magic telescope

Big Dipper and MAGIC Telescope

Stars of the constellation Ursa Major (the Big bear) form the familiar dipper-like asterism in the northern sky as photographed from the Roque de los Muchachos Observatory on the Canary island of La Palma. The starry night sky is reflected from one of a pair of 17 meter diameter, multi-mirrored MAGIC telescopes. The MAGIC (Major Atmospheric Gamma Imaging Cherenkov) telescope is intended to observe gamma rays indirectly by detecting brief flashes of optical light, called Cherenkov light.

Image credit & copyright: Babak Tafreshi

Although he knew perfectly well that he shouldn’t, Algy could not resist taking just a wee tiny bite of the glowing toadstool. No sooner had he swallowed it than the forest began to spin round and round, with Algy at its centre. He fell back helpless on the soft forest floor, unable to do anything except watch the whirling trees and strange colours…


Drambuie Estate (Montego Bay, Jamaica) :: Today this remarkable hideaway retains many exquisite original features plus contemporary amenities of air conditioned bedrooms, cable televisions and Internet access ~ the best of both worlds from two centuries.

Drambuie is exquisitely furnished with Chinese rugs; original art; 1930’s French posters; carved sculpture from Jamaica, England, China and Africa; and Chippendale and Queen Anne treasures ~ complemented by casual wicker verandah furnishings. A few steps across a grassy lawn are the large pool, umbrella tables and shaded luncheon pavilion. Each night, the lighted town of Montego Bay and cruise ships in the harbor twinkle like a diamond necklace in the distance. Star-gazing through Drambuie’s telescope adds magical nighttime drama. The night view from the dinner table is incredible, beautiful beyond words.

Cut stone walls brought from England 200 years ago as ship’s ballast comprise the 18-inch walls of the Main House. Vaulted ceilings are 16 feet high. Floors are cool tiles from England, Mexico and South America. The Main House consists of the Great Room with pool table, large screen television, VCR and sound system; inlaid games table for chess, checkers or backgammon; and comfortable sitting area. French doors open to a 330’ wrap-around stone verandah furnished with al fresco dining tables, wicker sitting area, tempting hammock and lawn leading to the pool. Through tall mahogany doors is the large master bedroom suite. Also in this building are the powder room, butler’s pantry and kitchen.

A tiled path leads 30 feet from the Main House to The Cottage. Here are three more bedrooms which can be connecting for parents and children or kept private via locking doors. A furnished verandah fronts The Cottage. Nine steps down from The Cottage is the fifth bedroom, an intimate hideaway for two.

Drambuie’s complimentary fulltime driver will handle all airport transfers as well as excursions to beaches, water sports outlets, restaurants, shops and various tour destinations. Guests are asked to tip their driver locally.

Drambuie is an exquisite wedding and honeymoon location.

for n-chu4ever​ because her Fire!John AU is what I do on my weekends <33

John was at Harvard when Scott suggested, lightly teasing, that he really should get his nose out of his books for five minutes and please get a hobby, for god’s sake little brother. The elder Tracy forwards John a list of his University’s Societies, with the thinking that John will at least be half tempted by maybe the Gaming Analytics Group or the Chess Club or the Robotics Club or anything that doesn’t involve John having his eye pressed to a telescope 24 hours a bloody day. Hell, he can join Anime Soc for all Scott cares because John, pale and interaction starved, just seriously needs to get out more.

But then John, for some bizarre, unfathomable reason, decides it’s the Harvard College Magicians Society that he wants to join and Scott stares at him like he’s grown another head (which, with the amount of time he spends the Uni labs, Scott thinks quite likely).

Magic, John?” Big brother blinks, “Magic, really?” Because John is science and facts and space and his head stuck in the stars or in the lab or to a telescope and magic is the least-John thing he can possibly imagine.

“I’m interested in the tricks behind it.” John just calmly smiles, packing his books away on the other end of the holocall. “They have a circus skills division with fire performances too, and I wouldn’t mind learning some staff or poi or those spinny things on a string or something. And not just for the scientific interest I have in combustion.” He grins, glancing up at his brother. “You’re right, Scotty boy. I really do need a hobby.”

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Aaaaand I’m also not going to make a male Touhou character and I’m probably not going to name it after myself but I can 100% make a youkaisona/new oc that’s based off me, you bet! Thanks @turbobyakuren​ for the opportunity to make a cute space youkai girl <3

Celestine Lunette
is a youkai magician who draws strength from the alignment of the planets! She’s always watching the sky, and knows what bodies and stars are going to be where years in advance. Her magic changes depending on what’s in the sky, and she can also predict the future via planetary movements. It’s touhou, astrology can be real if I want it to be real

She possesses a magical telescope that can see with about as much detail as modern astronomical telescopes, a compass that shows the alignment of objects in the sky (so she can still check on cloudy days), and a book where she records all of her observations and also has spells.

She’s extremely interested in space (obviously, she’s me), and could probably talk your ears off about it if you let her get carried away. As a magician, she also has a general interest in anything mystical, and is constantly thirsty to learn new things.

She also has a sense of humor. She’s a little like Marisa, honestly, except she respects you and your property. Just harmless sass. If she knew about the internet she’d be a shitposter for sure.

(Also she totally gets on well with Galactica. They’d be best friends for life. I bet she’d adopt the damn fairy.)


Sun Sign “Blazing Radiance”
Mercury Sign “Heavenly Messenger”
Venus Sign “Beauty of the Divines”
Earth Sign “Lively Terra”
Moon Sign “Shining Selena”
Mars Sign “Marching Legion”
Jupiter Sign “Galileo’s Jewels”
Saturn Sign “Hundred Thousand Rings”
Uranus Sign “Infinite Heavens”
Neptune Sign “Infinite Ocean”