magic twins feelings~

The Weasley Twins // Fred & George Weasley.

Fred and George were troublemakers from a young age, delighting in playing clever pranks and in teasing their siblings . They were as close as two brothers could ever be. The two would always agree with one another, and never get into any fights or arguments, (at least not real ones.) The two did just about everything together. They often finished each other’s sentences and spoke in a back and forth way that could confuse others at times. They were trouble makers, often pranking their sibling .

They were renowned for their senses of humour; they were able to make people laugh and relax even in very trying times. Neither George nor Fred took school very seriously, but they were both very talented wizards, and demonstrated their ingenuity in their inventions and their business sense in running a highly lucrative shop. They were also staunchly loyal to their loved ones and very brave,and unafraid to stand up against what they thought was wrong,

one and only

two by two, you by you
on edge, he moved
his grace was an honor
his face leaves pure horror

legs so poise, mind left in white noise
i flow as you move with just you
your alternative, your identical
i long for his parallel

dancing in such peril
i never felt so special
a leap, a twist
this carousel’s a fairytale

i live for risk, a menace
the horrible truth, to play in a labyrinth
a kiss i could never tell
to never wake from a beautiful spell
to live as his one, his only
to be his, solely

i have so many headcanons about billy and tommy’s relationship ydek.

like, tommy is really not a people’s person right and he’s an only child so his first instinct is taking the whole magic twins thing as a joke because really, a TWIN? billy doesn’t even look THAT much like him. except then he kinda starts to care, maybe a lot more than he ever expected and he feels a bit protective, which is really stupid because a)billy is ridiculously powerful and b)have you SEEN his boyfriend? then again tommy feels the need to glare at teddy from time to time, in that obvious if-you-hurt-my-little-brother-i-will-end-you sort of way (because OBVIOUSLY tommy is the big brother here PLEASE); and he pats awkwardly billy’s shoulder when he looks somehow down and he kinda wishes he had a little of that empathy all twins seem to have so that he could just GET IT without having to ask.
and billy knows, because he is really not stupid and it is kinda nice to have somone acting like his older brother because all his life HE was always the oldest who had to take care of the others. he never says anything or calls tommy on it, mostly because it feels so natural that he hardly ever notices. he occasionally just rolls his eyes at him when tommy makes a comment about teddy, but he knows it’s completely lost on tommy. sometimes his protective strike does show itself though, not VISIBLY or anything tommy might notice, but billy’s powers are always monitoring tommy’s position in battle so that however fast he’s being, billy instinctively knows exactly where he is.
and sometimes they argue, not because they’re twins, but because they’re TEAMMATES and that comes first; everyone thinks billy is the friendly one and that tommy stands mostly on the sidelines, but really billy IS the most selfish out of the two and tommy has really come to care about these people and wants them to work TOGETHER, so they rub off each other the wrong way A LOT of times. in most of these occasions, tommy vibrates billy hard enough to make him a bit dizzy because he knows that just throws billy so off that he stops being so STUBBORN and LISTEN KAPLAN DAMMIT.

oh god so many magic twins feelings~