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Firing the Nalu Canon a Bit Prematurely... ButScrewit

OKAY! Everyone is talking about this ONE MAGIC stuff right. Well Zeref says:

The Magic that overcomes ALL MAGIC. But Lucy had a theory:

Which makes sense seeing as the mages get more powerful when they are emotional. I don’t know about you, but Lucy seems to have a better understanding about Magic than Zeref cus he’s fukin shit up left and right over here.

(It’s not his fault he just wanted to save his family and he’s been alive for way too long and the Mavis went all X_X on him and he just doesn’t want to be tortured by Acnologia for eternity and I just want to hug him, etc…)


Does anyone remember back in chapter 478 when Mavis was all:

Pause to stare at this perfect little family.

THEN she makes Lucy come to her and gives her END:

Like, she makes Lucy leave Natsu, gives her the book, then goes to Natsu and Zeref…Whatcha doin Mavis?

THEN she tells Zeref she knows how to save him:

Anyone else think this is proof it’s Nalu? Natsu is END and I think he will be the downfall of Zeref, but not in the way Zeref thinks, by killing him. Instead I think Lucy’s love for Natsu (and vise versa) and saving him will break the curse on Zeref and he will be mortal.

(I totally want to say then Mavis and Zeref can be together..but I have a feeling they both are going to die and be together that way because they are pretty done with living right about now.)

I mean I get it’s the love between the guild and friends and shit. BUT THE NALU IS STRONG WITH THIS ONE!

Mavis has been sitting on this information for a good 50+ chapters…and now Lucy’s writing in Natsu’s book and I’m not okay!

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That is all.

so someone replied to my fae hp post complaining about me shitting on jkr’s world-building cuz actually it’s “something she did really REALLY well”??? the universe is amazing

but now im once again thinking about jkr’s shitty shitty world building &

do you ever just pour one out for all the magic theory we could’ve got

like holy shit joanne, did you never like. take a science class? did you get through your entire academic career without attending a single science class

you don’t learn the practical before you learn the theory!! especially not when that practical is dangerous as shit

harry learns theory once, when he’s taught DADA by umbridge in fifth year, & it’s entirely presented as a terrible no-good very bad teaching method primarily chosen to punish the students & also a sign of umbridge being ~overly protective

which, ok, not entirely unfair, harry is a fifth year & also they’re lowkey At War, but still. the fact that the whole academic curriculum at hogwarts does not at any point delve into the why of magic as well as the how is fucking TRAGIC. we could have had it ALL

why do spells have colours? what’s the history behind the incantations? (why isn’t history of magic about how spells developed over time???) are all spells affected by your emotional state like the patronus is? what the fuck is arthimancy & how in hell does it work where is my book that’s just hermione’s arthimancy textbook ft. all her notes scribbled in the margins why are you writing fantastic beasts when you could write THAT joanne!!!

like, god. how do wards work? how do you paint a moving portrait? who’s the wizarding equivalent of isaac newton? what are the limits of healing spells? would healing spells cure cancer?? why are there very specific spells for some things & then incredibly vague spells for other things? what’s the difference between ‘reparo’ & ‘episkey’? if you place a charm on an object does it last longer depending on the charm or your ability as a wizard? both? does the object affect the charm? is magical energy a finite resource? is it something wizards channel or produce? is there wizard discourse about whether it’s channelled or produced? is wizard/muggle a black & white binary or a messy grey spectrum? why can wizards do such incredible weird things as kids but not as adults? does learning spells ruin a wizard’s ability to do ‘accidental wandless magic’ when stressed/upset/in danger? 

i have!! so many questions!! jkr is never gonna answer!!! cuz she hates me!!! why does she hate me!!! give the textbooks joanne!!!!

metroid-tamer  asked:

What is "Mistborn" about? And why do you recommend it?

Ah, jeez. Okay, writing descriptions about things is not something I’m good at but I’ll try to explain because I love this series that much.

Okay so you got your series that’s set in a roughly medieval-style dystopian world. This is Scadrial. Scadrial is literally fucked beyond compare. Like the ‘ash falling from the sky 24/7, weird creepy mists flood the streets at night, extremely oppressive, segregrated, everyone who isn’t noble is starving and we’re ruled by an immortal jackass’ kind of fucked. And that’s just how shit is and everyone more or less just deals with the fuckery. So there’s your basic background. There are the nobles who pretty much run the show and have no sense of morality, the skaa are pretty much slaves and they’re the ones starving 98% of the time and the terrismen who are basically like respected butler servants who are also extremely oppressed but I can’t go much further into that.

Also there’s magic. But not your loosey-goosey anything goes kind of magic. This shit right here is called allomancy and allomancy is basically magic acheived through the ingestion and ‘burning’ of metals to gain supernatural abilities. There are several different kinds of metals you can swallow and each one gives you a different kind of power. People who can use allomancy are called Allomancers and they can only use one of the allomantic powers. For example, a Tin-Eye is someone who can burn only tin and they immediately acquire super sensitive senses (hearing, sight, touch, etc) and so on. Allomancers who can burn all of the metals are super rare and they’re called ‘mistborn’. I know that I’m talking about the magic system too much but god fucking dammit I love a good magic system. You swallow these bits of metal and you get this reserve of magical energy that you can burn and do wicked cool shit with and I’m too hyped for anyone who might read the books to give you examples. If you burn up all your reserve then you’re fucked until you replenish (and in some cases you’re fucked in general coughcoughpewtercough). IT’S JUST. SO GOOD. I LOVE MAGIC WITH LOGIC SO MUCH UGH. It gives you a real sense of 'oh fUCK they ran out shIT SHIT SHIT–’ when you’re reading. 

ANYWAYS. You’ve got a few main characters and I won’t go into too much detail with them because I don’t wanna be spoilery but VIN is my fucking child. She’s the primary character of the series and goddamn if she isn’t the best written female I’ve seen in a long time. She starts off as a starving urchin on the streets that’s suffered more abuse than should ever be fair imo but she is so much more than how damaged she is. She’s an impossibly strong female lead and I love how the story follows her life as she comes into her own as one of the Mistborn in the rebellion. She begins on a journey to find out who she really is as she fights against the Final Empire and overthrowing the Lord Ruler (that immortal dickhead I mentioned before). With her help, along with the “crew”, Kelsier (another secondary lead who is a cocky shithead and also Vin’s mentor), plans to lead a revolution and save the world at the same time.

I mean sweet honey glazed hell, I can’t even give you more than that without turning into a trainwreck of spoilers. Vin is this emotionally damaged and terrified little thing and then becomes this amazingly talented and strong BEAST of woman. I have so many feelings in my heart and soul for this little girl and the supporting cast and the world they live in and the absolute fuckery that continues to happen throughout the series. The original series is a trilogy but it’s also a trilogy of trilogies. So if you love series you’re good to go, but if you’re not really up to committing to 9+ books you’re also good to go because each trilogy, while based in the same world, are standalone so you don’t NEED to read the original trilogy to move onto the second one, Alloy of Law. 

Also, I should mention that Brandon Sanderson is my favorite living author. I love his work dEARLY even though I’ve only known about him for about a year. ((And I’m pretty stingy with where I throw my 'fav author’ comments so that shOULD say something I think)). His other books are amazing and deserve a read as well, his Stormlight Archive only has two books out currently and I’m desperately in need of the third one #PLEASE READ STORMLIGHT TOO

The books are available through kindle AND they’re available in an audiobook form with an AMAZING READER. I am going to be the first one to tell you how PISSY I am with bad readers and Michael Kramer is the best reader I’ve ever heard. I know I got an ask about if there was a movie adaptation and I know that some people just do not like to read or it is difficult for them to do so. SO, audiobooks are available and A+ quality. Guru-Guru approved.

Please read Mistborn.