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Gorillaz Album Aesthetics
  • Gorillaz: Dens made in garages, bass speakers, fairgrounds, magic 8 balls, battered Converse, group chats, the city at night, burning cigarette stubs, spilt beer, being high, giggling
  • Demon Days: Insomnia, newspaper clippings, basement nightclubs, light peeking through grey clouds, cracks in the pavement, purple silk, TV stores, the nerves of a first date, handwritten diaries
  • Plastic Beach: Sunburn, bright red sunsets, eerie silence, burning plastic, weightlessness, sharp rocks in the sand, fruit cocktail, denim shorts and sunglasses, smiling with chapped lips, love letters that were never sent
  • The Fall: Rain on the pavement, skyscrapers, black coffee, leather diner love seats, oversized coats, despondency, Autumn, cigarette smoke, spinning vinyl, silent car drives, music tapes, fallen leaves
  • Humanz: House parties, glow sticks, smeared lipstick, cocktails, running fast, uncertainty, leather skirts, glitter, fist fights in alleyways, protest signs, iPhone 5Cs, a smashed disco ball

you know what i truly deeply want?

a fic where young tom riddle meets newt scamander …. like how would that even go down

A Prayer to the Many Gods

Wepwawet, opener of ways, granter of choices,
unfolder of options, I praise and honor you.

Anubis, measurer of hearts, friend of the dead,
warder against the dark, I praise and honor you.

Hathor, lady of gold, mistress of joy and pleasure,
steadfast friend of women, I praise and honor you.

Sekhmet, most mighty and most beautiful of gods,
healer of humanity, I praise and honor you.

Bast, devouring lady, mistress of truth and light,
preserver of the family, I praise and honor you.

Tefnut, lady of the waters, bringer of rain
to the dusty land, I praise and honor you.

Shu, lord of the air, steady and still of bearing,
master of the winds, I praise and honor you.

Heru-wer, great of terror, lord of flame, granter
of a heart bold and brave, I praise and honor you.

Ma’at, daughter of creation, ideal of the worlds,
mistress of the right, I praise and honor you.

Djehuti, great scribe of Ma’at, master of the pen,
lord of truth and wisdom, I praise and honor you.

Seshet, lady of names and numbers, mistress
of records, keeper of time, I praise and honor you.

Great Ptah, merciful of face, friend of the maker,
whose words work upon the earth, I praise and honor you.

Sokar of the opened wings, lord of the dark,
master of artisans, I praise and honor you.

Wesir, beautiful one who rests upon Ma’at,
lord of the silent lands, I praise and honor you.

Aset, queen of heaven, mistress of magics,
upholder of the good, I praise and honor you.

Heru-sa-Aset, master of magics, just one,
savior of your father, I praise and honor you.

Nephthys, mistress of renewal, friend of the dead,
easer of sorrows, I praise and honor you.

Set of the red land, before whom the sky shakes,
breaker of boundaries, I praise and honor you.

Nut of the sheltering sky, who holds a thousand souls,
lady of the starry night, I praise and honor you.

Geb, first and eldest of kings, deep father earth
who marks the joys of life, I praise and honor you.

Ra who is in heaven, who is in the horizon,
giver of light and life, I praise and honor you.

Khepera, ancient one, bright-winged one, wise and shining
heart of the morning sun, I praise and honor you.

Heruakhety who crosses the sky with incense,
great god of the horizon, I praise and honor you.

Amun, self-created one, king whose name is hidden,
protector of the humble, I praise and honor you.

Beautiful Mut, world-mother, mistress of heaven,
shelter of children, I praise and honor you.

Taweret, friend of women, friend of the home,
guardian of the family, I praise and honor you.

Kindly Bes, guardian of home and family, granter
of life’s many joys, I praise and honor you.

Neith, friend of the weaver and the warrior,
great of might, ancient of name, I praise and honor you.

Sobek who made the herbage green, lord of dark waters,
mender of a damaged world, I praise and honor you.

Khnum of the crumpled horn, self-created one,
worker upon the wheel, I praise and honor you.

Khonsu, path-finder, night-shining one, healer
and guardian, friend of women, I praise and honor you.

Nefertem who is beautiful, lily of the sun,
lord of healing, lord of scent, I praise and honor you.

Serqet, mistress of the beautiful house,
protector from poisons, I praise and honor you.

Mafdet, slayer of serpents, mistress of justice,
allotter of penance, I praise and honor you.

Meretseger, great of judgment, guardian of kings,
lady of the great peak, I praise and honor you.

Maahes, lord of slaughter, avenger of wrongs,
opposer of evil, I praise and honor you.

Montu, battle-wise, great bull who meets all foes,
might of the blasting sun, I praise and honor you.

Bountiful Min, virile and strong, lord of the black earth,
the swell of tender green, I praise and honor you.

Renenutet, lady of the fertile fields,
namer of children, I praise and honor you.

Mighty Heka, lord of magic, speaker of words,
placer of the ka, I praise and honor you.

Wadjet who guards the green, warder of the red crown,
protector of children, I praise and honor you.

Nekhbet, mother of mothers, broad-winged goddess,
keeper of the white crown, I praise and honor you.

Atum of the dark waters, O great of name,
first among the gods, I praise and honor you.

Great Nun, father of fathers, mother of mothers,
you from whom all arose, I praise and honor you.

I have so much love and respect 4 all the non native English speakers who follow me!! Like I speak in such a cryptic code!! Not even I can understand what I’m saying half the time?!! How u d O that???? INCREDIBLE!!!!


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“Ladies and Gentlemen, Walt Disney World is proud to present the Happily Ever After Fireworks.” The jovial announcer cheered through the speaker. The Magic Kingdom was packed with thousands of other guest who were just as excited as you were to see the fireworks that would end such an incredible day. Now you’ve been to Disney World more times than you can count, so nothing really surprised you. However this time it was special because Shawn was here spending a whole week with you in the most happiest place on Earth. What you didn’t know was what Shawn had in store for you.

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Feminist Fiction Masterpost

People expressed interest in a book recommendation master post of feminist fiction, as there is obviously a lack of such, for those of us tired of reading the same misogynist bullshit. I’ve compiled a list of the fiction I’ve read, you might not agree with my assessment - if so, please excuse me.


Tortall-universe by Tamora Pierce

Beka Cooper

Alanna of Trebond

Keladry of Mindelan

Veralidaine Sarrasri

Alienne of Pirate’s swoop

Emelan-universe by Tamora Pierce

The Magician’s Guild by Trudi Canavan



Age of the Five T

rilogy by Trudi Canavan

Howl’s Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones

Enchanted Forest Chronicles

(Not really fantasy, mostly a fairytale and geared towards kids but awesome anyway)

Hidden Sea Tales by A.M Dellamonica

(Books 2 and 3 have yet to be published.)

 Damar-series by Robin McKinley

Exiles-series by Melanie Rawn

The Empire Trilogy by Raymond E, Feist

Crown Of Stars-series by Kate Elliot

Fairy Tales by Mercedes Lackey

Doran-series by Monica Furlong

Santa Olivia-series by Jacqueline Carey

Incarnations of Immortality series by Piers Anthony

Lives of the Mayfair Witches by Anne Rice

Cherub-series by Robert Muchamore

(Despite the main protaganist being a boy, then a later a guy,not to mention an asshole - there is amazing female characters, who often beat him for being an ass (also just generally)and it is made obvious that his behaviour is not okay in any way. Also, gay and poc characters!)

Angels Unlimited by Annie Dalton

(Mostly for girls and teenagers, but fuck if I didn’t adore this.Read it first time as a fourth grader or something, thinking of re-reading it.)

Castings by Pamela Freeman

The Orphan’s Tales by Catherynne M. Valente

The Graceling Realm by Kristin Cashore

The Sevenwaters-series by Juliet Marillier

Keeper Chronicles

The Icemark Chronicles by Stuart Hill

When Women Were Warriors by Catherine M. Wilson

The Chanters of Tremaris by Kate Constable

The Guild Hunter-series by Nalini Singh

The Heroes of Olympus by Rick Riordan

Katriona-series by Lene Kaaberbøl

The Books of Pellinor by Allison Croggon

Stand Alone Stories

Science Fiction

Earthseed-series by Octavia Butler(Black woman!)

Xenogenesis-series by Octavia Butler

Patternmaster-series by Octavia

Stand-alone novels by Octavia Butler 

Hainish Cycle-series by Ursula K. Le Guin

(All following books are stand-alone, but exist in the same universe)

Great Alta-series

Stand alone


The Body Finder by Kimberly Derting

No.1 Ladies’ Detective Agency by Alexander McCall Smith

Millenium by Stieg Larsson

Stand alone


Sisterhood by Ann Brashares

Stand Alone Stories


So this is something I wanted to write for the better part of the last year but never really found the right words. Now, with the anniversary just a couple days ago, I finally feel like I can post it. It’s short, but somewhat personal. It’s not really a tribute because I don’t think I could ever do this brilliant man justice, but it’s… something.

Beware, sad Magnus ahead.



Alec didn’t think much of the music he heard as soon as he entered Magnus’ apartment.

It wasn’t unusual for the warlock to listen to something while he worked. Sometimes it was classical music, or operas, or even traditional songs from cultures long forgotten. Sometimes it was rock or metal, blasting from the magically enhanced speakers so loudly that the windows shook in their frames. Sometimes it was modern pop, things that Alec had heard playing from mundane phones or performed on the streets or in subway stations. There didn’t seem to be any distinguishable pattern to it, as far as Alec could tell. Magnus just listened to whatever music fit his mood at the time.

Alec hung his bow and quiver up in the closet along with his leather jacket, and the song ended and another began. He stopped for a moment, listening to the lyrics about a man waiting in the stars, which didn’t make much sense to Alec. Even so, he was pretty sure he had heard this song somewhere before.

He moved to the living room, where he expected to find his boyfriend. He did not, however, expect to see Magnus sitting on the floor, staring vacantly into space and clutching a handful of wet tissues.

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7 Questions Tag

che1sea-xiao-long mentioned you in a post:7 Questions Tag

7 Questions Tag                                                        

Wow I actually managed to see this one! Thanks so much for the tag, @che1sea-xiao-long!


1. Last movie you watched?

Wonder Woman. Tbh, the last 3 movies I watched were ALL Wonder Woman. It’s WORTH IT. (and then bc this was saved in my drafts for so long, I also watched Spiderman: Homecoming and enjoyed it a ton more than I thought I would)

2. Last song I listened to?

Hatano Wataru’s new single, Heart Signal. Really catchy, I like it almost as much as You Only Live Once :’D

3. Last book I read?

…Uh…book….fanfiction and doujin….? BUT I recently purchased some second hand copies of Tamora Pierce’s Wild Magic and Wolf-Speaker, the only ones I was missing of the Immortals Quartet. I LOVED them as a kid but hadn’t really re-read, and I figured now would be a good time since she’s releasing Numair’s book next year ^ ^;

4. Last thing I ate?

…Instant ramen…in my defense, I chucked veggies in it!

5. If you could be anywhere right now, where would you be?

In my second home, Ikebukuro…

6. Where would you time travel to?

Gee idk…am sorta morbidly curious to see if human civilization will last beyond this century but I also sorta don’t want to know so…

7. Fictional character you would hang out with for a day?
Gee actually hang out with an not just creep on from a distance? I’m super anti-social and awkward so uh…I’m gonna step away from my current fandom and say Sam Wilson from the MCU, he’s my fav by a long shot, seems like such a chill dude and would probably be totally alright with my awkwardness ^ ^;;;

I tag: @reallyquantum, @thisounette, @fairyring, @jadekatcos, @emeraldonyxdragon, @kymbawee, @ anyone who wants to do this ^ ^

videocrazy17  asked:

Waaaay back when, someone asked you about 'sound pictures'. You said you needed 29 magic speakers, 3 one-use magic artifacts, 3 high-level unicorns, and a fiddlehead. You said only the fiddlehead works again after that. My question is, what happens to the unicorns? Do their horns fall off after the process or something?

They kinda just… know too much, you know? It’s a bit taxing and no pony has wanted to do it more than once.

It wasn’t very practical.