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Yep, MGRP really does go in a different direction to the rest of "Suffering Magical Girls" in its plot, especially in the later novels after the worldbuilding happens. It's actually much closer to Danganronpa than PMMM. Also, the author is actually a big fan of shows like Sailor Moon, believe it or not.

I completely agree.

I couldn’t wait another week to know what will happen so I decided to read the light novels and holy shit does it get fucked up.

I couldn’t stop reading until I finished it completely and omg now that I know what each one will go through I’m afraid of the next episode lmao.

I like how the plot has nothing to do with Madoka or Yuuki Yuuna, this is more about the magical girls rather than the magical girls against some evil force that tricked them.

If the anime keeps being as flawless as it has been so far, we have a new potential anime of the year here.

#Justice4Nemurin tho

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Sunday Playlist 10-23-16
  1. “Out of My Mind, Just in Time” Erykah Badu
  2. “Weary” Solange
  3. “Bye Bye Baby” Noname
  4. “Don’t Touch My Hair” Solange
  5. “Freedom Interlude” Noname
  6. “Gemini” Alabama Shakes
  7. “Over My Head” Alabama Shakes
  8. “Sweet November” SZA
  9. “JungleLady” LION BABE
  10. “Girl” The Internet
  11. “Going Nowhere” St. Beauty
  12. “Drop” Chloe x Halle
  13. “Bad Blood” NAO
  14. “Jump Hi” LION BABE
  15. “Nothing 2 Lose” Kari Faux
  16. “Somebody” Junglepussy 
  17. “Don’t” Kari Faux
  18. “Nothing for Me” Junglepussy
  19. “Nada” Kari Faux
  20. “I’m On” Kamiyah

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INKTOBER number 23 : Magical school girl

Weeeell, it wasn’t supposed to be colored… oops. Not sure if we can consider it as an inktober but at least lines are inked so w/e.