’t spill your potion in the process. Send the energy into the potion by jabbing your spoon into the liquid as you cease chanting.
-drink and enjoy!