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Daily practise: The Seeress

Pisces: Cursed sight and Goddess Dagger; Can foresee the future. Chosen by the Moon Goddess to bear the burden of the world. Cursed Saggitarius unintentionally, and locked themselves due to being unable to control their powers. The Goddess Dagger is only used in defense and is used skillfully. User can wield Dark Magic. Many seek the Seer/Seeress to kidnap and abuse their power.

Today’s practise is a design on one of the amazing concepts about the signs and their magical weapons by Atmosa, who was kind enough to let me use them and practise character (and by extension, weapon) design. Thank you very much, I hope you like it!

I tried to add some amethysts into the design, since it is Pisces birthstone. Also I didn’t want to go full ‘HI I’M A FISH’, but still I tried to mantain a watery feeling.

More to come about these.

(Also counts as part of the 100 Days Drawing Challenge. #007: Your Zodiac sign)

Exclusive: ‘My Little Pony’ debuts 'Harmony’ line in fall

“…Many of the new figures come right out of scenes from the cartoon, and according to Lomow, a new series of comic books from IDW debuts this fall extending some of the story lines from the series and new toys…“

Probably the only time you see me making free advertising for Hasbro toys but… 

-Best looking official merchandise from Hasbro so far
-Shining Armor riding a full grown Spike with fucking armor
-Twilight with mechanical claws (or something)
-Fierce looking Celestia and NMM
-Chrysalis with changelings
-Everything else basically


Honestly after 4 years it seems I was losing my interest in pony at last. Even when I thought S5 was the best season, finally beating S2 as my personal favorite. And now they pull me back in again…


Also could this be what we could expect for the movie (or the upcoming season)? Considering it’s called Guardians of Harmony and the speculated name for the movie.

Sooo… some of you may have noticed I’ve been going through a very ruff patch these last few days… my world feels like it’s turned up side down. I’m so so so so grateful to have such amazing followers and friends to help me through hard times like this. 

@mastersalleycat You are a brilliant star, keep shining bright & let’s have kitties snuggles all the time.

@discoveringlittleme Your soul is pure as snow, keep standing up for what you believe in. 

@daddyandmommysbabydoll You have a heart the size of the universe, your faith has given me courage, don’t ever forget how special you are. 

also I wanted to shout out to @princesslilac-moon @lilshrimpkitteh @babygirl-fifty 


whisper to me, xoxo

So let me get this straight: the production company responsible for an animated Titanic movie featuring underwater shark gangs, singing mice, the ability to talk to dolphins after your tears fall through magic moon beams, and the worst environmental undertones of any movie in existence, has just been put in charge of a live action Winx Club movie? 

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