Magical @ramikadi haute couture presentation earlier today. Loved seing how Rami took something he feared and turned it into art. He had a phobia of insects and to get over it, he chose to channel this energy and put it into his creations. The result is mesmerizing and the craftsmanship beyong exceptional. What a dream! #ramiladi #couturefw by @kristina_bazan

Behind the scenes look at the former Givenchy Haute Couture atelier where some of the most intricate breathtaking pieces got their start. Designed by the innovative Riccardo Tisci, these pieces start off simply with sketches, fabrics and a form; if you add the handiwork skills of the artisans and the genius creative vision of Mr. Tisci you can expect nothing short of magic.


Givenchy Le Makeup’s Artist Director discusses the brand’s 10-year anniversary and new limited-edition lipstick.

Nicolas Degennes is a beauty genius. While leading Givenchy Le Makeup for officially a decade, he’s the man behind incredible products like Rouge Interdit Magic Lipstick, Noir Couture 4 in 1 Mascara, and much more. And he’s still at it, bringing us a new line of whipped Le Rouge-À-Porter lipstick—plus a limited-edition version of the classic Le Rouge. The Sephora Glossy recently caught up with the living legend to discuss 10 years at Givenchy, his latest creations, and so much more. JESSICA VELEZ, REPORTING BY BECKY PEDERSON

What inspired you to launch the Givenchy Le Makeup line in 2004?

I was inspired by the very first drawings by Hubert de Givenchy and the legend of the Givenchy brand. I do a lot of research of the archives for my new creations and I always go back to the original vision of how Hubert de Givenchy [designed]. He always wanted to celebrate the many facets of femininity through his creations. You don’t have to even say the name Givenchy because when a woman sees the four Gs [she] immediately thinks of elegance, femininity, and tradition.

How does the fashion aspect of the brand affect your beauty design process?

Right now I am working on creations for 2017, and I love to harness the energy that Riccardo [Tisci] puts into his collections for how I create the makeup and work with photographers. It’s an overall beautiful, creative energy. I want to put that same energy into all my creations.

Out of all the iconic Givenchy designs, you used Riccardo Tisci’s couture floral print to celebrate the limited-edition Le Rouge lipstick. What did you like about that particular design?

When I first started to work on the Le Rouge packaging, I immediately saw the endless possibilities to customize it. This was the first time that we got to try something new with the cover. I love all of the patterns that Riccardo has created, but this one really inspired me. To me, the flower print says happiness, springtime, joy, and femininity. I love how this pattern will make a woman feel when she sees this limited-edition lipstick in her bag.

Tell us about the limited-edition shade.

It is a very beautiful [shade of] fuchsia that is universal and yet at the same time completely unique on every woman. 

What is special about your new lipstick, Le Rouge-À-Porter, and how did it become the next evolution of the Le Rouge collection?

I love it because it has a balm texture. The formula is exactly what I wanted to achieve…colors that are bright, yet sheer and comfortable. The ingredients are like skincare for the lips because we need to care for our lips more than ever. After the launch of Le Rouge, we saw a lot of matte textures on the market, which dry the lips. This is why I wanted to improve on my initial creation and focus more on lip care. The texture is so unique and comfortable that once you apply it, you want to keep using it over and over.

What’s been your most memorable moment from these last ten years?

Every single day when I’m creating…whether it’s envisioning a new texture or packaging, every day is amazing. I’m still excited and passionate about my work, research, and, most of all, the freedom I have with the Givenchy brand.

Where do you see Givenchy Le Makeup going in the next decade?

I want to introduce more and more women around the world to the Givenchy magic. We strive all the time to improve our formulas. We never settle, and we push our suppliers to go further than before. I always push for textures that are groundbreaking, innovative, and bring out the femininity in every woman.