Imagine before Loki tried to take over Asgard he helped teach magic along side his mother. You were selected to be his apprentice and though he was a tough teacher you learned a lot and admired him. A short time later you find yourself the lone voice trying to intercede on your mentor’s behalf as the events in Asgard begin to unfold.

Besides the ‘apparent mind control’ or 'latter aided by weapon,’ we have now seen a few more user interfaces on Asgardian technology. Asgardian flying jetskis have tillers that glow orange, the same colour as the weaponry but not the same colour as the glow that is visible under the seats (blue). It appears that artillery has hand-held controls as well.

We also see glowing gold visual interfaces; there are a couple of gold light-structures hanging around the city and the palace. There is the gold simulacra of the palace utilised as Fandral’s Asgardian powerpoint, which Odin banishes by waving a hand through it. This is also the way the Soul Forge interfaces; the controls work a lot like Tony Stark’s holographic furniture in the Iron Man films, and are manipulable by the hands. However, still, waving a hand through it banishes it.

Now, it could be that the act of waving a hand through it disrupts the energy channels and stops the thing, but given the fact that a) we know that some Asgardian illusions can remain after touch, as demonstrated ably by Loki in Thor 1, and b) that both times, it is Odin who does it. I would say that, just as he and Loki use gestures and props to accompany their mental casting, he is using it here. There are probably power cutoffs elsewhere for people who can’t do such things.

We’ve also been given a glimpse of a legit Asgardian tablet! Or at least that’s what it looks like. One of the healers - I believe one of those who speaks to Thor - is carrying a glowing green square that looks solid rather than illusory, supported on a scroll-shaped dark red backing. She holds it as though it is a tablet.

anonymous asked:

So I've been wondering why Loki goes along with Thor so easily in TDW. It could be argued that he was always going to fake his death, but I don't like that idea and I know you don't either. xD Did he just miss the old days, and want to adventure with Thor for the sake of it? Why didn't he argue more/escape sooner? I wondered if you had an opinion on this! :D

I don’t think Loki could’ve escaped on his own, earlier, despite what I’ve written in fic, or he definitely would have. If anyone knows how to control and contain Loki’s magic, it would be Asgard, and more specifically it would be Odin. 

As for why Loki agrees…well, definitely a big part of it is about Frigga. I mean, Thor says it straight up: he’s offering Loki vengeance, and Loki desperately wants vengeance. 

Frigga’s death kind of shatters him, not least because I think he feels guilty about it. Complicit. He offered guidance to the Kursed, no matter how slight, and he’s tormented by the fact that the last time he saw Frigga, his last words to her were to deny her. That hurts. Loki pinned a lot of his love on Frigga, and now she’s gone. And, selfishly, her absence leaves him completely alone: she was his only visitor. An eternity of solitude stretches out, and that terrifies Loki.

So Thor comes, and says let me give you this chance to avenge Frigga, and Loki grabs at it with both hands because he needs something. I’ve written before about Loki’s almost manic behavior in the next scene: Loki’s been spiraling pretty hard since the end of Thor, in a lot of ways, and I think Frigga’s death is where he hits rock bottom. And Thor is giving him something to anchor himself with. Loki needs that to keep from losing it completely, and he knows it.

But then there’s another part of it that I think is about Thor. And is about, on some level, missing being at his side, working with him - not just not being alone but specifically being with Thor. He talks about shared grief mockingly, but I do think to a certain extent there’s that, too. Loki can’t possibly share his grief with Odin, but he can, a little, with Thor. And Loki does love Thor. He hates it, sometimes, resents it, but he does. 

And, you know, getting the chance to give Odin a big “fuck you” by going against his wishes doesn’t hurt either. 


“I hear Thor is wearing my drapes.”
“If I can handle Thor and Loki I can handle anyone.”
“Remember the hero that you are.”
“All of you need to cut your hair.”
“Family is more than blood.”
“Has anyone seen my children?”
“Never forget I am a queen.”
“The wheel turns.”
“All this has happened before.”
“All this will happen again.”
“Magic is my weapon.”
“For Asgard.”
“So swears the All Mother of Asgard.”
“I made you a shirt.”

Old Dog

Was it requested: Naw mate, I’m just in a mood atm because of my dog Ralf. This story is dedicated to him. He’s not dead, but he’s got arthritis and is getting old. 

Fandom: Marvel

Pairing: Platonic!Avengers/reader, Tony/reader

Rating: Your gran will cry, I’m crying, we’re all crying

Warnings: Doggos having illnesses, mentions death, etc. Very sad things

Summary: Your dog suffers from arthritis, and you realise what that means one day. This isn’t a happy fic, at all. 

Author’s Note: This fic is dedicated to my dog, Ralf; he’s a golden Labrador, and he has arthritis. I still remember the day we got him, he was so small, so full of life, I was only around five or six. He’s getting old now, but he still causes trouble (he ate a phone once!) but he’s a good boy, and I know the day is going to come when it’s time to put him down and I don’t know if I’ll be able to deal with it; he’s my best friend, and I love him to bits. I’ll miss him for a long time when that day comes. I hope though that he won’t suffer and that he’ll go to a better place. My dad tells me that when dogs die they become the stars and they watch over us: I hope he’s right.  

Tagging: @tinaruthbelcher (don’t blame me when you’re crying because I’ll be doing the same!) 

(That’s Ralf on the right with his son, Brian) 

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“The Years Apart” – LokixReader

Prompt :: Partially inspired by “Guys My Age” by Hey Violet.  You had known the Asgardian princes for hundreds of years before leaving for Midgard, and while Loki maintains affection for you after the three of you reunite via the Avengers, he is hesitant to attempt to court you until an altercation at one of Tony’s parties.

Features :: Asgardian reader, slight AU, the team lives at the Avengers Tower and no one is dead

Warnings :: Cursing, brief unwanted advances

Word Count :: 4382

Additional Notes :: I wasn’t entirely sure where this story was going while writing it, so I’m sorry if it’s a bit jerky plotwise.  

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listen listen listen i know ragnarok isn’t out yet but i need at least 10 fics about Bruce and Hulk’s Magical Time in Asgard immediately thank you

anonymous asked:

Do you consider what you do magic or science?

Well, the Mystical Arts are quite complex just like any other science, so I think magic somehow is a science we still don’t understand 100%.

I was talking to Thor the other day…and magic in Asgard is definitely a science. They study it there, just like we study medicine or engineering.

Like Father, Like Son

TITLE: Like father, like son.


AUTHOR: greeneyedgirls4


Iris and Loki have been friends since childhood. One drunken mistake leads to her getting pregnant and the end of their friendship. When Iris tells Loki it doesn’t sit well but what she doesn’t know is a complicated chain of events have already begun.

RATING: General

NOTES/WARNINGS: No warnings. I hope you all enjoy and feedback is always welcome :) Sorry if this isn’t my best work but my cousin’s wife was in labour while I was writing this so I was a bit worried for her.. I do have a healthy little second cousin called Archie now though. 

Iris steps into Loki’s room. The large wooden door already open.. like he had been expecting her. The last time she was here that door was pressed against her back as Loki kissed her passionately. A few drinks too many, a one night stand and a friendship ruined was all that was left of her life now. She knew her first time may have consequences but she never thought this would happen.. after all Loki is the master of magic.

She sits on the edge of the bed. The thick mattress welcoming her. The green and black room had hints of gold under the candlelight. A large fire roars in the corner when the bathroom door opens.

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Story idea

It’s got Undertale! It’s got angst! It’s got epic fight scenes! It’s an as-yet-unnamed AU I just invented!

@tara-l-blackmore @sprflamyrainwing @alphynehugginganon Oh man, I’m sorry to tag all you guys on a story info post, but am I ever hyped to discuss this. The premise of the AU is that after a successful Genocide run, rather than destroy the world, Chara possesses Frisk and takes the orb that the dog usually absorbs and uses it to resurrect all the monsters. À la the magic of Asgard and the upcoming movie Thor: Ragnarok, the monsters are forced to fight against one another in gladiatorial matches for Chara’s amusement, getting resurrected again every time they die. Can they ever find a way to attack Chara and break the cycle? Who knows?

So, yeah. I invented that. Thoughts? Questions? You know how it is with new ideas and wanting to vent about them.

Lost - Chapter 8

AUTHOR: Peskipixi
GENRE: Romance / Drama
FIC SUMMARY: OFC Joanne discovers a mysterious stranger that is in need of her help, and takes him home to look after him. But who is this beautiful black-haired angel? Where did he come from, and why did he materialise in her life and turned her world upside down?

RATING: Mature (for profanity and most probably smut later)
WARNINGS: None at the moment. Possible (or make that probable) smut later.

Author’s Notes – please read: I don’t have anything to say. I’m exhausted and I need another weekend. Except I hope you enjoy… Please reblog, comment and like, all feedback is appreciated! 

Previous Chapters:  [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7]

Chapter 8

“You GOOGLE it!”

Jo and Loki watched Helen warily, Loki looking uncertain and Jo feeling unexpectedly afraid. She wondered at the feeling of premonition that welled up inside her, as if she didn’t want to know. As if it would change everything. And she wasn’t sure whether she wanted things to change.

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Imagine having a stupid Midgardian sore throat that is killing you, add to that a fever, a stomachache, and just simply feeling sick  but this time you are ok….

Loki, your sweet husband, takes care of you and tries to make you feel better but he doesn’t know any magic for your illness because this doesn’t exist on Asgard…

So, he searches all the day on google looking for some remedy, finally he understand that he can’t help you….

So, you ask him to lay near you and he spends all the four days of your illness speaking (shouting only when you fall asleep) about his infatuation for you..

He start from the very beginning, recalling your Midgardian wedding, dedicating a lot of time to you during the honeymoon, and after your two years together…obviously cuddling a lot!!

anonymous asked:

Imagine Steve discovering the art of selfies and snapchat filters.

For a group of people whose pastime is saving the world, the Avengers spend a lot of time on Snapchat. Steve unapologetically saves almost every snap he receives. His favorite is the Bucky-Natasha face-swap, where Bucky looks like he’s in drag, and Natasha looks like a troll doll.

But he uses it semi-seriously, too: his public account is where he posts pictures with fans or people who’ve done heroic things or volunteers helping clean up after battles or nurses who stitch up his wounds.

And somehow—magic, probably—Asgard gets great cell signal, so he and Thor use it to see one another’s faces when they’re apart. Thor likes to use the flower crown filter; Steve’s favorite is the golden laurel. Every time he uses it Thor calls him my prince in his next reply.

Is this really the time?

Characters: Avengers x Reader, Loki x Reader

Prompt: trielleamnessis :Funny one? Set during Avengers while Steve, Thor and Tony kick each others asses and Loki’s watching. Reader shows up “Do you want some popcorn?"with actual popcorn in hand. Loki eventually agrees, they become friends(or more), making Loki a good guy

Author’s Notes: I changed it just a teensy bit bc I don’t want anyone getting tired of me writing a LokixReader where they’re romantic. it was tempting though, not gonna lie. enjoy!

“There’s only one God, ma'am, and I don’t think he wears a cape,” Cap said before jumping out of the jet. “What the hell,” you muttered, “Romanov I’m getting this idiots. Loki is just watching, he could escape at any moment.” “Do we really need another god in the mix?” she asked, eyeing you cautiously. You glared at her, “Yep.”

By the time you reached the ground, you realized you had over calculated your landing, which worked out for the better. You landed beside Loki. “Ah, Sister, glad you could make it to tonight’s event,” he said smoothly. You rolled your eyes and looked over to find Thor and Ironman about to fight it out. “Doth Mother know you weareth her drapes?” Tony asked dramatically. “Wanna make a bet who’s gonna win?” You muttered to your brother. “Midgard has affected how you speak, Y/N, you sound like an idiot. Twenty shillings on the man of iron,” he said.

“You’re on,” you said, shaking his hand. You saw Steve finally land, disconnecting the parachute. “I can’t believe you work with him. He looks ridiculous,” Loki smirked. You nudged him with his elbow, “Shut up, he’s nice.” Thor hit Tony with a bolt of lightning, making you nervous. Why couldn’t Thor trust your teammates? When you saw that Tony was unharmed, you calmed down a bit, actually amused.

“Are you smiling?” Loki asked. “I mean, it’s a little funny. My brother fighting my boss and my best friend? Kinda hilarious,” you said casually. “You’ve always had a sick sense of humor,” he commented, sounding proud. You smiled, getting an idea. You turned your back and used your magic to conjure something. “Since this is turning into more of a comedy for us, want some popcorn?” “Y/N, is this really the time?” he asked, surprised that you had used magic outside of Asgard.

“Why not?” you asked, sitting down on the edge of the rock. “When you put it that way,” he said, joining you before taking a handful of popcorn. Steve and Thor’s weapons collided, knocking you back and making you drop your popcorn. “Hey, watch it!” you yelled to the men who had temporarily stopped fighting. “What the hell, Y/N? You couldn’t bother to help?” Steve yelled. “If she were to help, she would help me. Family comes first,” Thor said, raising his hammer. “Boys, boys, that’s enough. You’ve had your ‘roid rage, now let’s get back to base,” you said putting your hands up.

Tony flew over, prepared to grab Loki. “Uh uh, he’s mine,” you said, taking your brother’s hand. “Trust me,” you said when you saw the skepticism in Tony’s face. “Fine,” Tony said, grabbing Steve by the arm before flying off. You were left with your brothers, an awkward silence settling over you. “So, could we hitch a ride?” you asked finally. “Only if you consider coming back to Asgard,” Thor said, bringing up old problems. You agreed, never having the intention of considering it.

Once back on base, you refused to leave Loki’s side, ensuring that he wasn’t hurt. “Y/N,” Fury said, pulling you aside to where you could still watch Loki from the interrogation room. “He’s killed eighty people in two days. Don’t you think he deserves to be contained?” You rubbed your eyes, “You say contained like he’s a plague. Besides, I can see it in his eyes that it’s not really him doing this.” Fury shot you a weird look, “Care to explain that?”

“I mean, when he left Asgard, he fell into the abyss. He obviously didn’t die but the only way he didn’t was if he made a deal with someone. He’s not doing this of his own accord. This isn’t some giant temper tantrum, despite what the others say. Fury, I know him. Please, trust me,” you said, silently pleading that Loki wouldn’t say anything to the agent currently in the interrogation room with him.

“Y/N, do you really think we can trust him?” Steve asked, walking up to you. “No, not yet. I think we get off the grid, send a separate team to look for Barton, and do a cognitive re-calibration on Loki. Then we can start to trust him – as much as we could before. Remember, he is the god of mischief,” you said, smiling when you saw Loki perform a bit of magic to make the agent on the other side of the table laugh.

“You heard the woman. Cap, get a team to find Barton. We need a team of meds to help with the re-calibration,” Fury said, ordering multiple agents around.

i wish there was detailed canon Thor Movie stuff for fans that didn’t even have to be in the movies, like little extras in writing or whatever, even insignificant stuff that doesn’t have to necessarily contribute to the story, but it might give some understanding. It doesn’t even have to fully candor to myth bc the characters dont, like but tell me about–

~ asgardian worldbuilding details, for culture. and different types of known and/or accepted magical skill, etc.

~ thor and loki’s helmets being so elaborate, what about the past rulers’ helmets and their significance visually and in battle? they seem personality and ability based, thor’s wings because he can ride the air and command weather and is basically unstoppable bc flying. loki is stubborn and willful? and wants (and gets) his way however possible, and can climb an obstacle that looks impossible bc he’s like a fcking goat, what did former ruler helms look like?

~ things on each rulers’ influence on each realm, who liked who, who’s too basic to know about asgard, who used to be an ally, who comes to visit asgard still, and if there’s a new ruler who travels the realms to greet and agree on partnership or subservience, does that even happen, is asgard the only one advanced enough to travel like that? how do you fight with jotunheim if that ability to travel doesnt happen in some respect between asgard and other realms, like how svartalfheim suddenly became an issue

~ even if they never show up in movies, totally tell us about each of the nine realms’ rulers, if there are any other rulers of all their realm, and how asgard views them, even tell us about the politics amongst realms that are advanced enough to interact that way bc midgard seems to be one of the few that are too young to know this stuff, what about other realms? Who else doesn’t know?what does asgard think? did muspelheim cause any trouble once like jotunheim did or–?

~ did odin and frigga consider trying to match thor with other realm royalty bc i wanna know if that was even a discussion

~ casual asgardian clothing vs royal asgardian clothing? 

~ do other asgardians think they are normal or do they all think they are minor gods compared to other realms, or are they just thinking the royalty is the only gods and asgard is just where they grew up so theyre just….THEM

~ magic seems common to all of asgard, which realms don’t have it? what do they do instead, even if they know asgard exists? What are the different forms of magic that asgard doesnt allow but other realms let it run wild, if any?

~ what does an average asgardian kid learn in school??

Play With Magic

TITLE: Play With Magic


AUTHOR: SassyShoulderAngel319

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine being a queen of your own planet and having many suitors from different worlds who come and ask for your hand but you, having a stubborn personality, are unimpressed by all of them until Loki, despite being the god of mischief, comes along and tries to win your heart through many romantic attempts. After many tries and fails you eventually fall for that little trickster. (Slightly different because of the queen’s personality.)


NOTES/WARNINGS: No warnings! (Unless you’re creeped out by weird alien queens.) Also, I haven’t done this for this blog in forever! It’s good to say hi again!


Loki gulped. This is not a good idea, he thought. I am going to kill Thor later for suggesting this—this isn’t even one of the Nine Realms! He stood just outside the throne room of the queen. The matriarchy of the planet set it apart from the others around it—and thus drew a lot of attention from surrounding systems.

Venecia was the source of magic for the entire universe. It was stronger here than anywhere else—even Asgard.

Which was one reason why Loki was nervous—and, if he was honest with himself, scared.

The queen was someone to fear.

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graffiti-bi  asked:

Also, a prompt: Winterhawk, Clint high after getting his wisdom teeth removed and Buvky taking full advantage of it

“Pizza is magic, Buck.”

“Is it, now?”

“Yeah… So magic. The magickest.”

“The magickest?”

“The most magic.”

“Oh, right.”

“More magic than Thor.”


“I think so. Bucky! Bucky.”


“Asgard pizza.”

“What about it?”

“That’s the magickest, Bucky. It’s pizza, so it’s magic, and it’s Asgard, so it’s more magic.”

“Have you had some, Clint?”


“Have you ever had Asgard pizza before?”

“No, what is that?!”

“You said it was magic pizza.”

“Magic pizza…? I don’t think I should eat that.”


“Yeah. No magic pizza. Magic is bad.”

“Wouldn’t have much taste, huh?”

“Wh- don’t eat magic, Bucky! Magic is bad for you!”

“Is it?”

“Yes, ask Steve, you should not eat magic!”

“Okay, I won’t.”

“It does things to you.”

“I won’t eat magic, Clint.”

“Like… make you turn into a rat.”

“Yeah, that’s not good.”

“I don’t want you to be a rat.”

“I won’t be.”

“Bucky please don’t turn into a rat.”

“Hey, I won’t, okay? I promise. You don’t need to cry, Clint, it’s not gonna happen.”

“I hate rats.”

“I know, I know. There aren’t any rats here.”

“Well duh, we’re the Avengers.”


“Yeah. We’re bigger than rats.”

“JARVIS, you still getting all this?”

“The recording is now thirty minutes long, Mr. Barnes. When would you like me to stop?”

“My dick’s bigger than rats.”

“Not any time soon, J!”