magic stick

Identifying witches

An open witch: just enter their house there are like 80 candles and rocks and stars and leaves and shit everywhere you are just tripping over it

A kitchen witch: their kitchen is hands down the coolest part of the house with awesome spices and organisation and deco and their house smells amazing

Hedge witch: check for a dehydrator or massive amounts of parchment paper

An urban witch: their living space is covered in the most random, seemingly irrelevant stuff that they are super attached to

Pagan witch: altars to different deities everywhere and so many pentacles everywhere why is there one in the toilet damn what

Christian witch: house is covered in fairies and Angels in paintings and statues it’s like what

Neo-pagan: their gem stone collection can only be rivalled by the state rock museum ( either that or they are a Steven universe fan :p )

A closet witch: check the drawers for books Check the drawers man

Satanic witch: lots of silver on their altar and most of their closet is black or sexy.

Gothic witch: their house IS black and sexy and full of bones

A spoonie witch: their athame is in the kitchen and there is random candle wax around the house and you just have no idea what happened but this one corner of the house has great energy

Sigil witch: why is there a sigil on every napkin what is life who are you

Tarot focused: they have like 80 tarot decks and half haven’t even been opened and they are super defensive about

A witching: starter kits, specialty candles, and they have a few books on Wicca they bought accidentally

Sea witch: there are shells everywhere and it constantly smells like fresh sea air but you can’t find the source


Quick witch tip

Incense! Incense is the best. 

You can ground with it, cleanse with it, meditate with it, scry with it, charge sigils with it, accompany spells or tarot readings with it. You can pick scents that align with your intent. You can just wave it around and try and make smoke rings and call it meditation! It’s so cheap and versatile for witchcraft and innocuous enough for witches who can’t be open about their craft. 

Draco x Hermione: Rival Candidates for Minister of Magic
  • Hermione begrudgingly accepts that she’s the best choice for Minister of Magic candidacy
  • Draco has spent decades cleaning up the Malfoy name, so of course his final play is to run for Minister of Magic
  • As soon as they both announce it, the Wizarding World goes crazy
  • Although Hermione has the young vote, the older generations will always prefer a Malfoy to be in charge
  • Even if this Malfoy has done everything in his power to stop being associated with pureblood elitism
  • He even donated to Granger’s S.P.E.W for fuck’s sake!
  • But Hermione isn’t buying any of it
  • So during their first official private meeting she accuses him of doing it all for the press
  • Which, alright, he is
  • But that’s not the whole reason and he claims he’s actually changed
  • The campaigning starts and they’re both forced to see each other in various political events
  • They end up arguing every time
  • Sometimes publicly and sometimes not
  • In the end they must bite their tongues and shake hands
  • The debates are always interesting, and they’ve both won and lost
  • Until Hermione (with the help of her advisor, Ginny) starts a really nasty campaign bad-mouthing the Malfoys for all they did during the war
  • His poll numbers start to drop almost immediately 
  • And that night he barges into her house, unannounced, and in a fit of rage
  • “What the fuck, Granger!? That was a low move and you know it!”
  • “Oh like you haven’t been playing dirty, Malfoy!”
  • “I haven’t! But if that’s what you want, get ready because I will. Fuck. You. Up.”
  • “I’d like to see you try”
  • Neither of them notice how close they are to each other
  • Or how heavy the air suddenly got around them
  • But next thing they know, Hermione’s tearing off his clothes as he pins her against the wall
  • Draco makes sure to kiss that infuriating mouth of hers as much as he can before reality sets in
  • And boy, did it set in
  • Right after they finish, Draco leaves. He doesn’t make a public appearance for two weeks
  • Everyone thinks he’s gonna drop out at that point
  • And maybe he is, he just doesn’t know anymore
  • But Hermione knocks on his door the day before a very important public event
  • She convinces him to return and apologizes for her unfair campaign
  • “We started this together. No matter the results, I think we should finish it, together.”
  • Draco returns, stronger than ever, and his poll numbers quickly pick up
  • It’s a very close race and nobody knows what’s going to happen
  • What also nobody knows is that Draco and Hermione have been seeing each other secretly behind the scenes
  • Eyes meeting across conference rooms
  • Quick get-togethers after an intense debate
  • “Randomly” running into each other during their capaign tours
  • They can’t help it, being together is the only thing getting them through this whole deal
  • Which is highly ironic because they’re both terrified of what’s gonna happen once somebody actually wins
  • They don’t mention it, though, because this their thing was supposed to be for “fun” and “I still want to win”
  • The closer the voting is, the more they fight, in and out of the spotlight
  • And they’ve both thought about quitting multiple times
  • But when the day finally comes, neither of them can bear to watch the results without the other
  • So they organize a big party with both their teams in the name of ‘unity’
  • The tension is high, the race is extremely close, and they wait for the results well into the night
  • They walk up next to each other seconds before the announcement
  • And they hold hands
  • “The newly elected Minister of Magic is…”