My beautiful child. Finally Hearthstone makes a grand magical entrance. Despite Blitzen begging Hearthstone to take it off and that it clashes horribly with his armor, I’m afraid the elf will never give up wearing his candy colored scarf, and he’ll put up a fight if you try and convince him otherwise.

Imagine Loki won after Avengers Assemble. Thor returned to Asgard to mount an army but is stopped from returning (even using Odin’s dark magic) by Loki’s powers. When he finally does find a way to return, he finds the humans ready to defend Loki with their lives.

In Thor’s absence Loki got rid of politicians and instead listened to the people and their needs. He invited the Avengers to be his advisers (albeit with many precautions at first because they obviously did not trust him).

He placed value on people over profit and using his powers, managed to reverse the worst of our pollution, warning that shareholders/owners/directors of any business found polluting in the future, risking lives and health, would have their money confiscated, their business totally disbanded and sold off piecemeal, with all monies being given to the victims and the clean-up operations.

When he found out what teachers were paid, he flipped his shit because “these people are entrusted with the future of your civilisation, and you expect to attract the best by paying them a pittance?”

He made all education and healthcare free, paid everyone above a living wage, encouraged people to find their talents and pursue them, and made sure the trains run on time. Even those in dead-end jobs that they hate got improved pay, lots of holiday/vacation time, and guaranteed sick pay/maternity leave/paternity leave etc.

He did away with racism, sexism, basically every prejudice you can imagine, because offenders who said something prejudiced were magically silenced for a week (or more) and those who did something prejudiced were magically paralysed because “If you can’t do/say anything nice, you shouldn’t do/say anything at all”.

He has a range of punishments that are basically harmless, very effective, and fit the crime. Like if you hit someone, you feel the sensation of being hit once very hour (good luck sleeping) for a day/week/month, but whilst you feel the pain, it does no physical harm.

Thor finally returns and looks around at the peace and harmony in awe, thinking it must be a trick but eventually his friends, the Avengers make him see that it’s real, and Loki really is a good king.

New and Recommended Graphic Novels

Yesterday we asked you to tell us if we read one graphic novel this summer, which it should be. You gave us such good recommendations, everything from Noelle Stevenson’s Nimona to Jillian Tamaki and Mariko Tamaki’s This One Summer to Craig Thompson’s Blankets. Thank you!

Here are the New and Recommended Graphic Novels from Powell’s City of Books:

You Don’t Say by Nate Powell

Wuvable Oaf by Ed Luce.

Stroppy by Marc Bell

Melody by Sylvie Rancourt

Drawn and Quarterly

ApocalyptiGirl by Andrew Maclean

The Shaolin Cowboy by Darrow Stewart

Five Ghosts by Frank J Barbiere

Ms. Marvel: Crushed by Marvel

The Legend of Zelda a Link to the Past by Shotaro Ishinomori

Wytches by Scott Snyder

East of West, Volume 4 by Jonathan Hickman

Loki Agent of Asgard, Volume 2 by Al Ewing

The Fuse, Volume 2 by Antony Johnston

Supermutant Magic Academy by Jillian Tamaki

Trash Market by Tadao Tsuge

The Complete Pistolwhip by Matt Kindt and Jason Hall

Bodies by Si Spencer

The Unwritten, Volume 11 by Mike Carey and Peter Gross

Imagine you’re an Asgardian warrior with magic. You were raised in the palace with Thor and Loki, who are your childhood friends. You’ve always had a special relationship with the god of mischief, with whom you shared your love of books and magic… and small pranks. Growing up, you realize you’ve always been in love with him, but didn’t tell him, fearing he would not share your feelings.

You begin to have dreams where Loki visits you at night, but you don’t tell anyone. One day, the dream is more vivid than ever and you see Loki sneaking into your room during the night, confessing his love to you before taking you passionately. Convinced it’s just another dream, you abandon yourself to him. Next morning, Loki sits as usual next to you at the breakfast table, and asks you if you’ve slept well last night. He then whispers into you ear that he has been visiting you in your dreams all these times, and that last night was not just a dream…

Imagine Loki stumbling upon Frigga’s personal journals that she had hidden. It takes him a few weeks to get to the volume from the time when he was first brought to Asgard. In shock he rereads her words again and again; he has a twin. Odin had ordered Frigga to choose which would be kept and which would be left to die. She couldn’t let one baby live while the other died so she bound Loki’s brother into a mortal form as well as  his magic, then behind Odin’s back she sent Loki’s twin to a future time on Midgard in an alternate reality. Frigga’s spell located the most suitable couple and placed the baby with them as well as inserted knowledge of the child’s existence into all records and memories. She was rather thorough. Out of curiosity Loki adapts Frigga’s spell and goes to hunt his brother down. When he arrives he finds that his twin is a very popular entertainer; well loved and adored by millions. Invisible, Loki observes his brother with a longing to speak to him which he gives into after a few days and it makes the poor guy, known as Tom Hiddleston, think he’s had some kind of mental break because of stress.

Bifrost is an extremely awesome creation. It does give rise to some fridge logic - if the Bifrost is the only known way in and out of the realm, why are the jotnar even a threat? - but it is awesome, and heart-stoppingly beautiful. (I get art envy every time I watch the film. I can’t draw architecture or light - only people - but damn do I want to.)

How does it work? Well.

  • Spinning is evidently important in interdimensional travel, since we see the Tesseract’s light doing the exact same thing in the SHIELD facility.
  • It appears to only be able to reach the realms in the branches of Yggdrasill, since they are referred to as the ‘nine realms of the cosmos’ implying totality of Asgardian knowledge.
  • It lies at the end of a long bridge, which has light flickering down it as though it is fibreoptics. This indicates that it draws its energy from the endemic energy of Asgard, with the whole construction of it being designed to suck it in and gather enough for interdimensional travel. With the mechanics for that gone, it is hard to summon the dark energy.
  • It also appears to be somewhat outdated technology. If you compare it to the Tesseract, the Tesseract is superior in almost every way - but the Tesseract is on Earth. The only way it’s not superior is that the Tesseract can be opened from either side, and it doesn’t appear that the Bifrost can. Perhaps the Tesseract is on Earth, in a little box, to prevent that eventuality? Or perhaps it was lost. Either way, the Tesseract appears to have intrinsic dark energy while the Bifrost must gather its in from the magic of Asgard.

Imagine being born on a planet within the nine realms where everyone has a unique superpower suited to them. You however, were not and are often bullied and teased by your kind. When the Royal family of Asgard come to visit your planet’s King, Loki becomes intrigued by you when he can’t sense any magical aura around you. During there stay you often bump into Loki, since your one of the palace staff, and both of you become really close. One day after seriously being bullied by some of the other staff, Loki finds you crying in the corners of a library. When he ask what is wrong you tell him how mistreated you are because you were never born with a superpower. Loki comforts you by telling you that you do have a superpower, and that’s the power to make him fall in love with you.