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Wish (Part 2)

[Part 1]

Pairing: Kagehina 
Show: Haikyuu!! 
Summary: Fire demon!AU, in which Kageyama makes a wish upon a falling star, and gets Hinata instead.

Travelling with a fire demon proved harder than Tobio had ever anticipated.

It’s not altogether strange, to see odd beings about the towns—wizards and witches selling potions and spells, spirits and sprites and tiny little fair folk, sprinkling dust in the sun-stripped air, a whole myriad of magical, mystical creatures strewn across the countryside—it’s just, the people throughout the land don’t take too kindly to demons.

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bigkingkahuna  asked:

Is Berserker Cu him during his ríastrad? Is he under the control of medb? I get caster Cu is him using magic before he got gae bulg, right?

berserker cu alter isn’t using the riastrad, he’s the result of medb using a grail to summon “a cu who will be by her side as king” which both turned him into a whole different monster entirely and put him under medb’s control yes. more specifically, he follows medb’s orders because being altered brought a bunch of his Issues™ to the forefront which makes him completely dedicated to this role of “king” medb gave him, and because cu has only ever known shit kings in his life he figured he would have to be a monster in order to be king so that’s what he became

caster cu is just lancer cu except as a caster, so he doesn’t have his spear with him and uses rune magic instead. he’s also pretty on edge about not having his spear on hand because even though he has the magic skill he’s not very well suited for caster class

“The triad, being the fundamental principle of the whole Kabalah or Sacred Tradition of our fathers, was necessarily the fundamental dogma of Christianity; the apparent dualism of which it explains by the intervention of a harmonious and all-powerful unity. 

Christ did not put His (Cabalistic) teaching into writing, and only revealed it in secret to His favored disciple, the one Kabalist (John) ,and he a great Kabalist, among the apostles.”

Lévi, Eliphas: Transcendental Magic

Great Sep & Marcia Moments
  • Marcia cares enough about the unnamed sentry boy who hit her with a snowball to recognize he shouldn’t have left his post yet, find him and dig him out of the snow, use her Magyk to save his life and bring him inside to warm up
  • Marcia telling Boy 412 he has a great Magykal gift, giving him the Flyte charm and asking him to be her apprentice. Keep in mind that this is a boy who’s spent his whole life being treated like he’s nothing. And then when he refuses because it’s all too good to be true, she recognizes he needs time and tells him to keep the charm- and the offer.
  • Boy 412 giving Marcia his precious dragon ring, which gives her hope and restores her magic, later saving her life
  • Marcia returning the ring and reassuring Boy 412 that yes, the Magyk was inside him all along. And then he agrees to be her apprentice!
  • In the Darke Toad novella, Marcia taking Septimus out to the Port for some fun, which she is upset to discover is a first for him
  • When Marcia believes she’s about to be killed by DomDaniel’s Human Placement, her last words are to ask Alther to take care of Septimus
  • Septimus then joins her in the Identify spell, once again saving her life
  • In Physik, Septimus going to great trouble to send a note into the future so Marcia knows what happened to him- and her utter despair upon finding it
  • Upon their reunion, Marcia shrieks, runs to Septimus and spins him around in a hug while joyfully calling out his name, which shocks Septimus because Marcia “doesn’t do hugs”
  • Marcia is willing to defy the will of the Queste gathering and put the Wizard Tower under siege to keep Septimus safe.
  • Just when the kids in the House of Foryx have lost all hope, the triumphant return of “Only one person would ignore a perfectly good doorbell and attack a doorknocker like that”
  • Marcia giving Septimus Senior Apprentice status several years early because of his performance in the Queste, and his joy and pride at this
  • Marcia packing Septimus a regulation Young Army adventure pack, which she remembered perfectly from his stories
  • Septimus sending Marcia a letter by pigeon post to let her know he’s alright, and Marcia staying up all night until she receives it
  • Marcia and Septimus casting the Undoing of the Darknesse together, fulfilling her prediction back in Magyk that together, they could defeat the Darke
  • Marcia giving Septimus an entire month to have fun and see his family, despite having already spent a month without him when he was with Marcellus
  • Their tearful reunion after each thinking the other must have fallen down the elevator shaft and died
  • “I know my child!” “And I know mine. I mean- I know Septimus”
  • As Marcia and Septimus banter, Todd observes that they have a “special space” between them that no one else can enter
  • Marcia trusts Septimus enough to not interfere as he gives away the Akhu Amulet, the symbol and source of his power. And then when Septimus is weak and disoriented from the loss of his Magyk, Marcia goes into full mom mode, creating an umbrella and shepherding him under shelter, drying off his hat for him, and returning his favor from over a decade ago by giving him her magic through the dragon ring
  • Marcia apologizing to Septimus for leaving him the responsibilities of the EOW so young, and vowing to always be there for him when he needs it. This ends with both of them tearing up.
  • The pair of them using Synchronicity to almost easily capture one of the Wizard-killing monsters, then working together all night to banish them all in the nick of time

okay so this has been bothering me a lot, it’s made clear at the beginning of civil war that tony is not actively involved in the avengers? he’s not going out on missions with them, he doesn’t live full time at the compound, he funds and supports them but he is not doing a whole lot of superheroing. Instead, he’s been busy with developing the b.a.r.f tech we see him presenting and setting up the september foundation, which pepper is the head of. so they probably worked on it together. tony is made this technology specifically so he could work through his trauma, he’s not suddenly magically better but he IS aware of it and working on it. so why does everybody keep perpetuating this “pepper left tony/wanted to take a break because she is sick of him being iron man/not dealing with his problems” idea because it’s not true?? it’s not even mentioned in the movie exactly why they are taking a break (spoiler: it’s because the writers wanted tony to be sad) so can we stop doing that, thanks

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I always saw Killian as Slytherin and Liam as Gryffindor, cause why not cause some strife. XD

Except that one of Killian’s over riding traits is bravery (he constantly stands up to much more powerful magical beings without a trace of fear and his bravery is the foil to his arch enemy’s cowardliness) and Liam sold his whole crew out to Hades which was a total Slytherin move. 

a bit about Nae which im not sure how canon is gonna be once i actually start playing? but so far i like it like this

- Nae is self-proclaimed childhood rival of Satsi (who just wanted to be left alone)

- queen of salt

- hated how indifferent and passive Satsi was about being born in slums and his own life in general

- his whole existence pissed her off, so she did everything to piss him off in return

- like Satsi is uncomfortable with magic? GOTTA STUDY MAGIC AND SHOVE FIREBALLS INTO HIS FACE. Stuff like that

- Nae hates that she’s a lowborn and people making fun of her being an altmer but not one of those fancy ones

- little Nae saved money to pay some old guy to teach her how to read and write, and also books

- when Satsi was caught and taken away by city guards everybody thought it was Nae’s doing

- Nae got caught when she tried to rob mages guild for more books


One of my fears going into Justice League Action when I learnt that Constantine was going to be in it, was that (like in a lot of the post-2011 reboot comics) Zatanna was going to be phased out in place of John. But as the episode Zombie King appeared to show, she is still around and is his equal, which is good. Them being paired up also makes sense (beside them being magical superheroes), due to their having used to date.

Additionally, Zombie King also marks the animated debut of the magical gangster Brother Night, from Paul Dini’s Zatanna solo series. There he began as his supervillain career in the 1960s, where he sacrificed a whole bunch of people in exchange for supernatural power, causing him to come into conflict with Zatanna’s dad a bunch of times.

By the time Zatanna’s series starts, Night has taken over the San Francisco magical underworld and has his sights on conquering the mundane criminal one when the superhero foils his plans. The series ended on the reveal that Zee’s sort-of love interest in the book was Brother Night’s son, but that plotline along with Night’s master plan was dropped when the reboot happened, rendering the entire thing a waste of time.

Magic Au where everything is the same except...

1. Tibalt is actually performing the whole story as a stage play in which he wears a variety of poorly made costumes and has low budget special effects

2.Jace is constantly forgetting what he’s supposed to be doing and has to constantly read the mind of others around him to remember his point of being their

3.Liliana fully embraces being The Memecromancer, constantly dredging up
Old or dead memes

4.Gideon is actually just wearing a muscle shirt this whole time and is to convincing and confident for anyone to guess otherwise

5.Ajani only speaks in “Nya’s” but everyone understands much like Chewbacca from Star Wars

[DRABBLE] Boyfriend!Jeonghan (G)

Requested by: @jeonghanlife
Prompt: Jeonghan Christmas winter scenario
Word Count: 1,908
Genre: Fluff
Warnings: None!

A/N: WHOO IM ON A ROLL WITH THESE REQUESTS (I can only hope that my drive doesn’t crash and burn anytime soon) Okay, I know Christmas is WAY over, so I changed the request a little (I am so sorry ;;). But I still hope that this drabble manages to encapsulate the same magical feeling. I’m really new to this whole winter stuff *glares at the temperature which peaked at literally 34 degrees Celcius today wowilovesingapore* 

Please enjoy it ^^


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*highpitchedscreeching* BYEOBEETCHINAERINDA SHYAALAALALAALALLAALLAAAAAA cough sorry ok on with the story

You find yourself stirring awake after lingering in the abyss of sleep, and your eyes flutter open to unfamiliar surroundings. This isn’t your room, is it?

But a low rumble of a snore reminds you that you’re in Jeonghan’s apartment, cozily tucked in his bed despite the day being well into the afternoon. When the temperature had dropped to the negatives on the day you were planning to go sightseeing, and with your body not being very accustomed to cold weather having lived in the tropical regions of Australia for most of your life, Jeonghan was more than happy to call it quits. As a result, his more-than-happy declaration of “Today will be a lazy day” was what you went with eventually.

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Werewolf!Hoseok as a Father

And now it’s time for our lovable walking ball of fluff, our angel, our hope, Jung Hoseok aka J Hope aka hobi aka can I just mention hobi's face for a second bc I think I need to it’s so expressive like we all know the j-nope face he makes (which is fucking hilarious) plus when he smiles it lights up so quickly and his smile is very often followed by his laugh which makes it even better bc hobi’s laugh is magical but also his face is 10/10

  • Original werewolf!hobi here (part two here)
  • On the topic of pregnancy, all of the father related posts are here
  • I could see hobi waiting for marriage to have children but I could also see him having them beforehand
  • I’m leaning a bit more towards after marriage bc hobi seems like he’d like that whole idea of being your husband
  • He’d be more focused on you and your relationship than when you two have kids
  • Of course kids are a want for the future but he’s young and in love and wants to focus on that for rn
  • If kids do happen before marriage, he’d be just as happy too bc he knows with all of his lil heart you’re his other half and kids with you would be amazing, regardless of what titles there are
  • I can see hobi, especially werewolf!hobi, marrying after like 4 years
  • He’d be such a cute husband though
  • It wouldn’t be too different from what he’s like as a boyfriend but both versions are still really fucking cute ??
  • The only difference is he tries to get you to call him your husband as often as he can
  • “Hey hey hey what’s my name in your phone??”
  • “Hobi??”
  • “Damn it I just changed it to my husband why would you change it back I wanted you to say it”
  • I feel like the term pup really fits him bc he’s an actual puppy
  • Lil sleepy hobi waking you up every morning with a soft lil kiss
  • Sometimes it’s on your nose, sometimes it’s your forehead, sometimes it’s your shoulder
  • It all depends on how you two are cuddling and what he can reach without moving bc sleepy hobi is way too comfortable being all snuggled up to you to actually move
  • Hobi trying really hard to be quiet as he makes you breakfast but fails
  • Feels guilty about it for 2 seconds bc he knew how comfy you were and he wanted you to get as much sleep as you could
  • But quickly gets over it bc his love is awake !!!
  • He’s v v close with the boys
  • We all know how much he loves them and spoils them in attention
  • The pack is a very important part of his life and you’re just as involved
  • They all love having you come around bc you make hobi happy and happy!hobi is their favorite
  • Your couch and guest room are constantly occupied by the boys, whether it’s tae just dropping by for a night or yoon being too tired to drive all the way to his own house
  • You don’t mind though bc you grew up around the pack and hobi
  • Whenever you and hobi used to have sleepovers, you’d always see them casually come and go as they pleased
  • It soon became normal to have them come into the room you and hobi were playing around in and then leave after they’d gotten whatever they needed
  • Hobi and Tae would be roommates for a good chunk of your childhoods so to say tae felt right at home whenever he crashed on your couch is an understatement
  • Hobi definitely tears up a bit when you tell him about the bby
  • They’d be happy tears of course
  • But he honestly can’t help it bc like there’s a lil hobi or a lil you that’s gonna be waddling around the house in a year or two
  • There will be a mini Jung that’s the evidence of your love, a lil buddy for hobi to play with and spoil and cuddle whenever he wanted
  • Definitely, 100% hands down would love hugging the lil bby bump
  • He loves cuddling in general but he likes being as close to the bump as possible bc “hey kid how’s it going in there”
  • Every day he kisses it good morning and good night (along with you of course)
  • Super protective over it but also has no issues letting the pack members touch it
  • He makes sure you hold his hand whenever you go up or down stairs bc what if you stumble he can’t have that
  • “Hoseok it is two steps, I can handle this on my own thnx”
  • “But check it out, you also get to hold my hand so plz just take it”
  • Cries the first time he sees his lil bby during the ultrasound
  • It just hits him that all of those nights he spends dreaming about a lil bby Jung in his arms, the hours he spends reading and singing and talking to the bby bumps, are all real
  • It’s an actual bby in there holy shit man
  • Has about ten copies of the ultrasound pictures around the house
  • He’s got one on the fridge, one in the guest room turned nursery, one in your shared bedroom, one in his wallet they’re just everywhere
  • Gives out copies to literally every member of the pack
  • Yoongi secretly hangs his copy up in his studio head canON
  • He turns into a kid in a candy store when he starts shopping for the newest Jung
  • All the onesies, all the toys, all the lil tiny socks bc he can’t get over how tiny they are
  • “Hobi we genuinely do not need 50 pair of socks for a newborn”
  • “But this one haS A TIGER FACE ON IT”


But no this scene was super cute because 1. Morgan pushes Spencer to kind of come out of his shell but not by getting him to lie or pretend to be someone he’s not or do something suave, like lots of stupid tv tropes with similar partnerships. rather, he gets Spencer to flirt DOING WHAT HE DOES BEST which is being a nerd which brings me to 2. WHAT A FUCKING ADORABLE NERD HE LEFT HIS CARD BEHIND HER BERET AND TOLD HER TO CALL HIM SPENCE GET IT he got game on a WHOLE different level