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One of my favourite The Gathering songs

..Blaming global infection
for the illness in him
Little knowledge of the non-affection
between him and his kin
Old, grey, bitter, anxious and collapsed
Like a wallflower once blooming
Withered to apparent death
Blaming the guilt
Crying the tears
Torture the pain
Leaving the emptiness behind
Apparently he had no reason
To harbour the trust
He’d forsaken inside.
Apparently he left his reasons
Forsaken the trust
that harboured within
Walk, I cannot walk
For I am blind, blinded I am
By the pitch of dark, so dark is it
The narrow street, never ending narrow
Clogs my throat
Silently I try,
Try to walk, blinded by the pitch
The narrow darkness, clogs the street
I am speechless
I am speechless
Fear puts a rush on my steps
As I stare into the spinning depth
The end is not near the sight that I am hoping for
And all the light that paves the way for me
Is the wish and will for the end to see
The bright light is the end of the black light district..


#TGSETX presents Gothic Rock/Metal Series: The Gathering - Golden Grounds from Souvenirs album.


How to measure a planet?

If you like books and superheroes or just books you should very definitely read The Quantum Prophecy series by Michael Carroll. They’re my favorites and they deserve a fandom because honestly they’re seriously the best books ever.

Book Review: The Gathering(spoilers)

The last time I read the darkest powers series was about two months ago, so I can tell you I knew what I was expecting when I read this books. Obviously I’m familiar with Kelley Armstrong and her writing, and yeah the fact that’s she’s Canadian and her stories are obviously….. well Canadian. So what I got with this story was……..

Nothing happened.

Alright that stuff that happened near the end was awesome. The wildfire and pretty much everything towards the end, I mean so much shit was happening and than there was helicopter and BAM the end of the book, so yeah, pretty good stuff there.

The stuff that throws me off is the constant reminder that maya lives in a “small town” like….. we get it. You don’t have to keep reminding me that outsiders are weird in your town with like 500 people, I get it. I love maya, I really do, but she needs to chill with constantly reminding us crap that’s not really necessary, because by the second fucking chapter it’s imbedded in our brain.

Most of he characters were okay. Like I said before I love maya, and everyone else was just whatever. Daniel was kinda your typical “nice guy” and there’s triangle and rafe is there to drop this epic bomb that maya already knows. It’s just yeah…. I didn’t feel emotionally attached to any of the characters except maya. They were interesting though, I’ll give you that.

I think I most enjoyed reading about rafe and his sister annie and really any scene with him and maya furthered the plot, so I really enjoyed the scenes with him, even though at times this book constantly went towards the “bad boy” and “I’m not like other girls” trope and there was a few of those. I guess it’s a pretty major flaw on Kelley Armstrong’s part but she does make up for it with amazing action scenes and such.

3/5 stars

“There is no such thing as a natural death: nothing that happens to a man is ever natural, since his presence calls the world into question. All men must die: but for every man his death is an accident and, even if he knows it and consents to it, an unjustifiable violation.”

The Gathering

The lively streets of Ponyville, a place of commerce and conversation. It truly was an idyllic scene, the sun was shining, the birds were chirping, the butterflies fluttered about, and all was well in the world. But all of that came crashing down when a sickly green necroblast shrieked through the marketplace, blowing a hole in the side of of a building. As herds of panicked ponies ran to escape the destruction, a great plume of icy blue haze filled the streets. Running through the haze was Patty, donning a black cape with a high and dramatic collar. “Where are you Maine!?” she called out into the haze, “You can hide, but you can’t run!” With every step, she could hear the distorted echo in the distance. There was even an echo before she took a step. 

Suddenly, she was blinded by a bright orb of light. When the light dimmed, she felt a strange sensation in diffferent parts of her body. She was frozen, but also could not feel parts of her arms and legs. With her eyes, she saw that the parts of her body that she could not feel were somehow turned into shimmering blue light, ghostly wisps, like dust taking flight in a beam of light, lifting off of them. 

“Nice trick, huh?” I said as I seemingly materialized from nothing. “Put different parts of you out of phase.” I was wearing my usual wizarding outfit, an adorable starry cape and pointed cap.

“Okay Doctor Strange, what are you going to do to me?” Patty asked with a hint of sarcasm. 

I confidently walked up to her frozen form. “Well, first I’m gonna li-” I said before being punted into the distance by a giant dreamcorn pony. Sitting atop of it was Scary Crows, sporting what looked like a bunch of vines wrapped around her legs and neck and a pair of looped earrings with another loop beneath. “Go green of go home, Maine!” she cried out triumphantly. But her moment of boisterous laughter was interrupted by the terrifying roar. Soaring through the sky was a giant grey dragon, one that we would normally recognize as small and adorable, but larger. Sitting on its back was a new challenger, a lanky golden unicorn with an aquamarine mane. She wore a dress of bone and hide, and strangely enough, a goldenrod scarf. 

“Go Numot!” she enthusiastically ordered her dragon companion, “Destroy!”

“Um…” the dragon interjected, “My name’s actually M-”

“Work with me here.”

With a beat of its mighty wings, the dragon landed on its hind legs and lunged forward at the giant purple plantpony, digging his claws into it. The plant creature struggled and kicked at everything around it, toppling buildings and stomping holes into the ground. But the dragon’s claws held firm. Whilst the two beasts wrestled, at the cost of a whole city block, I appeared from a void beside Patty. “That hurt.” I said before looking at the carnage before me. “Man, they’d love this in Japan.” 

The dragon grabbed a few buildings and smashed them upon the giant plant, but found it had endured. “Wait a minute…” the dragon said aloud. As he took in a deep breath, his chest began to glow a warm orange. 

“Nope.” Scary said before jumping off the dreamcorn pony’s head. “Geronimo!” Shortly afterward, the dragon let out a mighty burst of flame, rendering the plant creature into ash. 

The scarecrow shaman landed next to me and Patty with a thud. “Guess you lost this one, Scary.” I said.  

“Not yet.” she said, turning toward the dragon. “Mwoooo!”

The earth began to quake, the buildings around us began to crumble, and we could hear the sound of distant footsteps being followed by wanton destruction and screaming ponies. There was a nightmarish bellow, a roar I could feel in my chest. “MWOOOO!” 

Poking up from behind another building was an ostrich, but it had more spikes than I remember and had another pair of eyes above its normal set. To my surprise, another head popped up behind the building, and another, and then another. The building then came crashing down, and emerging from the dust was a ostrich-hydra, a terrifying ostrich with nine heads. 

“So wait, you’re attacking me with a giant bird?” asked the confused dragon. 

To everypony’s surprise, save for Scary, green energy beams shot out from the ostrich-hydra’s eyes, blasting burn marks onto the dragon’s scaly belly. “Ow!” he cried out. 

“Man, they’d really love this in Japan.” I commented, again. 

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Rescue me


my heart feels so sad

Location : The Gatering Salhia
Dish :

Pink pasta
Sauce can be tested bit lightly it’s good taste of tomato but baked ones also mazzarela taste mixed with tomatoes in pink sauce it’s good dish which I give 6/10
Baked tomatoes have very light taste only bad think but would recommend it.