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The concept that Magic Brian was a member of the BOB is still so wild to me. I mean imagine,, at one point this guy had 3 roommates. He had an actual squad he would spar with?!? And was everyone chill with letting a huge ass spider crawl around the quad?! What the hell would Spider Bryan even do between missions. Can you imagine team building sessions with those two. What the hell.

TAZ Characters as Quotes From My Family
  • Taako: You make a valid point, but see, I'm better than you. That point is invalid.
  • Magnus: My general reaction to things that could kill me is to poke it with a stick.
  • Merle: *TV turns on by itself* IT'S THE POLTERGEIST!! Or it's just Jesus.
  • Lucretia: I like books, okay? Fuck you.
  • Barry: I've never seen you not wearing denim. What the fuck. Why.
  • Lup: 90% of the time when people ask if I'm your sister, I say no. I don't need that association.
  • Carey: If we stay under the table she won't see us, it's foolproof. We're fucking ninjas.
  • Killian: I would punch you in the nose if our mom weren't in the room.
  • Kravitz: What do you thing death looks like? *long, awkward silence* ... What? It's an actual question.
  • Johann: *angrily playing the viola* SHUT *strum* THE *strum* FUCK *strum* UP *long, high pitched screeching note*
  • Magic Brian: I'm not scared of spiders because I identify with them. I, too, am a demon who just wants to chill out in one place for my whole life and drag unsuspecting people into this mess with me.
  • John Hunger: I'm gonna vore it. And yes, mom, it's an internet thing. Don't question it.
  • Remy: Fidget spin the pain away.
  • Nadiya: I would love to, but I don't care, so no.

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(Revised Prompt): Miraculous Ladybug, "So you're saying in a class of over a dozen people NO ONE CAN AGREE ON WHAT LADYBUG AND CHAT NOIR LOOK LIKE?!"

“So you’re saying in a class of over a dozen people NO ONE CAN AGREE ON WHAT LADYBUG AND CHAT NOIR LOOK LIKE?!” Kim bellowed. 

Marinette face planted against her desk and groaned. Tikki hadn’t been kidding about her identity being protected by magic. 

“Listen,” Chloe screeched above the din, “I’ve been rescued by her the most and I am telling you her hair is shoulder length and slightly wavy no matter what little miss blogs-a-lot says!” 

“You also said she is taller than you, so clearly your opinion is worth nothing,” Alya shouted back. 

“All the people I like are taller than me,” Chloe retorted, “isn’t that right Adrikins?” 

“Please leave me out of this,” Adrien said. So far he was the only other person in the room who looked just as miserable about this class squabble as Marinette felt. His head was cradled against is crossed arms as he stared listlessly towards the door as if wondering if he could make a run for it. She could kiss him for that. Not that she wouldn’t take any excuse to kiss him. Maybe she should suggest they both sneak of somewhere to make out while their classmates argued. Marinette smiled at the daydream. As if she could ever actually pull off something so bold where Adrien was concerned. 

“This is stupid,” Kim complained “we have photos we should know every detail about what they look like.” 

“I’m pretty sure there is some sort of magical element that keeps us from properly retaining the information in a way that might jeopardize their identities,” Max theorized. 

“If Ladybug had magic power over her appearance you would think she would have attempted to look more attractive,” Lila said flicking her hair behind her shoulder. “Instead she is such a short thing with dull black hair and beady dark little eyes.” 

The class burst out into another round of shouting as Chloe and Alya both attempted to dive atop the Italian girl, only barely being held back by Kim and Nino. 

Marinette wondered briefly if anyone would care if she just threw herself out the window. She was about to attempt to sneak off to the bathroom when she heard Adrien talking quietly to himself. 

“Blue,” he murmured softly.  

Marinette’s breath caught in her throat.

“Her eyes are blue.” 

(I am no longer taking sentence prompts just finishing the ones I have left) 

Giving out Candy with Draco Would Include…

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I don’t know if this is a phenomenal prompt, but I like the idea of Draco and his S/O handing out candy to trick-or-treaters on Halloween together and Draco’s really confused as to why they are giving random kids candy. But it grows on him and he starts being really sweet with the kids.

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-         It’d start by Draco being confused about the whole concept of trick-or-treating

-         “Y/N what’s this trickatreet thing you keep talking about?”

-         “Draco it’s trick-or-treating” You would chuckle.

-         And you’d explain the entire thing how kids would come knock on doors and the people answering it would give them candy

-         “So during this one day, kids just randomly go begging for sweets?”

-         “AND everyone is dressed up.”

-         “Muggles are weird.”

-         “Cause the wizarding community is totally ordinary too.”

-         You two would go costume shopping, Draco being amazed at the wide selection of costumes he did not know

-         He’d pee himself laughing when he saw a witch/wizard costume

-         Costumes bought, you’d go back home and decorate while lighting candles and playing spooky music

-         Your house would be extra awesome, with a little help from magic

-         You’d have bubbling cauldrons which were simple potions you learnt in first year at Hogwarts

-         There’d be ghosts floating around thanks to a little “Wingardium Leviosa” and if anyone asked, you’d say it was an invisible string hanging them

-         Your house was basically straight from a Muggle Halloween movie

-         You and Draco would have fun doing a Muggle candy taste test before evening fell

-         He’d take a bite of each candy waiting expectantly, and you’d have to remind him that Muggle candy did not fizz, or explode, or burn holes in tongues

-         At last, the first kid rang the doorbell

-         Draco, completely put on the spot opened the door awkwardly

-         “Trick or treat!” the child cried

-         “Uum and to you too!” He gazed at you questioningly

-         You merely stood behind the door, laughing

-         “What do I say back to them?” He asked, slightly bewildered

-         “Just say Happy Halloween, or I like your costume”

-         After around three more rounds of children, he started to get the hang of it

-         He’d start to open the door and hide behind it, and then pop out of nowhere to surprise the trick-or-treaters

-         Soon, you found him trying to figure out brand new ways to scare or amuse the children

-         One memorable segment was he’d hide behind the door as you answered it, and then when you told the kids you didn’t have any candy, the children would claim a trick.

“Oh yeah, what are you gonna do?” you would tease. And one answered: “I’m going to make you be blasted in the air!”

You chuckled at his cuteness while Draco thought in his head “Levicorpus!”. And you’d be suspended in the air as the kids gaped at you wondrously. “We have magical powers!” They’d screech, running off to the next house.

-         “Okay Draco you can let me down.”

“Whoops it seems I forgot the counterspell.” He’d lift his shoulders innocently. He loved seeing you get slightly annoyed, you looked just pure adorable to him.

“Alright alright.” He thought “Liberacorpus” and you fell right into his arms.

-He’d grow really fond of the children

-”You are a most stunning princess!” He’d say while giving out lollipops to a little girl.

-”Y/N I want to go trick-or-treating with our future kids.”

-         As the night passed, the younger children lessened and out came the older ones.

-         You would receive many compliments from tween girls on how amazing your house looked

-         And Draco would give slightly less candy to the boys whose stare would linger a little too long on you

-         You’d make Draco almost pee himself in fear as you decided to Transfigure yourself into the Minister of Magic and knock on the door

-         “Mister Malfoy, you have broken the International Statute of Wizarding Secrecy. The use of magic for your decorations is very apparent. You are sentenced to two weeks in Azkaban.”

-         “Fuck you Y/N for being so good at Transfiguration. Bloody hell, I was going to call up my friend from the Wizengamot to come defend me.”

-         The night ended graciously and you two would end up on the couch with a heap of candy and a blanket over the two of you

-         “You know this was really really fun Y/N.”

-         “I’m glad you liked it.”

-         And you’d earn the reputation of the best house to go trick-or-treating in the neighbourhood and every year you two would start plotting new fun ways to use magic in a subtle way to blow away the Muggles

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whats ur costume this year?


as you can see, it’s a 5sos masterpost: snapback edition

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okay so fUckINg lOoK like is he EVEN FUCKING REAL?????





can’t forget the snapbACK KING

like c’mon now

suddenly my pants have disappeared??????



oh god


GOD YES AND HE HAS FUCKIN GLASSES??????? *spreads legs*

*screeches in magic conch*

i’m feeling so many things i never knew a human could feel

f uCk me uP

and tHE gLASSeS fUuUUuUUuUCk


i’m such a piece of shit for 5sos in snapbacks

fuck fuck fuck okay i’m leaving you with lashton snapback photos because i need to drown in holy water immediately

dear god what have i done

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Allies reactions to waking up in AOT >:3

America:”omg so cool!”
This boy got nothing to worry about, he was able to toss a bison as a kid then he can easily toss a titan as an adult.he heard about this anime from kiku and no doubt watched a few episodes of it so he knows what it is.

England:”bloody hell what the fuck is that?!?!”
Arthur gonna be scared shitless when some giant skinless monster is looming over him,someone go help this guy. Or not if he gets his shit together and uses his magic.

France:*girly screeching*
Lord save this man, he gonna get killed instantly cause his screaming would attract titans for miles, he’s a goner.

This cutie pie gonna be scared for a second,but when a titan picks him up by his beloved scarf he wont have a problem keeping them away.

China:”ayia! I’m stuck in Japan’s weird shows again!”
Yao heard of these shows since he’s so close to japan,but I doubt he watched it since he’s an old man. Good thing he can run fast and does Kung fu or whatever Chinese martial arts he knows.(probably all of them)

Canada:”this is nice”
The dudes invisible to everyone,so I’m sure he’s not gonna be noticed by titans either,he’ll just sit back and watch the titans roam around. Maybe check out the giant wall in the distance.