Uploading to Ao3

So it was requested that I archive more of my Detective Conan / Magic Kaito fics to Ao3.

I said sure. Which ones? Wrote in that fandom for over 14 years, there’s just a mere couple several hundred fics to choose from.

And their brain promptly melted down and broke.

So. What DCMK fics would you like to see archived on Ao3?

My favourites are already up there. I’m heading to New Orleans this week, so it’ll be a while before I can upload them, but let me know and I will.


@nebulousneko and i have solidly decided that Magic Kaito and 2DPV Ladybug take place in the same magical anime universe (and i’ve been meaning to draw a bunch of stuff for it for aaages but never got around to it)

coming to paris was a horrible idea, kaito; these particular gems seriously aren’t worth it no matter how magical akako said they were

Random DCMK Things: Stuff Only DCMK Fans Can Understand-Characters in Disguise:The Art of Deception

This guy is Kudo Shinichi.

This little guy is Edogawa Conan, also Kudo Shinichi.

This guy is Kuroba Kaito

This guy is Kaito Kid, also Kuroba Kaito.

This girl is Miyano Shiho.

This little girl is Haibara Ai, also Miyano Shiho.

This guy is Hattori Heiji.

This guy is Hattori Heiji.

He is not Kudo Shinichi. He is Hattori Heiji.

This guy is also Hattori Heiji. 

This guy is Kaito Kid/Kuroba Kaito. No, Kaito Kid/Kuroba Kaito is not Kudo Shinichi.

This guy is NOT Kudo Shinichi.

This little “guy” is not Edogawa Conan/Kudo Shinichi. This is Haibara Ai/Miyano Shiho.

This little “girl” is not Haibara Ai/Miyano Shiho. This is Edogawa Conan/Kudo Shinichi.

This guy is Kudo Shinichi. Not Hattori Heiji. Kudo Shinichi.


Told you so.


Sharing this for KaiShin reasons.

I love how Conan is KIDs favourite audience. Because Conan alsways motivates him to do his best. Otherwise he wouldn’t amaze him…and amazing someone like Conan is the highest praise for Kaito, that’s for sure.

“That kind of magic should I use to boggle his mind next time?” - he said, after almost being blown up by him.

And next time he got a beautiful reaction even though he didn’t suceed with “teleporting” the second time. He was happy to have achieved such a reaction out of Conan.

You can’t deny that their relationship is anything but boring lol.


Persona 1412, the game. Now wouldn’t it be funny if A-1 pictures made an anime for P5- Oh wait.