Not everyone would know this, but I am also an avid rock climber, and will generally take a project with me to work on between bouldering problems. 

Occasionally chalk dust is a problem, but it usually washes off, and I don’t generally do delicate projects that can get snagged on my rough hands. Here is the start of a pair of socks I’m doing in Blue Moon Cloud 9 sock weight, in the colorway ‘Metaphysical Angst’ alongside my favorite pair of climbing shoes. 

game rec: Slime Rancher

Can I say? I highly, highly rec Slime Rancher to everyone who plays games. Even if you are a casual player, it’s very forgiving and good.

The conceit is that you are a…. slime rancher. Yeah. You are put in stasis and sent out to a planet in the Far Far Reach, where a lot of slimes live! And your job is to catch them, and feed them so they will create “plorts”/money, and you can expand your efforts and discoveries.

Here’s what’s great about this game:

  • It’s fucking agonizingly cute. Like, the aesthetic is both a hardcore throwback to the ultra-colorful PS2 platformer era, but updated and made smooth for the modern era. It’s an aesthetic hug, man. Everything about the presentation is cute without veering into twee and it feels good.
  • The mechanics progression is very very good. The way you start with just pink slimes, then slowly wander further out from your camp and discover more! The moment when I walked out at night and first saw the phosphor slimes, my entire face broke into a grin. There is something really magical about the pacing.
  • The loops in this game build beautifully over time. You start with a basic Pink Slime -> Feed anything -> Collect plort -> Repeat loop. Then it adds a few more slimes and like 2 more types of food, and it’s so gradual in the way it builds, you will slowly slide into where I currently am (8 slime pens, 5 gardens, 4 silos, 1 coop, rotating foods between slimes to maximize plort, and I haven’t even fucking started on Slime Science at all).
  • You can combine slimes to make fat beautiful friends. Honey + Phosphor is my favorite so far.
  • The world is fucking enormous. It doesn’t feel like it! You start off with a very small area to explore and within that area you find like 5 slime types and treasure pods you can’t open and big immobile slimes that just grin at you when you get close and these sealed doors! Until you really dig in, you have no way of knowing that entire new areas that sprawl on and on are behind the doors, or how many discrete climates there are, or how many new slime species are around.
    I’m about…. 60% done with the game, I estimate, and it just sneaks up on you, how massive it is. The sense of real wonder I get from this game is something I haven’t felt since…. I played Okami, I think. It’s that feeling of unraveling a mysterious land.
  • Slimes have favorite toys. The glowy nocturnal phosphor slimes have a night light “Because even they are afraid of the dark.” Fuck I love this game.

Slime Rancher is nearly out of Early Access and all of the core functions are already in game. I highly recommend it. It’s a fucking gift in these trying times.


Requested by alfrette 

“Why are you still awake?”  Sleep laced Isaac’s voice, making his tone much deeper than average as he rolled over to pull you into his chest.

“Can’t sleep.”  He pressed a kiss to your cheek before shuffling around on the mattress once again.  This time he moved to sit up against the head board, pulling you against his chest as he reached over to flick on the bedside lamp.

“I know what will help you.”  Quirking an eyebrow you laughed when he picked up the book resting on the nightstand.


“Bed time stories always make me sleepy.  It’s like magic.”  Grinning widely he looped an arm around you, opened the novel, and began to read quietly to you.

A Bit Complicated

It was an ordinary day in the Lucky Pumpkin Tavern and Paula the bartender was serving up some of her usual costumers with their favourite drinks, asking how their days went. Peter the blacksmith made progress on the lord’s daughter’s new sword. Tefira the seamstress is considering proposing to her girlfriend. And Little Appie just turned 18 and was having his first real alcoholic drink. It was a fun day, Paula thought fondly.

It was getting close to sundown, everybody already left and Paula was about to close down, but not before one last costumer entered the tavern. Denira the adventurer stomped through the front doors and nearly collapsed onto the counter, her heavy golden armour clanking against the wood as she did.

“Hard day, Denira?” she asked the weary elven woman. “I like your new armour. How did you get it?”

“It’s a long story, Paula.” Denira sat up, her face seeming like she’s been through hell. “It was a heck of an adventure.”

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Fidget Toys and Where to Find Them

Fidget toys are fun little distraction toys to play with when you need to avoid self harming, occupy your brain for a bit to stop negative or obsessive thoughts, or just do something monotonous to relax. I’ve compiled a list of helpful toys and games that you can find at the dollar store, Target, Walmart or your local toy store .

Part 2
Part 3

  1. Magic Loops

    These are super fun to fidget with as they can be made into tons of shapes.
  2. Water Snake Toys

  3. Water Skill Games

  4. Cat’s Cradle

  5. Kinetic Sand, Clay or Putty

  6. Coloring Books or Pages and Crayons A simple google search for coloring pages will pull up tons you can print out. If you’re looking for something more specific, like say a dragon, just search “Dragon Coloring Pages.” Boom. Done.

  7. Bubbles

  8. Video Games! If you’re home, or have access to a video game system or computer, play some! Or hit up if you don’t have any already to play some for free online.

  9. Chinese Bell Balls Despite the funny name, rolling them around in your hands is relaxing.

  10. Worry Stones Just smooth rocks. keeps hands busy!