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They always laugh at the same time, but smile with the opposite corners of their mouths.  As children they never spoke.  Now they are never silent.  ’Come here, come here-  We’ve seen the past in a candle.  We’ve seen the future in a forest fire.’  Their voices are twins and twined.  Not a man’s, not a woman’s.  The hiss of pine pitch and bone-dry white birch as it’s thrown into the stove, onto the funeral pyre.

The faces they wear contort in the breeze.  Lovely, wicked- youthful, monstrous.  Fire is never kind, after all, only fickle.

Imagine Loki having to study his magic on different realms, when he is on Alfheim, the master wielder has a daughter who has little time for a cocky Aesir prince with ideas of grandeur and self-importance. The more Loki tries to suggest he is someone of note, the more she puts him in his place, as well as commenting that he will never achieve greatness because seidr requires humility to work truly with its wielder. After a time, he realises the feeling in the pit of his stomach when he sees her is not hatred or contempt, but a far more terrifying emotion, love. 


I was asked a while ago if I could make visual references for Awakening tome effects to go along with my tome project, so I compiled a whole bunch of screenshots of every tome in the game and matched them with each cover! These should be helpful if you ever want to draw characters casting a specific spell or if you’re just curious about what all the tomes actually do when you use them!

The covers for all the tomes are here as well, but you can find higher quality ones in my original master post of the tome project here. You can see the details and writing on each much better. Additionally, just for fun, I decided to make this the complete tome essentials post and include a written description of how each spell looks (in case the picture isn’t enough to visualize) as well as in-game information about each and every one!

Everything else is all under the cut in order of how they appear on this post! Sorry about it being so super long!

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Some Thoughts: Eclipsa

I haven’t been writing much for SVTFOE because I got a lot of feedback from everyone saying they wouldn’t like that kind of content on this blog. So I’ve decided to take my thoughts for SVTFOE to Cartoon Universe’s YouTube channel. This is the first of what I hope will be quite a few analyses on Star Vs. I’ll be posting the transcripts for those videos on this blog.

This might change, if there’s overwhelmingly negative feedback like last time, but I feel like it’s an okay compromise since it’s a little more discreet. With that, let’s get started!

Eclipsa has always been the enigma of the Butterfly family. While each queen of Mewni has her own motif, and chapter in the book of spells, Eclipsa is unique in that she seems to have an entire domain as her motif, that of the darkness. In other words, while the other queens all occupy slices of the realm of “light,” Eclipsa, it seems, is the exclusive occupant of its diametric space.

This is, of course, as far as we’re aware of in the canon of the show. We know that of all the chapters in the family spell book, only Eclipsa’s has a connotation of being forbidden, requiring Glossaryk to unlock it.

Given the intrigue surrounding the character, Eclipsa’s re-emergence in the narrative raises some questions about where Star and the series are heading.

Since the show’s inception, we’ve seen that “The forces of evil” are not such a simple thing to place.

What initially was a struggle for power between “good” Mewman’s and “evil” monsters, was shown to be much more complex.

Mewni is a kingdom rife with inequality, with leaders who care about their subjects but at the same time view them as easily suggestible and lesser than themselves. Monsters, likewise, are not homogenous, and suffering from poverty, under the table politicking, and disorder.

Over the series, the “evil” has taken many forms, from Ludo’s attempts to steal the wand, to Toffee’s manipulation and destruction of many of the characters.

Amid all of the interpersonal conflict, though, there has been another steady narrative going on. Star herself has been changing throughout the series.

One thing to recall is that Star was originally sent to Earth so that she could better be trained to be a queen. Coming to Earth was a compromise she made so she wouldn’t be sent to St. Olga’s. Interpreted this way, a lot of the series is geared towards Star’s becoming more and more becoming of someone who deserves to be the Queen of Mewni.

From being able to fight and defend her kingdom to being able to deal with other people in a mature and diplomatic way, Star’s experiences are honing her to be a better person and a better Queen, and the series is documenting that.

Something that is generally agreed upon is that Star is maturing. She’s made many personal sacrifices for the things she cares about, destroying her wand (not once, but twice), risking her life, leaving her life on Earth in order to protect her friends and her kingdom.

After the Battle for Mewni mini-movie, there is seemingly little else to prevent Star from being considered a true queen. In Queen Moon’s words, Star wasn’t just “a happy child” any more. She has become significantly stronger, more patient, more selfless, and more responsible than when she was first introduced.

At the same time, it appears as though the “evil” she’s supposed to be against is reformed, or vanquished, marked by Ludo’s commitment to reflection and Toffee’s apparent destruction.

It’s striking that the end of the Battle for Mewni showed Eclipsa’s crystal being fractured. But her appearance as a potential threat to the main characters might be subtler than those of the previous antagonists.

1. What Eclipsa Represents

Eclipsa made her first appearance in Into the Wand, on her tapestry from Star’s memory of the Grandma room. And her status as a member of the family was until then kept hidden from Star, as we learn in Star and Marco’s Guide to Mastering Every Dimension.

The Butterfly family likely felt that Eclipsa’s very existence was too dangerous for Star to know about at this point in her life. Later, in Page Turner, the Magic High Commission react with much fear that Star is reading Eclipsa’s chapter in the book.

But then, when we finally see the end of the episode, she appeared unaffected by the new information presented to her.

In the end, all her reading amounted to Star’s using only one spell, the all-seeing eye, a spell meant to watch someone else without their knowing.

From the way the older characters reacted to Star’s reading Eclipsa’s chapter, we had expected spells on murder, death, and in general of a much darker nature.

It’s worth noting then, why a surveillance spell is up there alongside those of say, Eclipsa’s spell to kill the un-killable monster.

It may very well be that the show is framing things like consent, choice, and nonviolence as important values that need to be upheld. And this puts in clearer perspective, why Eclipsa is so feared in the first place.

A persistent theme in the narratives of Eclipsa is simply her person. Eclipsa isn’t often viewed by the characters as a previous queen of Mewni, or a great and powerful wielder of magic in so much as she’s simply Eclipsa.

In the show, her name needs no introduction, and she herself requires no qualifiers. When characters mention her, all of the weight her name carries speaks for itself, and the listeners react with corresponding awe and horror.

And we gather then, based on context, all these other facts about her.

In Into the Wand, we recognise her as a previous queen because of her presence in the Grandma Room. In Baby and Page Turner, we get a glimpse of just how powerful Eclipsa’s magic is and the fear she brings with her.

Yet we’ve seen similarly powerful magic users before. Rhombulus was able to contain her, and based on Baby’s assessment, Star’s power could Rival Eclipsa’s own, but they don’t elicit the kind of fear that invoking Eclipsa’s name does.

Something unique to Eclipsa, then, is a certain self-orientedness we don’t see in other queens, which, coupled with her power, makes her both unpredictable and terrifying.

For instance, while the other tapestries in the Grandma Room, both from Into the Wand and the Guidebook, showcase previous queens of Mewni in terms of their motif, a great act they did for the kingdom, or something they stood for, Eclipsa’s entry is very personal.

“Eclipsa Queen of Mewni to a Mewman King was wed,
But took a Monster for her love and away from Mewni fled.”

Unlike those of the other queens, Eclipsa’s tapestry is very focused on her private life. Even the image on the tapestry captures an un-queenly aspect of her life, her being held by a large demon, wearing a ring on his finger.

From the episode Moon the Undaunted, we know that the tapestries don’t capture the moments in the exact way they happened. Even Moon’s blasting off Toffee’s finger was stylised for the tapestry.

This highlights the idea that the representations captured are great and decisive moments in the lives of the queens.  

For Moon, it was being able to intimidate the un-killable monsters and preventing them from attacking the kingdom. That act not only saved Mewni, but cemented her role as a strong and capable queen, earning her authority in the eyes of much older parties.

In that way, Moon’s moment had large- and personal-scale implications worth recording.

If Eclipsa’s decisive moment was her choosing personal interest, that is, her demon love, over her kingdom, then the large-scale implication is apparent. Mewni’s queen had left, and her daughter, or the next Butterfly in line would be queen.

On a personal level, it tells us a lot about Eclipsa. She’s not only aware of her own power, but she’s also very confident about it. Her identity isn’t tied to being a queen or to Mewni.

Glossaryk himself said that the only queen who had never bothered him with questions was Eclipsa. Her character has a large focus on interiority, and it’s likely she made a lot of her decisions on her own.

Eclipsa’s strong individuality on its own, doesn’t seem to be dark and evil. That in itself ties in with many of the show’s themes about prejudice and making judgements.

What that individuality and stubbornness has brought, though, is a lot of very powerful spells that impinge on the lives of others. A common theme linking the spells for “Power of darkness, forces of evil, eternal suffering, blah, blah, blah” that Star saw in Eclipsa’s chapter is their disregard of others.

When spying on Marco, Star would have rather seethed on her own rather than be honest about her feelings, or at least talk to her friends so that things wouldn’t have been as awkward. And the use of that power was intoxicating, because she was calling these shots on her own, seemingly detached from the mercy or wants of others, but it didn’t respect Marco or Jackie’s privacy.

The act of killing someone else is the ultimate disregard for their being an individual, because it likens their life as something worth much less than the life of the killer. Toffee’s attempted erasure of Star and Glossaryk, particularly in the context of means to an end, exemplifies that.

The reason Eclipsa’s chapter and dark magic in general may be so dangerous is its promotion of this very impulsive and self-oriented worldview, which is probably not something to be supported in a queen, who is to be responsible for many individuals.

The theme of singularity in Eclipsa is even more apparent now, as she appears to be the last of her generation of Butterflies, being Star’s ninth great-grandmother. She’s been encased in her crystal, alone for hundreds of years.

Now that she’s returning, the carefully crafted narrative that things were always a certain way, or that a princess always had to follow certain steps before becoming a queen, could change drastically.

2. The Upturn of Values

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asianregret  asked:

Here is my first question, many people are comparing Lena to the evolution of Morgana. What are the similarities and differences between the two of them characteristically and plot wise. 😍

Ah, yes. Pull up a chair kids because this is a damn good question.

I think we can all pretty much agree that making Lena evil and killing her off would be some of the most lazy and cliche examples of writing ever to be dragged across our screens. We’ve been suffering enough through S2 of Supergirl and this plot twist (not actually a plot twist) would not only most likely be the last straw for us all, but it would be ridiculous.

I know some people like to hate on Lena for different reasons such as not liking SuperCorp or just assuming that she will be just another evil Luthor. I have some words for those that talk crap about my precious cupcake but let’s keep this friendly shall we? Sure, there are some parallels between Lex and Clark vs. Lena and Kara. You can have those. But they aren’t the only parallels that exist. The real plot twist is already in progress friends. The real plot twist is Lena actually being *gay gasp* GOOD! Whaaaaat? Who saw that coming!?

Some that are familiar with Katie’s work pre-Lena like to compare Lena to Morgana. Which is awesome might I add. However, some of these comparisons are cheaply used to explain exactly why Lena will be evil. Nope. The Katie McGrath Character Analyst™ is here to tell you that is weak.

So lets start this out by talking about Morgana. Most of you are familiar, I’m sure but for those that are not or need some refreshing, let’s do a quick fact list/breakdown.

The Lady Morgana Pendragon

Originally posted by missmysteriousm

  • Originally considered to be Camelot’s Favorite Daughter
  • Daughter of Vivienne
  • Raised by Uther Pendragon’s best friend, Gorlois
  • Adopted by Uther following Gorlois’ death
  • Turns out to be Uther’s biological daughter and older half-sister of Arthur Pendragon
  • Has a legitimate claim to the throne
  • Younger half-sister of Morgause
  • Former friend and eventual rival of Merlin
  • Eventual enemy of Camelot
  • Powerful magic wielder rivaled only by Merlin/Emrys
  • The Last High Priestess of the Triple Goddess

Okay, caught up? Cool. Morgana’s story is actually quite tragic (Of course it is! It’s Katie! What do you think this is?) But it is quite powerful as well. It has always been foretold that it was in Morgana’s destiny is to become the evil, all-powerful witch that the grew to be. But she was not always like that, and she didn’t have to be! Morgana started out as a sweet, innocent, yet still fiery young woman that had a huge heart and the love and respect of everyone. She could stand up for herself and had the wits to challenge everyone around her. At that point, the biggest issues in her life were her negative feelings toward Uther’s views of magic and those that had it, and the possibility that she may have magic herself. Let us consider the very important fact that Morgana suffered from several external factors that eventually led to her turn.

Uther Pendragon

Morgana always made it clear that she disliked Uther’s harsh methods when it regarded the treatment of sorcerers in and around Camelot. She didn’t think it was right or fair that an innocent person should be executed simply because of what they are. She was right! There were good people in the world that had magic and did not deserve persecution. However, Uther would hear none of her arguments and often acted aggressively toward Morgana when she spoke against him. At times, Uther went as far as laying hands on Morgana and even locked her in a cell until she apologized for calling him a tyrant and a madman – for speaking the truth. Morgana also learns the truth of how Gorlois (the man she believed to be her father died). He was sent to battle by Uther whom failed to send him the reinforcements he needed. This is something that was very difficult for her to handle. It eventually came to Morgana’s attention that she had been lied to her entire life. She discovered that she was actually Uther’s biological daughter from a time that he was involved with Vivienne (mother of Morgause) and that she was actually the rightful heir to the throne. After hearing the way Uther claimed to feel about her, she tried to give him a chance to come clean. Instead Uther decided to keep his secret saying the people do not need to know, thus denying Morgana and her birthright. After years of his crap, Morgana had enough of him. She hated him. She wanted him dead. Needed him dead. So she turned to our next evil inducing factor, Morgause.


Ah Morgause and Morgana. Umm, MorMor? Was that a thing? People shipped them. Shippers, acknowledge and answer me! Was that name a thing?? Wait no, Morcest! That’s what it was. Okay. Got it. Thanks guys. This troubles me.

Anywho, Morgause obviously played a major role in Morgana’s turn. I’ll skip ahead really quick and say that Morgause was literally the only person that had enough opportunity, that actually tried to help Morgana explore her power. She helped Morgana embrace the magic that she was originally so afraid of. When meeting with Morgause one night, she explained that she hated the man the Uther had become and even had a chance to kill him but decided to save him instead. She regretted that decision. Morgause saw this and the trust Morgana has invested in her as an opportunity to use Morgana’s body as a vessel that hosted an enchantment that proved to be dangerous to Camelot. Morgana was of course, unaware of this and was not intentionally hurting anyone. This led to the final straw and evil inducing factor, Merlin.

Merlin (and Gaius and Kilgharrah)

I will keep this short because again, Merlin was a man that Morgana originally placed great faith and trust in. They went through a lot together and Morgana trusted him to keep her secret of having magic. Where did our “hero” go wrong? He lied to her. Kept the secret of having magic away from her despite knowing how he could help her. He decided to keep it a secret because the old man and the crazy locked up dragon told him so. Bad choice Merlin. Upon discovering Morgana’s alleged involvement in Camelot’s toil, he just up and poisoned her. That’s it. Tricked her. Poisoned her. Sat there and cried while he murdered the woman that was supposed to be his friend. Rude. Morgause was the one that came to her rescue. Case in point: If Merlin had been honest with Morgana from the beginning, she most likely would not have turned to Morgause. She would not have felt so alone. She would not have been taken away by Morgause and shaped into the evil, angry, and vindictive sorceress that she became. Merlin even acknowledged this point later.

The result: Evil!Morgana

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Good job team. Sloooow clap. Look what you did. Now she’s pissed.

So how does this all compare to our lil cupcake Lena Luthor?? Let’s see.

Firstly, this is tough because we had 5 seasons of our beautiful Morgana and only have ohhh about an hour or less of Lena (crime against humanity). Let me see what I can do, Chance.

Lena Luthor

Originally posted by suprcorp

So this is a novel and people hate me already soooo, tune in for Lena’s analysis OR a TL;DR after the break. Stay with me, lovelies!

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You are one of the few real magic-wielder left on earth. One day, you start sensing an unfamiliar magic energy signature. You begin to search for the source, but somehow they are always one step ahead and manage to evade you. After a while, the person you are following is fed up and confronts you. It’s Loki (surprise), and he makes it very clear that he only wants to be left alone. You, however, have different ideas and suggest a partnership.

ELIDE IS VALG ... head-cannon

*ToD Spoilers* So I was having this conversation with my friend, and I came up with this theory. Elide is part Valg. Crazy I know. But stay with me. 

Let’s start from the beginning with her mother. Elide’s mom is Lady Marion. All we know about her definitively is that she worked in the washroom and she was best friends with Evalin Ashryver. Evalin was a princess of Wendlyn. But before Evalin went to Terrasen she lived at Mistwyrd. Now, what if Evalin met Marion at Mistwyrd. What if Marion figured out that Maeve was the Queen of the Valg but only because she too had similar powers as Maeve. We don’t know if the Three Valg Kings before the first two were banished from the realm didn’t have offspring. So what if they did. And what if some of that magic tickled down to Marion. Now, Evalin wouldn’t of left Mistwyrd, she had friends and a home and a cause she was petitioning. It seemed strange when Emris said Evalin left. But what if the reason she left was to protect Marion, her friend. What if Marion saw what Maeve is, told Evalin and then the two left. (plus the whole Marion was a maid is probably an easy trick of the mind. One that Maeve did, but to a bigger extent)

Now, you know how Maeve said Aelin’s parents always had a way of sensing when Maeve’s eyes were looking for her? Well here’s the thing, Aelin’s father Rhoe had no magic. And her mother only had water magic. Nothing that can really tell them when to hide Aelin. But what if Marion could. She was Aelin’s nursemaid, and she was also Evalin’s right-hand person. So what if she was put into that position to both alert Evalin about Maeve and also protect Aelin. 

You might be thinking, WHAT?! But think about it. When Evalin and Rhoe and Aelin left the palace, they brought no one with them except Marion. Strange right. Especially when they thought it was Maeve coming after Aelin. They really should have brought other magic wielders. But they just brought Marion. And when Aelin woke up between her parents and when that valg came, Marion stood her ground. Yes, she was loyal and would have done it no matter what. And yes Marion did die. But also, maybe the reason she couldn’t win in the fight was that her magic was depleted. 

Fast forward to Elide. We’re told Elide has witch blood in her. We still can’t figure it out. But we do know that Vernin and Errowan wanted her. She is valuable to them. Why? We don’t know. BUT if she has valg in her, if she has royal valg blood in her and if she is a female with royal valg blood. Then she has more of a claim to the valg throne then Maeve does. Because Maeve only is Queen because she married into the royal family. Now, what if Elide was meant to have children with Errowan. They would probably be powerful enough to take down Maeve. They would be full valg maybe. They would have a claim to the throne. It sort of makes sense. It also makes sense on why Marion’ s power was so depleted. She wasn’t only protecting Aelin, but also Elide from Maeve’s eye.

Here’s the thing. Fae males are drawn to power. Maeve is powerful. Aelin is too. They both have had the Cadre drawn to them. But then why would Lorcan be drawn to Elide. Elide who is a mortal. BECAUSE SHE ISN’T JUST A MORTAL. SHE IS POWERFUL. SHE IS VALG. SHE IS DARKNESS. The same darkness that drew Lorcan to Maeve. But this time, maybe more powerful. 

So all in all, I think Elide doesn’t have witch blood in her. I think she has valg. Or some bit of valg. Maybe she is valg. 

What do you guys think? 

Sealed With A Kiss

For @propertyofpoeandbucky‘s 3k Disney Challenge (#iyllas3kdisneychallenge). Congratulations again, hun!

Pairing: Loki Laufeyson x Reader  |  Word Count: 2505
Warnings: Minor swearing

Prompt: “I have made the decision to trust you.” “A horrible decision really.”  - Tangled

Chaos was erupting all over the base. A ship unlike any you’d seen before had descended from the sky, claiming to be coming in peace only to open fire on the Avengers facility without warning.

The entire team was in action, Tony’s armada of Iron Soldiers on the march, but the strange creatures with their sickly grey skin and bright orange armor were practically immune to bullets and missiles. Their armor appeared to be a type of shielding which protected them from any projectile faster than a fist.

The only ones who didn’t seem to be having an issue were Wanda and Strange.

Their magic ripped through whatever technology these odd invaders were using, but the sheer number of - what you’d mentally started calling safety cone aliens because, let’s face it, they looked like traffic pylons - were making it hard for the two magic wielders to keep up.

The only other person looking like he was enjoying himself was Bruce who’d Hulked out and was currently ripping into the ship high above.

While everyone else was occupied, you raced back inside and down to the secure facility in the basement.

What you were about to do was a terrible idea, but you didn’t feel like there was any other choice.

You needed help. The team needed help.

He was your only option.

Striding down the long narrow hallway, you came to a stop at the door and placed you hand on the palm plate.

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The term sea witch, swamp witch, lake witch and the myriad of other diversions of the source are a largely colloquial term for an number of aquatic magic wielders, a completely ambiguous term that holds no racial identity. One of the unifying elements are the innate magical abilities of these aquatic beings and use of magical objects to intensify said abilities.

A Hippocampus horn is one such a prized tool amongst sea witches, while a unicorn horn is the sought after tool of choice for the bog, swamp and related “witches”. Such an object has many magical abilities and purposes, with one being the ability to breach the surface of their underwater realms and fly.

A Swamp Sod, the solitary and less aggressive member of the “sea witch” term, will regularly travel from swamp to swamp as their homes dry up. While typically not a collector or purveyor of magical objects, here a Sod stumbled upon a long since dead skull of a once shackled unicorn, and is making its maiden flight.

A Golden crab adorns it’s head, a powerful ritual item and trusted familiar, whispering incantations of tempest proportions. These trusted familiars are commonly mistaken for will-o-the-wisps

#31: Jason Todd x Reader

So I love Young Justice, and I decided I would write an imagine for it explaining how Jason died (non-canonically of course). I may write a Part 2, but idk yet.

WARNING: This imagine turned out to be a lot more graphic than I expected, so I’m gonna put a small warning for a bit of gore.

Being Batman’s sidekicks had put you and Jason in enough danger for a lifetime, and becoming members of the Team had come with the risk of even more dangerous missions. You had grown so used to thwarting dictatorships and fighting aliens and magic wielders that you and Jason had forgotten just how tricky crime in your own city could be. You had let your guard down, and that was a mistake that you now realized could cost your lives.

The two of you had been jumped by a group of thugs as your patrol was ending. They had overpowered you and knocked you out, and when you woke you were in a dark room tied to a chair with Jason across from you.

“Jay,” you whispered as he raised his head, meeting his bleary eyes. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah.” He tested the zipties holding his wrists to the chair. “Where are we?”

“I don’t know,” you said, casting your gaze around the room for something you could use to get yourselves free. You saw a table across the room with an assortment of tools, knives, and a crowbar. Nausea rose to your throat as you guessed what they were for.

“We have to get out of here,” you said. Your blood ran cold when you heard a raspy voice say, “Before the fun begins?”

A tall and thin man emerged from the darkness behind Jason, dressed in a dark purple suit with a dead flower in his lapel. His hair was a dark green and the white skin of his face contrasted with his red grin.

The Joker took a fistful of Jason’s hair and yanked his head back.

“You’re in for a treat, Boy Wonder,” he said. “You and your partner here are going to have quite the night.”

The Joker released Jason and went to the table, looking over his choices.

“I’ve always wanted to see if the Bat’s sidekicks were as tough as he is,” the Joker said as he selected a knife and the crowbar. “They say he can’t be hurt, but I wonder what will happen if I hurt you?”

Your breaths grew short with fear and your heart raced as the Joker advanced on you with the knife.

“What do you think, my dear?” He pressed the blade to your cheek. Pain sliced through your skin and a ribbon of blood dripped from your jaw. “Do you think he’ll finally kill me for this?”

“No,” you said, pushing through your fear and looking him straight in the eye. “But I will.”

The Joker laughed and released you, a cackle of amusement and pure evil ringing in your ears.

“You crack me up, Girl Wonder,” he said. Out of nowhere, he struck you across the face.

“Stop!” Jason shouted, fighting his restraints with everything he had. “Torture me! Hurt me! Just don’t touch her!”

The Joker turned his attention to Jason, a sinister smirk curling his lips.

“Whatever you say,” he said, dropping the knife and raising the crowbar.

“No!” But it was too late. The Joker hit Jason in the chest with the crowbar so hard the chair toppled over, and Jason’s head hit the floor hard.

Jason’s breaths had turned to wheezes, and you were sure his ribs had been broken. The Joker hit him again and again, each strike emitting a thud and a crack of a newly broken bone. You screamed for the Joker to stop the entire time, fighting to get free of the damned chair, but you couldn’t move an inch to get to him.

The torture went on for hours. The Joker went between hitting Jason with the crowbar and carving into your skin with various knives. At some point Jason’s restraints were removed and he laid sprawled out on the ground at your feet, broken and bloody and unmoving. You didn’t want to accept what you knew. Jason couldn’t be dead. He was stronger than you in every way. No matter how many risks he would take, he had always made it out alive.

“Oh, come now.” The Joker nudged Jason’s head with his foot. “Dead already. I was hoping he would last longer.”

The Joker looked to you, covered in your own blood from all the places his knife had opened you up.

“I’ll leave you to tell the Bat what happened here tonight,” he said with a grin. “I do hope he finds you soon. Dead bodies smell awful when they’re left to rot.”

The Joker dropped the crowbar, the clang of metal on the concrete making you jump.

“Tell Batman I said hello,” the Joker said, and disappeared into the darkness he had come from.

You couldn’t do anything but stare at Jason’s body, tears running down your face. You wanted nothing more than to hold him and make him wake up, but you knew he was beyond help. He was gone, and the worst part was that you never got to tell him you loved him.

Once a Witch*

Chapter Six

Previous Chapter

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Witch!Reader  |  Word Count: 3137
Warnings: Angst, Anger, Smut - NSFW

Leaning your back against the door, you covered your face and let the tears flow. It was the right thing to do, you were sure of it, but it left a gaping hole in your chest. This one was three times the size of the one you’d lived with for three hundred years. It was fresh and bled pain, but you’d done the right thing. The best thing. The only thing you could.

He deserved to live the life he clearly loved, with the people he loved. To be happy.

You should have known better, though. He wasn’t one to give up that easily, and when you heard the glass shatter you jerked off the door, spinning to face the man angrily pacing toward you.

“You think you can tell me all this, sit there and look at me with longing and those goddamned eyes and then kick my ass out?” He stormed angrily toward you, shield on his arm and glass falling from his frame from the window he’d crashed through.

Again you found yourself backing away. Not out of fear, he would never hurt you, but out of shock. “How did you… get in?” He never should have been able to get back into the house, not with your spell active and protecting the property.

“Brute force and determination,” he growled, stalking you into the bookshelves.

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Requested by @the-lost-queen-of-terrasen 99: “I don’t think I’ve ever played spin the bottle

Rowaelin - technically, but there are a TON of other ships in this too

Aelin glances around the camp. Aedion sits on a log, staring blankly at the fire. Lysandra is sitting on the adjacent log, Evangeline leaning against her side, both of them quietly conversing. Fenrys, Gavriel, and Lorcan sit cross legged outside their tents in a tense game that Aelin can’t even begin to understand. Elide and Manon are still picking at dinner a couple feet away, Dorian leaning against the tree behind them, watching closely, for various reasons.

Rowan runs his hand down her arm, chin resting on Aelin’s shoulder as she settles farther into his chest from her position between his legs. He adjusts against the tree they’re sitting by and whispers, his lips brushing against the shell of her ear. “What are you thinking, fireheart?” He wonders.

Aelin runs her hand absentmindedly through Fleetfoot’s fur, contemplating how she should answer him. “I feel like we need a bonding activity.” She ponders, shivering when Rowan’s lips make a trail down the side of her throat, humming in question. “There’s this one game…”

Without warning, Aelin stands, making Rowan slump back against the trunk. He lets out a short growl, prompting Aelin to glance back for a short moment to wink at him. She saunters over to the three fae males, grabbing Fenrys’ bag. They break their intense eye contact as Fenrys looks up at her accusingly. “Ay, what are you doing…” His exclamation dies on his lips when she grabs a bottle of ale, pops the cover off, and starts chugging.

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Of Talking Snakes and Legacy

Donny Cates has an unenviable task of taking the reins of two of Jason Aaron’s characters with Doctor Strange #381.

The first and most obvious is the book’s namesake: Stephen Strange. Aaron has spent the past few years putting the Sorcerer Supreme through the magical and emotional ringer, adding killer stakes to the magician’s daily grind in the same way that he’s been adding weight to Thor’s journey. Both books relentlessly probed their heroes for the truth beyond their grand titles, and in the end Aaron took everything from them. For Thor Odinson, that was mjolnir and his sense of worth (self and otherwise). For Strange, it was his magic: the tool around which he had built his life’s purpose. Then Aaron sapped all of Earth of magic, pushing Strange to his mental and physical limits to keep the world(s) safe. Sure, he used to be an arrogant ass, but with magic and the title of Sorcerer Supreme, he found meaning. Responsibility. Maybe a bit of an attitude adjustment. Even so, Cates has managed to one-up Aaron’s trials by taking the mantle away entirely.

The second is the one who took it from him. Loki has had…a difficult few years. The last time he was at the forefront of a title was in Agent of Asgard (2014-2015, rip), though he has been playing a dangerous long game in the shadows of Aaron’s The Mighty Thor. Agent of Asgard saw the former god of lies stripped to the bone then rebuilt as something…more. Something whose view of the universe is so big picture that this panel from 381 sent genuine shivers down my spine:

The new God of Stories has spent the years since AoA playing bit parts in other people’s narratives, showing up here or there for a well-intentioned prank or a good laugh even while Aaron maneuvers him through the War of Realms (even if it means taking a short cut through certain people’s backs) and the larger cosmic sphere.

Legacy is the current name of the game at Marvel, so it seems only fair that these two history-dripping characters end up in Cates’ hands at this particular moment: Strange, when he is forced to confront his legacy now that it has abandoned him, and Loki, when his legacy is thrown in his face at every turn. Both characters are at a crossroads, Strange professionally and Loki existentially. What will these two incredibly powerful characters do with these new stolen legacies? Cates wastes no time setting up the new status quo while addressing the more recent adventures of his two protagonists through a short tour by Strange’s apprentice Zelma (an Aaron invention and it is an honest to god miracle that she survived this transition [Verity where u at girl]) then quickly moves on to show that he absolutely understands Marvel’s not-so-sweet baby brother by having Loki attempt to make friends with his fellow magic-wielders, get mad when said magic-wielders refuse to take him seriously, ruin their favorite hang out, then immediately text Zelma that he messed up all in the span of a few pages. This and the great encounter between Thor and Loki that follows is worth the price of admission alone, but the number of tantalizing story hooks (the most intriguing and perfect being Stephen’s “retirement” profession) Cates packs into the single issue on top of the great character moments make this book (or at least this issue) worth the time and money of magic fans both mischievous and strange.

My favorite ships!

My ships, or the majority of them at least, have rather vast similarities. The girls are usually intelligent (and somehow always end up being pretty brunettes) and the guys have dark pasts and are on a road to redemption, and then meet this girl who is like “bam, I’m not taking your dark bullshit, and I just kicked your butt and will do it again if you challenge me to.” And instead of resenting her for that attitude, they worship her, befriend her, love her, and she helps him in return overcome his demons. 

(For me, personally, it’s important they go from some sort of enemies (if only because of their alignment), to friends, then to lovers, and very important not to skip the ‘friends’ step or I’m like “nah, I don’t want this ship.”)

Bonus points if the male is a magic wielder and immortal or some sort of ageless god! 

Some of my ships are canon, some aren’t even implied and some are completely made up just because I can. And some were crack in the eyes of the writers but still made me fan myself cause the idea did things to me haha. 

Rumbelle - slowly becoming one of my oldest ships, and maybe the one I’ve written most prose for (thanks to challenges like @rumbellesecretsanta and @rumbellechristmasinjuly) - though their canon story now seems to be at an end, the dynamic is so awesome that I could enjoy myself with AU’s for decades to come. 
It’s very much inspired by Beauty and the Beast (quite literal in some ways), but adds a lot of darkness to Rumplestiltskin, and makes him an immortal dark magic user, which is, let’s be honest, awesome. 

Reylo - what I really love about this ship is the fact that you know Ben Solo is going to hit this brick wall where he’s like “fuck - I fucked up”, and as of now we have no idea how Rey will respond to it, and how quick she will forgive him. There is such a wide variety of Reylo fanfiction out there. Some of it where Kylo is just plain evil (not judging), others where he’s a misunderstood sweetheart. But the same goes for Rey - sometimes she remains good, sometimes she goes dark, and it’s this entire light/dark dynamic and all those childhood traumas they have in this universe of war that make them a very passionate and intense ship, no matter the context of the story. Can’t wait for episode VIII!

Hooked Wayfinder - also called Moaui by some - it’s not canon. And in fact, it’s a tiny ship. I don’t blame people for not shipping it, not at all. That’s probably a healthy response to watching this movie. But to me Maui falls perfectly in the “dark ageless guy on a path of redemption” trope while Moana falls in the “awesome heroin who doesn’t take shit” trope. The movie doesn’t really give off any vibes that either of the two are looking for a romantic partner, but if they were to decide otherwise, I’d hope they’d pick each other. They would also be an awesome asexual couple in my own mind, but some folks wouldn’t call that a ship, so, whatever. I still ship it. 

Zutara - Good old Zutara. Fellow Zutarians were royally screwed over by canon (and the showrunners weren’t ashamed of some Zutara-baiting either). Katara starts off as a rather plain girl (who soon becomes the most awesome waterbender in the world) while Zuko is an angsty prince with a very dark past. His path of revenge turns into one of redemption throughout the three seasons, and it would have been beautiful if it had turned canon, y’all. Zuko’s redemption arc was satisfying to watch though, and he did get help from Katara eventually.

Janeway/Q - this one probably doesn’t have a name, and is more crack than anything. But I remember watching this as a teen and going “omg yesssss” - it’s just, immortal allpowerful jerk looking for love and turning to a woman who doesn’t take bullshit for it. Unfortunately the ship didn’t work out in canon, haha. Q instead mated with another Q and Janeway became the aunty of the kids. 

Jasfar - I can probably call myself captain of the ship since it’s not canon and I kind of made it up. (and I’m the only provider of content for it so far, haha. Even made the manip you see above cause we don’t have gifs for people that have never shared a scene together - lol!)
It’s not based on the Disney animation (at all), but more on a bazillion headcanons I had to make about Once Upon a Time in Wonderland’s Jafar so he could end up in the same Agrabah as OUAT’s Jasmine. Erase Aladdin from the picture, make these two live in the same palace, where their titles of Princess and Grand Vizier provide them a certain isolation from the rest of society, and these two can melt together like no other. (also, Naveen Andrews and Karen David look like they would be able to play a beautiful couple together.) Currently writing about them for Nanowrimo, and I’m telling you, it’s awesome. :-) 

Honorable shout-outs to:

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Beauty and the Beast - the ship that started it for me when I was eight, I assume. It gave me a hunger for more complex love stories that weren’t all about “love at first sight”, but rather “love at seventy-eight sight” or something. 

Howl and Sophie - One of the most beautiful transformation-fairytale-like stories I know. Original that it’s the girl that turns “ugly”, even though it’s Howl who is “the monster” at the same time. I love Howl’s Moving Castle to bits.

Sidhe (III)

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You / Jimin / Namjoon

Rating: PG-13

Genre: Fantasy, Fey!AU / Royalty!AU

Word Count: 2,816

Description: In the land of Humankind and the Otherworld, the Fey and Humans live side by side. Cursed are the Fey though, unable to use their own magic without a human wishing it so. You were born and raised to end this curse, to take down the system - so what happens when the Human you’re bound to, ends up becoming so much more?

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Part 2 (kind of.)  Can be read on its own or as a part 2 to  @icecubelotr44​’s:  Withdrawal

Captain Charming, the Brothers Jones, and Captain Swan.  Whump and Angst and a baby bit of fluff.  Really it’s all my favorite things all in one place! 

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He was going to be a father.  Not a one handed pirate with a drinking problem.  A father.  

He hadn’t touched his flask since he’d heard the news,  and when his hand began to shake he knew that this child deserved better than a father who couldn’t be parted from his flask for more than half a day before he turned into a trembling mess.  He took out his flask again though, because Henry was in danger and he couldn’t afford to not have a steady hand.  Not today.  But that day he knew he’d have to find a way to sever his tie with the flask.  

The day they followed Henry’s summons via bottle was no more than a few days after the first beans began to ripen on the most precious anniversary present they’d received.  A tiny magic bean plant that Killian and Emma still weren’t entirely certain how Regina had managed to find.  Given on condition,  Regina had told them,  that she be permitted to visit Henry too once the beans began to ripen.

Once they did it was all Emma could do to not visit Henry at the end of every day. But the beans were still a precious commodity and so she planned a trip instead.  A week with Henry in the Enchanted Forest (an Enchanted Forest anyway)  as soon as the nausea stopped waking her up at three in the morning.  That day finally arrived and not a moment too soon.  Emma packed gleefully and gave Killian a suspicious look when he did not do the same.  

“Someone has to keep an eye on the town while you’re away.”  

Emma crossed her arms and she didn’t even have to remind him about her superpower before he changed course.  “Sorry, love,  it’s just,  there’s something I want to do before the babe arrives.  And you could use the time with your boy, aye?” She nodded reluctantly.  “I’ll make the trip with you,” he offered, kissing her lightly,  “if all is well I’ll leave you to your boy.”  

And so they went, Killian stopping only just long enough to assure himself that Henry was well and to check in with Regina before returning home to his task, his hand already trembling in half-remembered anticipation.  Perhaps not just anticipation.  He’d put the flask away the day before Emma’s departure and it was all he could do to get back to Storybrooke before Emma noticed something was off.  

When he returned to Storybrooke his first stop was Granny’s.  She gave him little more than the lift of an eyebrow when he offered her every cask and bottle of rum from his ship,  the only condition being that they be gone within the hour.  He thought perhaps there was approval in her eyes for more than just the free booze she’d acquired.

It seemed to take an age for the dwarves to get there.  Killian paced the length of the ship waiting, wondering if they were coming, needing them to hurry up.  He paced and he worried, nearly bouncing on the balls of his feet when the first bald head peeked over the gunwale.  

His head was already pounding and the last dwarf to make it off the ship was damn lucky that Killian was feeling too shaky to actually toss him overboard for dawdling.  The last thing to go was his own flask,  emptied over the side of the ship with a trembling hand.  He barely managed to hold off until the dwarves were out of sight before his meagre lunch was coming up, following the last of his rum to the depths.  

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