Eclipse/New Moon Ritual 🌙

A ritual to gather power and renew oneself through the power of an eclipse or new moon.

🌙 gather: full moon water, amethyst, white and black candles, ribbon, bay leaf, and any other prefered crystals/artifacts of power, and a wand/athame.

🌙 perform ritual when the moon is present. Note: if during an eclipse, take appropriate eye-protection precautions (nasa-approved solar glasses, not regular sun glasses)

🌙 arrange the crystals/artifacts as points of a pentagram, or prefered/appropriate geometric shape.

🌙 place candles in the center, tied together with the ribbon.

🌙 light the white candle, use the bay leaf to transfer the light to the black candle.

🌙 let the bay leaf burn to ash on a fire safe plate.

🌙 ground with the moon:

the shadow cast over you allows you make you one with the dark, your own heavenly body afloat in the universe. You blend into the darkness, you are only your eyes. When you close them you become nothing. Between your stomach and your heart, you summon a spark, that grows inside you. It burns away the emptiness and fills you to the brim, until you are whole again.

🌙ground until the ashes are cooled, then crumble the leaf between fingers and rub ash into hands.

🌙 reach for the moon. Feel its power spreading into you. (This is the time for eye protection, if youre going to be looming at the moon)

🌙 extinguish the candles and wash hands in the full moon water. It does not charge you, because you are already brim-full.

Marauder’s Headcanon #12

Sirius got his first tattoo in Knockturn alley at the age of sixteen. It was overpriced and the parlor was sketchy, but Sirius was sixteen and drunk and it was Christmas and he had just been disowned and he just needed this. James went with him to make sure he didn’t choose anything too dumb. He finally decided on a stylized lion, roaring on his forearm where the dark mark would have been, had his life gone differently.

He got his next tattoo the following summer- they all went and got one on their chest, over their heart. A wolf, a dog, a stag, and a rat that would chase each other around on their skin. This time, they went to a slightly cleaner, and far more affordable parlor. Sirius paid for Remus’, and Remus pretended not to notice.

He got his third and fourth tattoos the summer after seventh year. One was a magical moon above the marauder’s tattoo. It changed with the phases of the moon because he never wanted to forget. The fifth was a preening phoenix next to the lion, and some detailing that made it the start of his sleeve.

After Regulus died, Sirius added the constellations Canis Major and Leo chasing each other around his arm, making sure the stars Sirius and Regulus were the brightest. He added a field of flowers that would bloom or wither away with his emotional mood, because it sounded cool, damn it. He added a glowing yin-yang symbol, because there is light and darkness inside us all and sometimes he needed a reminder that he had light, too.

In Azkaban, Sirius found himself starring at his sleeve despondently, looking at the withered flowers and dead branches surrounding the lethargic lion and phoenix, the constellations that no longer moved but sat collapsed in pathetic piles. He saw the dimming glow of the yin-yang, and he didn’t care. The stag on his chest had lied down to nap, and he used a fork he received with a meal one day to gouge out the rat that sat up on it’s hind paws, leering. The dog and wolf battled viciously, and it hurt Sirius to see the moon cycling through every month for twelve years.

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Yandere Simulator Easter Egg ideas

•Sailor Moon or Magical Girl; Yan-Chan will adorn a sailor fuku or a magical girl outfit and if you get the magical girl wand, she will perform a special attack on her victim

•Osomatsu San; Yan Chan will have 5 other versions of herself, each a bit different in appearance and color. They can kill up to 6 people (like the rainbow girls/boys) and each Ayano has a different benefit and different names if you take photos of them. Blue one is named Kayano and she’s the strongest. Green one is Chayano and she causes less pools of blood. Purple one is Iyano and she looses the least amount of sanity. Yellow one is Jyano and she’s the fastest. Pink one is Tayano and she receives the least amount of reputation loss

•Steven Universe; gives Ayano a gem and a weapon you can summon via the left control button. Using this weapon can be beneficial if you’re running out of time to clean up the body, the weapon goes back into your gem or vanishes and the police can’t detect it. Ayano can also fuse with an evil student (like Yui) and inflict more damage on a person, though it makes you run slower

•Pokémon; gives Ayano a special Pokémon and she can use a Z move on her victim. The Pokémon can also dispose of the corpse by devouring it. Ayano also dresses as a trainer.

Those are the only ones I can think of at the moment

Water Scrying

Water scrying is the art and practice of gazing into water to see the future or receive a vision. Water scrying is a great way for clairvoyants to develop their skills, but can also be done by anyone. -Mod J

  1. To start, you are going to need a bowl or something that holds water. Preferably the bowl or water holding object should be a solid color inside so you don’t get distracted by patterns. Black, white, or a metal bowl are ideal because these are colors that are easy to gaze at for extended periods but any solid color should work.
  2. Fill the bowl with water
  3. Now set up your space. It helps to turn off the lights and have a candle or a few around the bowl giving some light but not close enough that you see the reflection in the water.
  4. Now this is the hardest part, gaze into the water in the bowl and let your eye lose focus. Your vision might get a little blurry but try to fight the urge to look around and refocus your vision. After a while of doing this you might be able to correct the blurriness without losing focus on the water. Around this point when your gaze softens some kind of vision should appear in the water.
    It’s important to understand that what you see might be a real depiction of what your scrying for/about but it’s more common for you see symbolic images instead. Learning to translate these symbols takes some time and practice so keep working at it.

    Another thing to note is that you might feel like your mind is just making you see things in the water that isn’t there, and i guess on some level that is correct. The water it’s self isn’t what’s producing the vision, you are receiving because you asked to, and are using the water and bowl as tools to help perceive it.

Here are ways to help enhance your water scrying that i know of:

  • You can charge your bowl over night with tea made from certain herbs. I like to steep some mugwort and lavender in my bowl to charge it while i sleep and empty it in the morning.
  • You can a few drops of essential oils to your bowl while scrying, or before to help charge the bowl and water’s energy. The oily surface can also help keep you from getting distracted and gives your eyes something to focus on.
  • Another way to prevent distraction is to put a small crystal at the bottom of the bowl around the center. It gives you a fixed point to look at, but I’ve noticed for me that is often cut off some of the vision and everything will move around the crystal rather then appearing in the whole bowl.
  • Using your bowl for offerings. I find this helps charge and enhance my scrying bowl’s energy by putting offering in it when i work with other spirits and deities.
  • Sometimes it can also help to instead of building up the energy in the bowl do a cleansing and put some salt water in the bowl to soak.
  • You can also use moon water, sun water, or any magically enhanced water that might be specific to the type of reading you are doing. I find moon water is always good for all water scrying.

If you try water scrying and find it doesn’t work for you that’s alright. It’s not for everyone, and even those who do it regularly have off days where they can’t get anything to come through. So give it a few tries before you decide if it’s something for you. Good luck with your scrying! -Mod J

spells for a full moon 🌙

🌙 charging/cleansing crystals and items:

  • fire writing spell - written spell charged with flame
  • fire element bath -  a bath spell that uses the element and correspondences of fire to heal and cleanse oneself emotionally

🌙 healing spells:

🌙 love magic:

🌙 banishing:

🌙 clarity: