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(Revised Prompt): Miraculous Ladybug, "So you're saying in a class of over a dozen people NO ONE CAN AGREE ON WHAT LADYBUG AND CHAT NOIR LOOK LIKE?!"

“So you’re saying in a class of over a dozen people NO ONE CAN AGREE ON WHAT LADYBUG AND CHAT NOIR LOOK LIKE?!” Kim bellowed. 

Marinette face planted against her desk and groaned. Tikki hadn’t been kidding about her identity being protected by magic. 

“Listen,” Chloe screeched above the din, “I’ve been rescued by her the most and I am telling you her hair is shoulder length and slightly wavy no matter what little miss blogs-a-lot says!” 

“You also said she is taller than you, so clearly your opinion is worth nothing,” Alya shouted back. 

“All the people I like are taller than me,” Chloe retorted, “isn’t that right Adrikins?” 

“Please leave me out of this,” Adrien said. So far he was the only other person in the room who looked just as miserable about this class squabble as Marinette felt. His head was cradled against is crossed arms as he stared listlessly towards the door as if wondering if he could make a run for it. She could kiss him for that. Not that she wouldn’t take any excuse to kiss him. Maybe she should suggest they both sneak of somewhere to make out while their classmates argued. Marinette smiled at the daydream. As if she could ever actually pull off something so bold where Adrien was concerned. 

“This is stupid,” Kim complained “we have photos we should know every detail about what they look like.” 

“I’m pretty sure there is some sort of magical element that keeps us from properly retaining the information in a way that might jeopardize their identities,” Max theorized. 

“If Ladybug had magic power over her appearance you would think she would have attempted to look more attractive,” Lila said flicking her hair behind her shoulder. “Instead she is such a short thing with dull black hair and beady dark little eyes.” 

The class burst out into another round of shouting as Chloe and Alya both attempted to dive atop the Italian girl, only barely being held back by Kim and Nino. 

Marinette wondered briefly if anyone would care if she just threw herself out the window. She was about to attempt to sneak off to the bathroom when she heard Adrien talking quietly to himself. 

“Blue,” he murmured softly.  

Marinette’s breath caught in her throat.

“Her eyes are blue.” 

(I am no longer taking sentence prompts just finishing the ones I have left) 

I went 4-0 and won Saturday’s Frontier side event at GP Vegas over the weekend. For my prizes, I chose a Doubling Season, and four packs of Modern Masters.
From top left to bottom right: A foil Guile, a foil Gifts Ungiven, a foil Bitterblossom (my favorite pull of the day!), the aforementioned Doubling Season, a Marsh Flats, a Cyclonic Rift, a Thunderblust, and a Noble Hierarch (straight into my Roon energy deck).
GP Vegas was so much fun, and I’m really glad I was able to attend for the first time.


as you can see, it’s a 5sos masterpost: snapback edition

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okay so fUckINg lOoK like is he EVEN FUCKING REAL?????





can’t forget the snapbACK KING

like c’mon now

suddenly my pants have disappeared??????



oh god


GOD YES AND HE HAS FUCKIN GLASSES??????? *spreads legs*

*screeches in magic conch*

i’m feeling so many things i never knew a human could feel

f uCk me uP

and tHE gLASSeS fUuUUuUUuUCk


i’m such a piece of shit for 5sos in snapbacks

fuck fuck fuck okay i’m leaving you with lashton snapback photos because i need to drown in holy water immediately

dear god what have i done

Not Beyond Repair (2/6)

Thanks to ANG for her assistance. TW: sexual harassment (in flashback): I’m using an idea that struck me during ‘Bleeding Through’ that I’ve wanted to explore for ages. I did already say when this was first mooted, that this fic was not going to be particularly nice to Regina, so prior warning now – anti-Regina.

Summary: After Zelena’s defeat, Belle and Neal set about putting a very broken Rumpel back together again. Diverges from canon at 'Quiet Minds’, tweaks events of subsequent episodes, completely divergent from the end of 'Kansas’.


Part One

There are several things that Rumpelstiltskin has missed during the course of his year spent in various cages – be they in this world, that world, or simply within his own mind as he attempted to stay sane whilst he fought so desperately to be free.

(He had given up fighting, in the end. Having fought so long and so hard for no avail, he had no will to carry on, and he had obeyed Zelena like a little lamb more often than not. The clarity which blind subservience had brought to his mind had not soothed his troubles. He remembers his cage in the storm cellar, and wishing so fervently that Belle and Neal would never see him inside it. His wishes were not granted, but still Belle refuses to leave his side, despite having seen him at his lowest ebb, caged and confined and utterly helpless.)

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