Trip to the forest and back again

Well, you might have noticed that I only posted first photo of my fair isle KAL, and there’s a reason for that. We had chosen three colors and I even did the black and white test to check that the contrast should be good enough. You know the one, where you take a photo of your yarns, make it black and white and you should see one color very light and other very dark.

Well, turned out that didn’t really work.

Absolutely loved the colors but the contrast just wasn’t there, even in photos I couldn’t get it show, let alone in person. Real shame, because all the colors were really beautiful, I especially love the oatmeal base color we had. 

We then had a long talk about which colors to keep and which to change. In the end we decided to change the main color and keep the contrast colors (green and orange) - this time I even did a little swatch when we were debating about whether to go with pure white or more natural white.

Even though bright white is quite striking, I find it very impractical - and natural white seemed to harmonize better with the colors. Shitty thing was that at this point I was pretty late with the KAL and of course my local yarn shop was out of the color I wanted. Managed to order some online but by the time I re-started I was a week late.

And let me tell you, looping two fair isle socks on one circular requires some moves! I did an intense weekend of knitting and then I was caught up, and in the end I finished on time. Will post more photos tomorrow


Well, I tried, but I absolutely have to switch to the magic loop instead of continuing with my DPN’s.

I’ve historically ALWAYS chosen to work with DPN’s instead of the Magic Loop, and I think that’s mostly because I tried the loop with some pretty beefy interchangeable cables which made it impossible to loop well.

My HiyaHiya set however, makes the loops almost unnoticeable.

On the bright side, I finally get to use my little cable stopper pandas! HI CUTIES!



While the pattern says that you can just increase using the standard chart, OR actually chart out the entire increase, I think I’d go mad if I had to do all of this on DPN’s AND just using the one repeating 12x12 chart that I’m using for the sweater.

I found a really helpful tutorial on increasing with Fair Isle that said the following:

When you are at the beginning of a round, work the increase in the color that comes before the first one that is on your needles.
At the end of the round, work the increase in whatever color would come next in the pattern.
…….4 3 2 1 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 10 9 8 7……(Increase stitches in bold)

Thank goodness for Google Sheets. The floats look a bit tight so far, but I think that was mostly due to working with the DPN’s to start.

Not everyone would know this, but I am also an avid rock climber, and will generally take a project with me to work on between bouldering problems. 

Occasionally chalk dust is a problem, but it usually washes off, and I don’t generally do delicate projects that can get snagged on my rough hands. Here is the start of a pair of socks I’m doing in Blue Moon Cloud 9 sock weight, in the colorway ‘Metaphysical Angst’ alongside my favorite pair of climbing shoes. 

Fidget Toys and Where to Find Them

Fidget toys are fun little distraction toys to play with when you need to avoid self harming, occupy your brain for a bit to stop negative or obsessive thoughts, or just do something monotonous to relax. I’ve compiled a list of helpful toys and games that you can find at the dollar store, Target, Walmart or your local toy store .

Part 2
Part 3

  1. Magic Loops

    These are super fun to fidget with as they can be made into tons of shapes.
  2. Water Snake Toys

  3. Water Skill Games

  4. Cat’s Cradle

  5. Kinetic Sand, Clay or Putty

  6. Coloring Books or Pages and Crayons A simple google search for coloring pages will pull up tons you can print out. If you’re looking for something more specific, like say a dragon, just search “Dragon Coloring Pages.” Boom. Done.

  7. Bubbles

  8. Video Games! If you’re home, or have access to a video game system or computer, play some! Or hit up if you don’t have any already to play some for free online.

  9. Chinese Bell Balls Despite the funny name, rolling them around in your hands is relaxing.

  10. Worry Stones Just smooth rocks. keeps hands busy!