magic yarn ball



Do you ever wish you had a magical ball of yarn that lead you wherever you wanted to go? It’s like a medieval Google Maps. It would be extremely helpful in various fairy tale situations, such as having to hide your children from their evil stepmother in so secret of a place that you needed magical yarn to help you find it. “Yarn Siri…give me directions to the secret children hideout.”


It’s actually quite surprising how much the Disney version of this tale kept from Grimm’s original. The scorned Wise Woman who didn’t get invited; the cursed spindle; the kingdom falling asleep along with the princess; even the vast thorn bush that grew around the castle. However, it seems Prince Philip didn’t have to do as much work as the Disney movie relates; quite a bit less, actually. No dragon fights at all. Turns out, the guy just happened to show up to the castle on the day the 100 year curse lifted. Dude just strolled in, kissed the waking lady, and married her on the spot.  Poor girl was probably still groggy when they tied the knot and got stuck with the opportunistic louse. Seems he could have at least let her think it through over a cup of coffee.


Two points really stood out in this tale: One, the forester took home a baby that was stuck in a tree while the child’s mother slept right under the same tree. HE KIDNAPPED THE CHILD. WHILE SHE SLEPT. Who does that? Welp, this idiot is sleeping, guess I’ll take home her child and raise it as my own. Second, it seems that one of the survival instincts of children in a fairy tale is to SHAPESHIFT AT WILL. The two friends in this story transform themselves into a rose bush with a single rose, a church with a chandelier,  and a pond with a duck in it by just saying it. Well, that and promising to never leave each other, neither now nor ever. Which isn’t creepy. Whatsoever.


What could be better than teaching a young princess a lesson when she declines to marry you? I feel like there should have been some seminar about consent in Fairy Tale Land. The Grimm’s missed the boat on that one. So, clever old King Thrushbeard disguises himself as a beggar, her father forces the princess to marry the beggar because she’s turned down everyone else, and the beggar makes her work her hands til they bleed in various jobs for a meager living. I’m guessing the moral here is that if she turns you down the first time, disguise yourself and make her regret it. I’m taking notes of which fairy tales I want my daughter to read so she can learn what kind of men to avoid and what kind of schemes to be on the lookout for as well. This one is case in point.

Dear tumblr knitters

have you guys every done a magic yarn ball swap before? because they are literally the most fun things in the universe, and I’m really jonesing to do one.

here is how a magic yarn ball goes (in case you don’t know):

1. you pick out a project that your partner likes, and you buy the yarn (and pattern) for it

2. you buy (or make) a bunch of little trinkets that your partner would like (and these can be literally anything)

3. you unwind the yarn, and then rewind it into a giant ball by wrapping all of the trinkets into the ball as you go

4. when you receive the myb, unwrap it and be surprised by all the fun things inside

5. fill up the rest of the package with more fun stuff (again, this could be literally anythiiiiiing)

Would anyone be interested in doing a swap? P.S. If you ARE interested, feel free to drop me an ask :]

Day 03 - 30 Day Crochet Challenge

Day 3: Do you have any other WIPs (works in progress)?

For the this is kind of the same question as yesterday because I’m constantly moving and shifting to different projects. Gotta keep the spice alive, right? My favorite WIP right now, though, is my Scrap Attack blanket. What I’m doing is taking all my scrap bits of yarn (0-3yd long) and tying them together to form a magic ball. Then once I get a big enough ball, I crochet it into my blanket and start over. This is my first Scrap Attack blanket, but so far I’m absolutely loving how it’s turning out. All the different colors weave together so nicely – I could NEVER have planned it.

External image
One of the original magic yarn balls I used to start this project.