magic trich

🎉 50 days! 50 full fucking days! 🎉

Let me be honest: It hasn’t been easy. It’s not getting easier even now, especially seeing as I’m starting uni tomorrow, which adds stress and pressure, which leads to me searching for unhealthy stress relief. In any way, I’m keeping strong, I’ll keep on going. I’ll make it this time, I’m making myself (and trich turtle) proud! 🐢 I’m rooting for all of you, too. If I can do it, so can you!

“I am in control and resist the desire to pull my hair”

This request hit close to home for me, which is why I made sure I was the one who took it. I, and the anon who asked for this sigil,  have something called trichotillomania, which is chronic hair pulling caused by stress. To the anon, I just wanna say I know the boat you’re in; I know how hard this can be to stop, but you can, and you will. Just try to focus on how great you’ll look with a full head of hair :)

Anyways, for this write it on the back of your hands, both of them, as well as you can. 

Requested by anonymous