Worksheet to make In-Depth Correspondences

I use this worksheet for any plant that I actively work with, to dish out as much detail as possible so I can maximize the effectiveness of the spell and the plant’s capabilities. 


Scientific Name: 

General Correspondences: (General, one word things like “Banishing, Money, etc” would go here.) 

How it works for:

  • Protection:
  • Opportunities/Unblockers:
  • Money/Wealth: 
  • Relationships: 
  • Banishing: 
  • Binding: 
  • Cursing: 

Differences as: 

  • A tea: (Put N/A if not edible). 
  • A potion: 
  • An oil:
  • Dried:
  • Fresh: 

How it works with certain elements: 

  • Fire (burning, with candles, etc):
  • Water (tea, potions, etc): 
  • Earth (burying, jars with dirt, etc): 
  • Air (letting the wind blow the herbs away, etc): 
  • Light Energy (General): 
  • Moon Energy:
  • Sun Energy: 

Works well together with: 

  • (Plant name, why/how, in what spell type, etc)
  • Example: Rosemary. Why: because they are of similar element, and of the same plant genus. Works best together in Protection spells by making protections “smarter”-able to sense negativity better. 

Does not work well together with: 

  • etc


I usually use this area to put any information regarding the plant’s spirit, or differences between individual plants-maybe you have one pot of basil that always functions well in wealth spells, but you’ve never had results from the other basil plant. 


Feel free to add on or remove parts to your liking/needs. This was mainly for plants but it can totally be edited to suit other materials. I hope this was able to help some of you!


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